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My Shu Uemura Travel Brush Case and Brushes

2 Mar

I am loving my new Shu Uemura Travel Brush Case!  So simple, so handy and it’s black.  It’s all I really need 🙂

Love that it's so compact and slim 🙂 It's just as big as a pocketbook.

Here are the brushes that are great with this case.  People always tell me that they purchase so many brushes but don’t know what to do with them.  With just these five brushes, you’re good to go.

Perfect marriage between case and brushes.

Every brush comes with a short description of its purpose.

Let me start with brush number 17.

I will keep this really simple so as not to discourage anyone from trying these amazing brushes 🙂 This brush is mainly used for the cheeks to apply blush on.  But I also use this brush to apply loose powder and bronzer 🙂

This brush is also great for contouring. Contouring, the secret to achieving a perfect oval face 🙂

Meet brush number 10.

This brush is perfect to apply eyeshadow all over the eyelid.

Another useful tool is brush number 10DF.

In the instructions, it says that you use this brush for the eyehole.  But I also use this to apply a highlighter or a lighter shade of eyeshadow right below the brows 🙂  Blend it well with the eyeshadow applied on the eyelid.  This is a great blending brush.

Brush number 6F.  No explanations needed 🙂

Brush number 17 and 14 are very similar.  They both function as blusher brushes.  But brush number 14 is slightly smaller.  You can use brush number 14 as your blusher brush and brush number 17 for your loose powder 🙂

Just smile and apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks. The apple of the cheeks are what you pinch when you find someone really really cute 🙂

If you’ve been forever wanting to buy your own set of brushes but don’t know where to start, these for me are the five brushes that will be very useful for everyday use 🙂  Don’t be afraid! These tools will be your bestfriends for life if you show them some tender loving care. My Shu Uemura brushes have been with me for years and still look brand new.  Just always make sure to clean them regularly.

The chosen five will definitely help you apply makeup better.  So much easier than those tiny applicators that come with makeup palettes.  And this brush case will fit in any purse! Touch-ups are so convenient any time of the day and anywhere! 🙂

Hope you love these brushes and brush case as much as I do!  Visit Shu Uemura today at Power Plant, Rockwell, or Rustan’s Glorietta, Makati 🙂