Wishing Everyday Was Sunday

12 Sep

Two Sundays ago, we had brunch with my in-laws 🙂  My sister-in-law Peewee was already going back to Singapore the next day.  So this was my final meal with her before she left 😦  It was not only I who was sad she was leaving… but also my dear little boy who loves his Nana Peews to bits.  There was non-stop crying when they parted the night before.  So he was just so happy to see his Nana Peews again that morning 🙂

We love brunches.  And one of Peewee’s all time favorite places when she comes to Manila is Apartment 1B.  We used to go to their branch in Salcedo Village but we decided to eat here at the Rockwell branch 🙂  My nephew, Caleb, was so excited to see all the Lamborghinis parked side by side in the parking lot!  What a perfect morning for everyone 🙂

Of course, coffee for everyone.

Dante and Papa Dante watching Damien enjoy Nana Peews’ company 🙂

BURGER for brunch!!! 🙂  Why the hell not??? Hehe…

Pancakes with berry jam for the little one 🙂

And my favorite, Eggs Benedict with Canadian Ham 🙂  Goodmorning to you!

Always sad to see you leave, Peews! 😦  Here’s a photo of the beauties… and Mr. Pogi Caleb 🙂

It’s only Wednesday and I’m already wishing it were Sunday 🙂  Hope you’re all having a great week so far! 🙂

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