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Teacher Kit

2 Nov



View from the hotel room 🙂 Wonderful morning indeed!

It was an early start for hair and makeup last September 6, 2014 🙂  I really don’t mind waking up in the wee hours of the morning.  It’s so peaceful knowing almost everyone is still asleep 🙂

Our wedding preps were in Manila Hotel, one of my favorite hotels, and the bride was one of my favorite preschool teachers at my son’s previous school, Teacher Kit 🙂

Teacher Kit was my son’s very first teacher.  Damien Crow was about two years old and he couldn’t speak yet.  So there was a time when he would bite his other classmates when he would get frustrated.  This was our biggest issue at that time.  Haha!  Thank you for your patience, Teacher Kit! 🙂


Beautiful bouquet… Love the color.




Almost done with makeup 🙂 Photographed by Nice Print 🙂


Teacher Kit and the morning sun 🙂




Teacher Kit’s pretty sister and Maid of Honor 🙂


Beautiful Mother of the Bride 🙂


Gorgeous sisters 🙂


Sleeping Beauty 🙂

Me and glowing, Teacher Kit 🙂


Me and the beautiful teachers of The Learning Jungle! 🙂  I miss you guys so much! Haha! (sad laugh!)

You all look fabulous, Teacher Rina, Teacher Nat and Teacher Dez!!!



Special thanks to the team, RJ, celebrity hairstylist, and Patricia, assistant makeup artist 🙂


Til we meet again, Teacher Kit! 🙂  Thank you for making me part of your big day and also a million thanks for being an important part of my son’s preschool years! 🙂

Oh Happy Day!

13 Mar


It was the 5th of January, 2013.  My very first wedding of the year.


In one of my favorite hotels, Manila Hotel.

I met Trisha exactly a year before her wedding and I couldn’t believe how a year can go by so quickly.  Trisha wanted something simple, very clean and natural for her bridal hair and makeup.  She was already beautiful without makeup and I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable by doing anything smoky or too dramatic that will change her features 🙂




Chicken Nuggets before leaving for the Church 🙂 hehe!


I also had the privilege of doing makeup on Trisha’s equally gorgeous sisters, Felicity and Valerie 🙂


My partner for the wedding was the talented RJ Dela Cruz 🙂  I super loved what he did to Felicity’s hair.  Check out the loose braids in an updo! Perfect hairstyle for the Maid of Honor 🙂



Such a pleasure meeting this wonderful family, the Tans.  They’re just like one big barkada, what a family should really be.  Congratulations again, Trisha!  This was truly a very happy day! 🙂


Damien’s “Future Home”… Manila Hotel

29 Jun

Last weekend was our chance to take a little break 🙂  Dante, Damien and I haven’t been able to go on a real vacation last summer.  So this was a real treat when my brother, Chris, gave us this gift certificate that he got from Manila Hotel.  It was going to expire June 30, 2012 so we had to use it right away.  We decided to stay there last weekend 🙂

Damien always loved staying in hotels 🙂  He enjoyed so much when we were in Hongkong last year.  He was happy just being inside the hotel room 🙂  He’d also love it when we would check in at the hotels in Tagaytay.  So he was soooo excited when we arrived in Manila Hotel.  He immediately called it his “future home” because he really wants to live in a hotel. Hahaha! Oh my!

I still love the feel of this place.  Even if they renovated, I can still feel that it has been here for a very long time.  A truly historical place built in 1912 🙂  Can you believe it’s a hundred years old???

Damien running so fast to our hotel room 🙂

Here’s our room! It’s quite big! We got a superior deluxe room! 🙂

Look at that bed full of pillows!!! Heaven! Damien kept playing with the hotel phone. There was a time when he was actually talking to the hotel staff! Haha! Oops.

Damien admiring the view of his “future home”. And Dante… wifi-ing. Hehe 🙂 There’s free wifi in the rooms and almost all areas of the hotel. Nice.

This was our view 🙂 It was a beautiful, sunny day outside 🙂

Artwork on the wall. It was meant to be that we stayed in the Mabolo room! LOL!

The plan was to just hang around the hotel… and order ROOM SERVICE!!! 🙂

Damien so excited to eat what he ordered! 🙂

We ordered something from the kiddie menu for Damien. We got the Zuma, which is spaghetti with sweet-style tomato sauce 🙂 This dish was P240.  Very yummy.  Damien enjoyed it very much.

And for me and Dants, we got the Pizza Manila Hotel 🙂 It had tomatoes, mozzarella, Laguna cheese, chorizo and olives. It was P510. Loved it! 🙂

After eating in the room, we just rested a bit and wanted to have some coffee 🙂  So here we are at Cafe Ilang-Ilang for some coffee and ice cream for the kiddo.

Damien and his spaced-out face 🙂

Freshly brewed black coffee for me 🙂

And three scoops of ice cream for Damien 🙂 He only liked the vanilla flavored ice cream. Great!!! 🙂 More chocolate ice cream for me and Dants. Hahaha!

The IPhone. Best babysitter, ever.

Dante’s shot of me in a glass of water 🙂

The grand lobby!

Musicians preparing to play 🙂

Lots of goodies at the lobby!

I was supposed to take some of these home. I forgot. Boohoo. Need to try these one day.

Walking back to the room 🙂

Using “the force” on the elevator 🙂

Back in the room, just chillin’.  I love “vacations” like these.  Just doing absolutely nothing!

Part of the gift certificate was breakfast for two.  Unfortunately, Dante had to work that Sunday 😦 He left at 5am that morning to go to work.  So I asked my family to join me and Damien for breakfast at Cafe Ilang-Ilang! 🙂

Meeting time was 9am at the coffee shop 🙂  The breakfast buffet is open til 10am.  There were so many choices for breakfast!!! There was dimsum, different kinds of bread, cereal, pancakes, taho, Korean, Filipino, American breakfast dishes and a whole lot more!  I couldn’t try everything so I just got my favorite breakfast food.  Croissant, some dimsum, corned beef, bacon and hash brown with ketchup!  Oh yeah!  You missed this, Dante Dizon.  As I would always tell my friends, “I love breakfast!!!”.

Meanwhile, Damien only wanted marshmallows. *Sigh*

Look at their awesome coffee machine?!?!

Yey! So happy my parents and brothers came. They didn’t want to take the buffet so they just ordered ala carte. Looked pretty good, too!!!

Chris’ American breakfast 🙂 Also came with cereal 🙂

The Leaning Tower of Pasta!

The Chef preparing for the brunch buffet 🙂

Someone enjoyed his stay at Manila Hotel so much!!! 🙂  Look at how big his smile was 🙂

We promise we’ll take you here again, little boy! 🙂  And who knows, maybe our “future home” can look like this! Haha! 🙂

Thanks to all the staff of Manila Hotel who treated us well 🙂  We’ll be back!!! Here’s to another hundred years! 🙂

An Afternoon with Maite

17 Feb

Last February 11, 2012, Saturday, I spent the afternoon in one of my favorite hotels in Manila 🙂

Maite was getting married later that day 🙂

Meet Maite 🙂

Posing with her lovely gown that she co-designed! 🙂

Almost time to leave for the Church. Where did the time go???

Maite and her beautiful mom! 🙂

Here’s Maite being photographed by Redscale Photography.

Happy and excited Maite! Surrounded by family and her closest friends. So much good vibes in this room today! Felt the love 🙂

Congratulations, dearest Maite and Drach! I wish I were able to see you walk down that aisle!  I am so sure you rocked it with our Adele-inspired look! hehe  Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of this wonderful day!  You looked fabulous! 🙂