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Zach and The Chocolate Factory

8 May

I was so excited to receive a little treat from my good friend, Gela Laurel, Stehmeier 🙂  Little did I know that this chocolate bar was not just any ordinary chocolate bar!  It was Zach’s bar!!!  Zach is Gela’s super handsome son and he was turning one!  This chocolate bar was an invitation that contained a golden ticket to Zach’s awesome oompa loompa party!  Was so excited to share this bar with my husband and son.  Once I opened it, it was gone in two minutes.  Most delicious invite ever! 🙂

Zach’s party was in Ayala Southvale.  Road trip!  🙂

Beautiful decor!  It was like being in Candy Land 🙂

Every table had so much treats!  Love it! 🙂

Here is the handsome birthday celebrant, Zach, with his hot mama, Gela! 🙂  Cute outfit, Zach!!! 🙂

OMG.  Damien’s favorite food ever.  French fries.

Cheese flavored fries from Potato Corner. The best.

Just give Damien some fries and he’s the happiest kid in the world 🙂

Now this, I like!!!

Pick a flavor! 🙂 I chose cheese and banana.

The cheese and bananas were blended into the ice cream and placed on an extra large champola stick! Pretty awesome!!! 🙂

Gela and I enjoying our Champola treats 🙂

So much food… 🙂 Next booth, mini burgers! 🙂

And more food… Cheese nachos, please? 🙂

It was also Easter Sunday that day 🙂

Gela with gorgeous mama, Vernice and her adorable daughter, Nana, who’s all grown up now! 🙂

Damien enjoying the park outside during sunset 🙂

Captain Crow! 🙂

Check out the candy corner!!! Unlimited candies, treats and cupcakes for everyone! 🙂

Candy cane for Damien, Runts for Mama. hahaha!

Watching the funniest magician ever! He was hilarious. Highly recommended for your kids’ parties. Haha!  According to Gela, just look for the magician who looks like Rene Requiestas. LOL!

Happy, happy birthday, dearest Zach!!! Thank you for inviting us to your awesome party! 🙂 Here’s Zach with his proud papa, Ace! 🙂 Til’ next year!!!

That was so much fun, Gels!!! Thank you also for the giant loot bag! Haha!  All I can say is, C-A-R-E-E-R! You did a great job organizing this party!  Ever consider opening up a party planning business??? Haha! Love ya, Gels!  Hugs to Zach from me, Dante and Crow 🙂 Mwah!