A Perfect Post Yoga Brekky at Wildflour

9 Sep

Last Saturday, my sister-in-law, Peewee, was in town for the weekend! And of course, her trip home won’t be complete without attending a yoga class 🙂  After doing a wonderful 10AM 90-minute class of Vinyasa Flow at Urban Ashram in High Street, we were starving!

My husband, Dante, skipped yoga class but definitely not brunch. Hahaha! 🙂

We’ve been hearing a lot about this place called Wildflour Cafe + Bakery 🙂  It was the perfect day to try it out 🙂  We arrived there around 12 noon and it was already packed inside.  We had to stay outside.  But I don’t mind being outdoor 🙂

It reminded me of the cafes we ate in when we were in Singapore 🙂

Some bread and butter for starters 🙂

Dante ordered the Crimson Berry Iced tea on the left in the photo below and I ordered the Green Tea Mojito on the right.

We switched drinks. Haha!  I enjoyed his Crimson Berry Iced Tea more 🙂

And for the main course, we ordered the Wildflour Breakfast!  Only available from 8AM to 2PM 🙂

This Wildflour Breakfast comes with two eggs, crispy potatoes, homemade porkbelly sausage and toast.  Loved every bit of what’s on that plate!

The second dish that we ordered was one of their bestsellers, the Tarte Flambes 🙂  It was similar to a pizza with a really, really thin crispy and flaky crust.  We got the one with caramelized onions, bacon and gruyere 🙂  YUMMY.

We all need fat in our body!  Totally did not regret ordering this Bone Marrow with mango salsa and baguette! 🙂 Haha!

And lastly, we ordered scrambled eggs on toast with bacon gravy!  Love eggs!

Finally, a freshly brewed cup of Cappuccino 🙂

Had to rush to Damien’s school for our first Parent-Teacher Conference, so we had to take out our coffee and miss dessert! 😦  Look at their cool black take-away coffee cups!

Hopefully next time, we get to try the cakes and pastries 🙂

I wish every Saturday would be like this.  Yoga, a wonderful brunch and quality time with family 🙂

Let’s do this again when you come back, Peews! 🙂

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