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El Chupacabra by Mexicali

8 Mar


One random rainy evening, my husband took me and my son to this Mexican restaurant that’s somewhere in the streets of Makati 🙂  It’s called El Chupacabra by the same makers of Mexicali.  I’ve really learned to love Mexican food because of Dante.  But when I heard that they had sisig, I was even more excited! I love sisig… all kinds of sisig! 🙂


My son, so busy and cannot be distracted. LOL!

I am really so bad at directions and I can’t even explain to you guys how to get there. Haha! Here’s the address and I’m sure you’ll find your way.  It’s on the G/F of the JVR Building on 5782 Felipe Street, Bel-Air, Makati City.


He’s glued to the iPad! Hay! He’s playing his favorite game Angry Birds Star Wars and recently unlocked the levels… Intense.

El Chupacabra’s menu is simple. They are known for their street tacos which I have to try next time.


But we decided to get cheese and beef quesadillas hoping that Damien would think they are slices of pizza.  He’s a very picky eater.  The quesadillas were YUMMY!!! 🙂  love the cheese, love the beef, love the sidings/sauces, love everything!  Unfortunately, Damien went on with his games and realized that this wasn’t pizza at all. Haha!


Second thing we ordered was their sisig.  It wasn’t made of the usual parts like pig’s ears, etc.  I think they used pork back that’s why it was much leaner and less fatty 🙂  It was very, very good.  We actually ordered another one of these after swallowing the first one in minutes. Hehe…


We ordered some soft tortillas so that we could have sisig tacos 🙂  With a drizzle of some hot sauce, OMG.  That’s all I can say.



Finally, after a long discussion of what Damien wanted to eat, we finally found something that he liked.  Mexican Rice 🙂 Haha!


Thanks for taking me here, Dants! WHEN DO WE GO BACK?  I want my sisig tacos!!! 🙂