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Facial Cleansing Sponge by Nippon

18 Apr

photo 1

An amazing product of Nippon… the facial cleansing sponge.  This is now what I use to wash my face every morning and night 🙂

photo 4

What I would normally do every night is remove my makeup with Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil using Nippon’s facial patting cotton.

photo 1

Then afterwards, I wash my face with my favorite drug store brands, either Clean and Clear’s Deep Cleansing Facial Wash or Celeteque’s Hydrating Facial Wash 🙂  I would either wash my face using my hands or occasionally with a facial towel.  But I felt like I was tugging my skin too much with a facial towel.  Until I discovered the beauty of this facial cleansing sponge!

photo 2

At first I thought that it was going to be harsh on my skin because it was quite hard when I took it out from the package.  The texture was like a thin loofah for the body.  I thought to myself maybe I’ll be using this only once a week. I exfoliate my skin using an apricot facial scrub only once a week, not advisable to do everyday.  And I thought using this sponge would just be good for exfoliating.

photo 3

But when I opened it and soaked it in water, it softened and it became this super soft sponge that was gentle on the face.  I didn’t feel like it was harsh at all but it was enough to really clean my face.  It was the great tool to massage the facial cleanser all over my face without feeling like I was scratching or tugging my skin.

photo 5

Now I use this sponge with my facial cleanser every morning and evening 🙂  I can’t wash my face without this anymore!  Haha! My face feels squeaky clean after.  After every use, just squeeze out all the water and soap and rinse well.  Just leave it on a soap dish to dry.  Once it’s dry, you will notice that it will harden again.  Just soak in water before use to soften.


This is how the sponge looks like when it’s wet 🙂 Super soft!

Click here for more info on Nippon’s amazing and useful products and tools for personal use and also for professional beauticians like me! LOL! 🙂  Hope you’re all having a beauty-full week so far, my friends! 🙂