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Tokyo, Cotton and Tea at Mall of Asia

14 Sep

How can I resist an invitation from my family to go to MOA (SM Mall of Asia)???

My older brother, Ochie, was buying lunch that day and… Cotton On, one of my favorite stores, just opened in MOA… And of course, I just love hanging out with my family! 🙂  The field trip begins at Tokyo Cafe!

In the very first photo were our starters.  I haven’t had breakfast yet so I was STAR-ving!  We had the Mango Chicken Salad, a chicken salad with ripe mango, grapes and romaine lettuce (P225), Clam Chowder, creamy chunky soup with clams, potatoes and bacon (P135) and Gambas Al Ajilo, garlic, shrimp with hot green peppers sauteed in olive oil (P291).  All were yummy.  Or was I just super hungry? No, they were quite yummy 🙂

For the main course, we decided to have two types of pasta: Japanese Carbonara (the one on top), creamy pasta with a hint of Japanese soy sauce and ground pork (P232).  It reminded me of Yakisoba 🙂

And the second pasta dish that we ordered (the one at the bottom) was the Creamy Ebiko Pasta with shrimp, karashi ebiko and cream pasta (P278).  My dad loved this.  He loves seafood pasta in red sauce 🙂

Fried Chicken for everyone! 🙂 We ordered the Chicken in a Basket, Japanese-style crispy fried chicken served with gravy and fries.  We got the Family Pack with seven pieces of chicken (P430).

There’s always room for dessert.  We tried the Azuki Parfait, layers of sweet red azuki beans, vanilla and green tea ice cream topped with whipped cream (P138). A refreshing dessert 🙂

And lastly, we wanted to try their Banana Hazelnut Crepe with bananas, hazelnut spread, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup (P135)

Overall, lunch was yummy!  Servings were just right.  Each dish is really good for one person, except the family size friend chicken 🙂

Now off to do a little exercise to burn the calories from lunch.  A walk towards Cotton On is what we needed. Haha! 🙂 I was soooo happy when I found that they were bringing Cotton On to Manila!  I always shop there when I go to Hongkong and recently when I went to Singapore! 🙂  It’s affordable, the clothes are comfy and wearable, I just love it.

But today, I promised myself I would just be window shopping.  So I just took some photos for you guys to see what’s in store!

I love these “2 FOR 1000” signs! Makes you want to dig in and buy two right away!

So many sandals to choose from!  I tried one pair… Very comfy… BUT NO. Control yourself, woman!

Now this table with the skirts was a big temptation… The “2 FOR 1200” sign was flashing before my eyes.  If I did break my promise to myself that day, two of these skirts would have been mine.  But NO 🙂  I cannot.  I literally cannot. I am just too broke right now. LOL!

The also have cute accessories and wallets/iPhone cases, etc 🙂

They also have a lot of clothes for guys! 🙂  They really had a lot of stuff in there!  I was so not disappointed with the size of the store and their goods 🙂

Really happy you’ve arrived, Cotton On!  Even if I didn’t purchase anything that day, I’m happy just knowing I can go back there anytime! 🙂

I usually take a very long time shopping in Cotton On when I’m in Hongkong and Singapore.  Now I can just gracefully walk into a Cotton On store and not scream to my husband anymore, “OH MY GOD!!!! DITO MUNA TAYO SA COTTON ON!!!” LOL! 🙂

Another temptation that day was DA.U.DE (da you deh).

A friend told me about their tea lounge in the Fort beside Wildflour and apparently they also sell their tea in Kultura both in SM MOA and SM Makati 🙂

The wonderful and knowledgeable Da.u.de saleslady made me and my brother try a cup of papaya tea each.  OMG.  In like three minutes, I was enjoying a hot cup of papaya tea! 🙂

She made the tea using this super cute pot!  This so perfect for tea lovers.  The pot is about P600+ and the tea ranges from P300-500 🙂  This is a great Christmas gift.  Ahem-ahem. Haha! 🙂  ALMOST broke my promise on this one.

I still have to try the real thing though at their tea lounge at the Fort.  I will be visiting soon, Da.u.de! 🙂

This was a great afternoon with my folks, Kuya Ochie and Chris 🙂  And please, a round of applause, I did not break my promise…. 🙂  (Oh, I just purchased some yarn… but that’s not considered “shopping”. Haha!)

Have a great weekend to you all! 🙂  Let me know if you get to visit Cotton On this weekend and what you purchased!  I want to know what you guys bought! 🙂