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Mom We Love by Nikki Constantino

25 May

Thanks so much, Nikki of Smart Parenting Magazine, for featuring me and my son, Damien Crow, in their issue last October 2010.  OMG, I can’t believe this was eight years ago already! Damien was only one year old??? And my phone was still a Nokia. Classic! Haha! Thank you for taking our lovely photos for this feature, Miguel Miranda! 🙂





The Business of Beauty by Ronna Capili

25 May

Thank you so much, Ronna, for this wonderful feature on our nail and waxing studio, Belle & Cat, which sadly closed its doors last 2014.  This article came out in Look Magazine for their March-April 2011 issue.  Thank you to our photographer, Dix, my makeup was beautifully done by my friend and colleague, Don De Jesus, and hairstyling by the awesome Jim Guerrero.


The Convert by Agoo Bengzon

25 May

Thank you so much for this feature. Agoo of Preview Magazine.  This was a feature I unearthed back in July 2007.   As I read the article again, OMG, nothing has changed.  I still love smokey eyes, I still love makeup so much! Hahaha! And check out the bottom of the feature with my time table. Trip down memory lane, indeed 🙂


This Mom Has No Office Desk But She Is Busy and Happy With 4 Jobs by Kitty Elicay

24 May

Thank you so much to Kitty and for this article about me and my day jobs. Haha! Click here for the full article.  Pursue all your passions, my friends, no matter how big or small.  We are only given one life.  No day but TODAY!