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Welcome to Manila, Uniqlo!

20 Jun

I still couldn’t believe that one of my favorite stores is now here in Manila!!! 🙂

I was always a Uniqlo fan.  Everytime I would go to Hongkong, it would be my first stop, as well as MUJI 🙂  I was also ecstatic when MUJI arrived in Manila.  Now, Uniqlo???  Now, I don’t have to go to Hongkong anymore!!! (Of course not.  Love Hongkong.)

I would always buy my basic casual clothes here, like comfy loose shirts, leggings/jeggings and skinny jeans. They also have cute t-shirts for kids 🙂

Those are my parents in the background. Mom, getting ready to shop. Dad, getting ready to go back outside and wait for all of us. Poor Dad 🙂

We just had to take advantage of the special opening price on selected items! 🙂

Now here is what I took home.

Very basic Bra Tops.  I love it.  Got them in white, gray and black 🙂

I so love these Bra Tops!  Now I don’t have to wear a separate bra and have my bra strap showing anymore! 🙂

These Bra Tops come in different colors and also different prints.  They are so cute.  But I’ll always be a black, gray and white kind of gal 🙂

The original price of these Bra Tops are P990.  But they’re P590 now! 🙂

Was a bit lazy to try on more things because we were only allowed four items in the dressing room, which is a good thing.  And I also saw the line at the counter.  (Thanks to my brother, Chris, who stayed in line while we shopped. Hehe!)  So for that visit, I just got my basic tank tops 🙂  I do want to go back to try on some jeans.  I’ve always loved the fit and the price is very affordable for a good pair.

Welcome to Manila, UNIQLO!  So happy to see you here! 🙂