Happiest Place on Earth

23 Mar

I heart theme parks.  It’s a place where I feel like I’m a kid again.  I was so excited to visit Universal Studios when we were in Singapore 🙂

What I love about Singapore is that everything is close by.  We didn’t have to take a long bus or car ride to the theme park.  Just a fifteen minute taxi cab ride from Peewee’s place in River Valley and we were there! 🙂

Nice and cool day at the park.

Tourist shot. A must.

Trying to be cool in our tourist shot. LOL!

Now to plan our afternoon 🙂 When I am in a theme park, I feel like I’m in a perfect world.  An unreal perfect world.  And for a day, the only thing in our minds is to have fun 🙂  As I was looking at the map, I was already imagining our day at the park.  We will be visiting Hollywood, New York City, Egypt, The Lost World, Sci-fi City and the Land Far, Far and Away! How fun is that! 🙂

Make sure you get a copy of the map and plan out an itinerary.

Entering Hollywood 🙂

Spotted: Charlie Chaplin! A very tired Charlie Chaplin 🙂

If I had the chance to work here at the park, I would totally want to be a face painter in Hollywood 🙂 I just don't like their uniforms that much.

Spotted: Betty Boop!

Love the shaded streets.

Now entering New York City!

Chris wishing that he was in NYC with his girlfriend, Jill 🙂

Weather is looking a little gloomy. A drizzle was starting to build up. We waited for the rain to stop in a shaded street in NYC 🙂 Nothing else to do but to pose for the camera 🙂

Of course with a cup in hand.

Would have loved to see these two in their caricature form.

Off to Ancient Egypt!

I loved the film "The Mummy" with Brendan Fraser 🙂 I immediately felt like I was in the set of that movie as I entered the streets of Ancient Egypt. Combined with the scary background music playing in the speakers and the huge statues, I was transported into a different world. Someday, I pray I'll be able to see the real Egypt! 🙂 In the meantime, this will do 🙂

I rode the Revenge of the Mummy when I went to Universal Studios, LA, years ago 🙂  I remember it being a very scary experience for me. LOL!  And I rode beside my dad, who didn’t even budge.  It was like he was riding a carousel on a Sunday afternoon.

"Plunge into total darkness on this indoor roller coaster as you come face to face with warrior mummies and scarab beetles." Reminds me of Space Mountain in Disneyland but a little bit more terrifying. Mummies like vampires freak me out. But I loved every second of this ride.

Time to break for lunch!

"Classic 1950's drive-in diner that serves all-American favorites like our famous rocket sauce burgers, with a side of fries and a thick milkshake."

Dante checking out the vintage cars outside the drive-in 🙂

A large soda...

A classic cheeseburger...

And some chili fries... a perfect all-American lunch! 🙂

And some churros for dessert 🙂 Got this in one of the food stalls scattered around the park.

One of my favorite areas in the whole park! The Lost World 🙂

"Canopy Flyer. Enjoy a prehistoric bird's-eye view as you soar over Jurassic Park." -Loved this one!

We were still full from lunch and we weren’t quite fully digested to do Transformers The Ride just yet.  So we decided to watch the show based on the movie, Waterworld.

"Witness death-defying stunts, awesome explosions and an ocean of thrills as giant fireballs explode in the air and a seaplane swoops towards you, skidding across water to crash explosively just inches away in a finale that leave you breathless."

Unfortunately, we didn’t even get to see the finale.  When a storm cloud started to hover above us, in a instant, all the performers made their way backstage and left us all breathless indeed 😦

Show's over, folks.

The rain just kept on pouring.

Finally had to give in... Each of us bought our very own Universal Studios poncho! It really kept us dry and more importantly, kept my camera dry 🙂 Now I know how it feels to be inside a plastic bag.

Didn't get to see much of Far, Far, Away because of the rain.

So we checked out the souvenir shops first while waiting for the rain to subside. Cute tumblers! 🙂 Now I regret not buying the Puss in Boots tumbler. This would have been great for yoga 😦

Ended up buying a Jurassic Park pin as my souvenir 🙂 Another addition to my pin collection.

Welcome to Sci-fi City!  Last city to explore and the home of Transformers The Ride.  Heard it’s amazing!!! 🙂

"Battlestar Galactica. Human or Cyclon. Choose your side on the world's tallest duelling roller coasters. Prepare to engage in aerial combat between two coasters. The Cyclon suspended coaster goes up, around and upside down with an intense corkscrew and a cobra roll, while the Human seated coaster zooms at speeds of 82.8km/h and propels you over fourteen storeys into the air!" - Just observing how this roller coaster works, we decided to pass. Haha!

Now this is what we’ve been dying to ride!  The Ultimate 3D Battle:  Transformers The Ride!

"Get ready to experience this hyper-realistic 3D thrill ride, right in the middle of the incredible world of Transformers. Join Optimus and Prime and the Autobots as you become a freedom fighter in the ultimate 3D battle against the forces of evil." - I have never ridden anything like it. What an amazing thrill ride!!! Whoever thought of this concept for a ride is crazy! 🙂 So worth the 3o-minute waiting time! 🙂 Woooohooooo!

While waiting in line, we were being briefed about our mission.

Universal Studios Singapore is not as big as the one in the US.  But I enjoyed this mini version, too, because we were able to see almost everything in the park within a day! 🙂  It was just the rain that slowed us down but looking at the bright side, it wasn’t as hot as I expected 🙂

I just love theme parks.  I will never ever get tired of going to places like these.  It’s always a different experience every time I go, always something new.  I’m so glad they put up a Universal Studios nearby!  Next time we go, our son, Crow, will be with us and I hope he will love it as much as I do! 🙂 And maybe by that time, I won’t be afraid to ride Battestar Galactica 🙂


2 Responses to “Happiest Place on Earth”

  1. Valerie Katigbak March 26, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    How cool! I enjoyed seeing a different amusement park. Its interesting seeing the Singapore version and comparing it to the one here in the States. Love seeing you capture it all in pictures Cathy 🙂

    However, I’m still confused. They stopped the WaterWorld show for rain? Parang they said lets not do the big water finale because the audience might get wet. LOL.

    • catcantada March 27, 2012 at 2:32 am #

      Hi Val!!! 🙂 I still collect pins every time I go to theme parks! I always remember you! 🙂 I really had so much fun in Universal Singapore but it’s tiny compared to the US of course 🙂 and even the rides, I noticed, are a little bit tamer. haha! We are such theme park fanatics! hehe OMG, we were also so confused that they stopped the show. I mean, the performers were already wet! haha! But according to the announcement, for the safety of the performers and the audience, they have to stop the show until further notice! Bummer!!!! 😦 They all just fled backstage. haha! Couldn’t believe it was over 😛

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