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Count Me In! A Halloween Special

21 Oct

Last Friday, October 19, 2012, was Damien Crow’s Halloween Party with the rest of The Learning Jungle School called “Count Me In!” 🙂  We, the parents, have been so excited preparing for this!

Each class had to come up with an activity or game for the kids.  We, at Nursery 1 Morning Class, decided to go with “Pumpkin Knockin’ and Booling!” 🙂  Fun, fun!!!

Check out the sign that Dante designed… Naks! 🙂

This was such a team effort!  Congrats to all the mommies who prepared for our awesome booth! 🙂

Welcome to Nursery 1 Morning Class’ Bowling Alley!  Used yoga mats for the bowling alley.  A must-have for all busy mommies 🙂

Decorated the bowling pins with ghost cut-outs.  Awesome 🙂

And for Pumpkin’ Knockin, we used small pumpkin buckets for the kids to knock down using bean bags.

Our booth was so beautifully decorated.  CAREER! HAHA!

Hamper for the bowling balls.

Of course, the bowling balls were decorated, too.  CAREER!

The booth ready for the kids!

Ironkid has arrived! 🙂

Ironkid with Doctor Josh 🙂

All the kids came in such cute costumes! I love it!!! It was munchkin land!

Ironkid trying out the Pumpkin Knockin’ game 🙂

Other booths were decorated beautifully as well 🙂

You’ve met your match, Ironkid!

Each family had three stubs for the food.  Reminded me of our school fairs back in grade school!  Saya!

Started off with snow cones…

Ironkid taking a break, drenched in sweat!  All for the love of his costume 🙂

Fries and pasta for snacks.

Ironkid with Captain Tyler and Dr. Josh, all taking a break 🙂

Crow couldn’t take the heat anymore so he changed to his more comfortable Ironman t-shirt, admiring Captain Enzo’s shield 🙂

Oh look who made a surprise visit!!! PAPS!!!

Chillin’ with Princess Lucy. Those two are inseparable! Awwww 🙂

Iron-Santi, Crow and Princess Lucy 🙂

Crow with Sean the Skeleton. Haha! Love the costume, Sean! 🙂

So hilarious… Kids were trying to solve the mystery of the fallen crown. LOL!

Class picture!!! Say cheese, little people!!! 🙂

There was also a special program of these acrobats and performers.  Crow was too tired to watch.  Pffff…

I remember last year, we weren’t able to make it to the Halloween Party because we were out of the country.  But I’m so glad we made it this year!  Halloween used to be such a big event for me when I was a kid so I knew that Crow would definitely would not want to miss this one!

Ironkid with his super wonderful Teacher Dez!  We had a blast, Teacher Dez!!! Til next year 🙂

What are you and your kids going to be this Halloween??? 🙂

Have a great Sunday, everyone! 🙂

A Makeup Workshop Like No Other

4 Jun

People have always been asking me if I do makeup workshops or seminars, etc.  And I always turn them down and recommend them to my other friends who are better teachers.  I just never had the gift of teaching.  My mind is just one unorganized closet and I can jump from one topic to another, rambling on and on.  I end up being the only one who understands myself. Haha! And I’m a very shy person.  I freak out when asked to speak in front of people.  Singing in front of people, I can handle.  Speaking, I just can’t.

And then, one day, I got a text message from Teacher Dez, one of Damien’s teachers in his summer classes at The Learning Jungle.  She asked me if I could be one of their guests for show and tell 🙂 Since it was Mother’s Day Week, they wanted mothers to share with the kids about what we do 🙂  Teacher Dez also invited two other mothers to speak in Damien’s class.  Took me a while before I could reply…  I was thinking, speaking in front of a group of three year olds???  Where do I even start??? Should I start with the basics like skin care?  Or the right foundation for their skin tone? LOL.  I ended up saying YES.  I also wanted to see how Damien was in class. Hehe

Here I am in school, waiting for the kids to finish their lunch 🙂  My only thought was… I hope they like me.

Setting up for my “presentation”. Damien was such a great assistant! Helped me set up my kit 🙂

My audience, about 10-15, three to four year old kids… 🙂

I really didn’t know how to begin my talk with these kids.  Thank God for the Teachers who guided me all through out 🙂  So we began with… “Let us make Teacher Raissa a Princess!”

I was so glad I brought my colorful false eyelashes!!! The kids loved them… It was like MAGIC.

Here is Teacher Raissa wearing rainbow lashes 🙂 Turned her into Rainbow Brite. (SO SORRY ABOUT THAT, TEACHER RAISSA!) Was just following the kids’ instructions. Haha! 🙂

I was so happy that the kids were so interested!!! 🙂  Even the boys were telling me what color I should put on Teacher’s eyes.  “Put blue!”, “We like purple!”,  “Wow, it’s like painting!”.

Again, the lashes were a big hit with the kids!!! Thank God I brought my Shu Uemura feather lashes. We transformed Teacher Raissa into an enchanted bird! 🙂

For the final look, the kids wanted me to put orange lipstick on Teacher Raissa 🙂  It actually looked pretty 🙂

Thank you so much, Teacher Dez, Teacher Raissa and Teacher James for inviting me to speak in front of Damien’s class 🙂  It was the most fun makeup workshop I’ve ever conducted!!! 🙂  Hmmm… maybe I should start doing makeup workshops for kids.  How fun is that! 🙂

See you all again in a few weeks when Nursery 1 begins… 🙂