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A Makeup Workshop Like No Other

4 Jun

People have always been asking me if I do makeup workshops or seminars, etc.  And I always turn them down and recommend them to my other friends who are better teachers.  I just never had the gift of teaching.  My mind is just one unorganized closet and I can jump from one topic to another, rambling on and on.  I end up being the only one who understands myself. Haha! And I’m a very shy person.  I freak out when asked to speak in front of people.  Singing in front of people, I can handle.  Speaking, I just can’t.

And then, one day, I got a text message from Teacher Dez, one of Damien’s teachers in his summer classes at The Learning Jungle.  She asked me if I could be one of their guests for show and tell 🙂 Since it was Mother’s Day Week, they wanted mothers to share with the kids about what we do 🙂  Teacher Dez also invited two other mothers to speak in Damien’s class.  Took me a while before I could reply…  I was thinking, speaking in front of a group of three year olds???  Where do I even start??? Should I start with the basics like skin care?  Or the right foundation for their skin tone? LOL.  I ended up saying YES.  I also wanted to see how Damien was in class. Hehe

Here I am in school, waiting for the kids to finish their lunch 🙂  My only thought was… I hope they like me.

Setting up for my “presentation”. Damien was such a great assistant! Helped me set up my kit 🙂

My audience, about 10-15, three to four year old kids… 🙂

I really didn’t know how to begin my talk with these kids.  Thank God for the Teachers who guided me all through out 🙂  So we began with… “Let us make Teacher Raissa a Princess!”

I was so glad I brought my colorful false eyelashes!!! The kids loved them… It was like MAGIC.

Here is Teacher Raissa wearing rainbow lashes 🙂 Turned her into Rainbow Brite. (SO SORRY ABOUT THAT, TEACHER RAISSA!) Was just following the kids’ instructions. Haha! 🙂

I was so happy that the kids were so interested!!! 🙂  Even the boys were telling me what color I should put on Teacher’s eyes.  “Put blue!”, “We like purple!”,  “Wow, it’s like painting!”.

Again, the lashes were a big hit with the kids!!! Thank God I brought my Shu Uemura feather lashes. We transformed Teacher Raissa into an enchanted bird! 🙂

For the final look, the kids wanted me to put orange lipstick on Teacher Raissa 🙂  It actually looked pretty 🙂

Thank you so much, Teacher Dez, Teacher Raissa and Teacher James for inviting me to speak in front of Damien’s class 🙂  It was the most fun makeup workshop I’ve ever conducted!!! 🙂  Hmmm… maybe I should start doing makeup workshops for kids.  How fun is that! 🙂

See you all again in a few weeks when Nursery 1 begins… 🙂