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Preview’s Beauty Workshop

26 May

Beauty Workshop: Preview Magazine January-February 2005

Photographed by Toto Labrador

Styling and Text by Giselle Go

Model: Georgina Wilson

Makeup by Cathy Cantada-Dizon


Beauty Workshop: Preview Magazine February 2005

Undercover by Sydney Go

Photographed by: Pat Dy

Model: Bianca Valerio


Unmask & Blossom Dream

8 Feb


To all guys out there reading this post, are you still looking for something to give your girlfriends and wives this Valentine’s Day???  Well, this is so much better than a box of chocolates, let me tell you! 🙂  Meet Shu Uemura’s newest collection… Unmask & Blossom Dream!

These are the limited edition palettes with Tsuyoshi Hirano’s exclusive design.  Very pretty 🙂


You have three different palettes to choose from and all are matte eye shadows 🙂


Unmask Palette – Green

This would be my personal favorite… Unmask Palette – PINK.  It’s perfect for every skin tone and eye shape.  I am so excited to use this palette for my brides 🙂


Unmask Palette – Pink


Unmask Palette – Blue

Once again, another beautiful collection of eyeshadow palettes by Shu Uemura! And I love matte eyeshadows!  This is the perfect addition to my kit and yours! More of the Unmask & Blossom Dream collection soon! 🙂

Happy Friday, friends!!! Have a colorful weekend! 🙂

Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura x Umu

12 Oct

Last October 9, 2012, it was time to unveil the Mon Shu Girl 🙂

Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura has done a collaboration for this holiday’s collection!  This was so exciting for all of us because a few weeks before this launch, we already knew what was in the collection and also were trained how to use the products.  (More of the training in my next post!)  Mon Shu Girl is the cute little girl that is on all of the packaging for this Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura collection 🙂

This exclusive and intimate event was going to be held at Umu, the awesome Japanese restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel 🙂

Yey. Yey. Hooray.

Call time was 11am.  And as most of you know, a hungry makeup artist is not really the best person you’d want to deal with. Hahaha! Sooooo… LUNCH FIRST 🙂

A feast of Japanese food was waiting for us at UMU… Ok, time to dig in, people!!! 🙂

Meet cutie makeup artist, John Pagaduan 🙂  He’ll be doing a quick demo on how to use the KL Palettes to the bloggers’ event that afternoon.  Looking fresh and radiant, sis!!! 🙂

The Mon Shu models 🙂

The Mon Shu models with their very talented artists, Patrick Alcober and John Pagaduan 🙂

Look at how cute those dolls are! Tamang tama lang yung position ni Ate sa likod… Hehehe 🙂

Wonderful set-up for dinner!

Photo shoot muna with the team habang wala pang guests!!! 🙂

With my uber talented team mates: Sharon, Angelique, Patrick, Hanna and John 🙂

With the fabulous Omar and gorgeous Angie! 🙂

Our hot mother, Nina, presenting the KL x Shu Uemura Collection.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without Nina, Nadia and Karen! 🙂  Great job, ladies!!! And looking smokin’ hot that night 🙂

My Shu Uemura family picture 🙂

With the lovely, Karen, my model for the evening 🙂

With THE Ogie from Khiel’s! Thanks to you and George for fixing my thick, unruly hair! 🙂

Presenting the collection…  More on these products on my next post!  Watch out for it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, dinner is now served.  Was looking forward to this 7-course meal at UMU.  Wonderful!

Sparkling Sake.  Ang sarap pala nito!

Appetizer: EBI DEPOU YAKI or baked prawn with special sauce and THREE KINDS OF MAKI. 1.Dragon Maki: unagi, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese  2.Soft Shell Crab Maki: rolled deep fried crab on vinegared rice 3. Umu Maki: salmon, mango, cream cheese.

Clear Soup: Tori, shitake, shimeji, oyster mushroom, gobo, spring onion, shiro kosyo or in simpler terms, it’s clear soup with chicken, assorted Japanese mushrooms, spring onion and white pepper.

Yakimono: Suzuki Teriyaki, hajikami. (Grilled seabass with teriyaki sauce and marinated ginger)

Sarada: Kaisou Sarada which is seaweed salad with onion dressing and Chawan Mushi, lapu-lapu kani nameko.

Rice Dish: Edamame Fried Rice, green soy beans and fried rice, and Yakimono (Wafu Steak, tamanegi, asupara, which is US Rib Eye Steak with onion and asparagus).

Dessert: Shiro Miso Ice Cream and Pistachio (Home-made Japanese White Beans Ice Cream with Pistachio Powder).

Thanks to everyone who took time out from their very busy schedules to be here.  Thanks for all the support!  We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did 🙂

Me and Mon Shu Girl would like to wish you all a very happy weekend!!! The collection will be out in stores October 20, 2012 🙂

Sparkle With Your Eyes

24 Jul

It’s been raining cats and dogs lately but that doesn’t mean you have to look as gloomy as the weather 🙂  Shu Uemura has a new collection of pressed eye shadows of glittery and sparkly shadows! 🙂  L-O-V-E them.  It’s time to sparkle with your eyes, girls!  Check these shades out! 🙂

ME Soft Olive 433

G Copper 261

G Purple 745

G Blue 646

G Yellow 345

P Soft Coral 121

P Soft Beige 823

G Orange 251

G Pink 135

G Blue Green 641

And looky here, you can customize your own personal palettes!  🙂  I have the Sparkling Palette that can hold up to four eye shadows 🙂

Here is the beautifully designed palette 🙂 It matches my husband’s work table in the garage. Hehe

And here it is opened and still empty 🙂

I wanted a palette that contained colors that I can use for a fresh daytime and natural look for everyday.  So I chose these four colors for my palette 🙂 From top to bottom: G Copper 261, G Orange 251, P Soft Beige 823 and P Soft Coral 121. Voila!!! My own customized sparkling palette 🙂

I will post more of Shu Uemura’s eye shadows and cream shadows soon! 🙂  There are loads more!!!

The choices are endless. Be adventurous in customizing your palette 🙂  It’s just like choosing your wardrobe.  It’s good to have colors for your base, highlight and contouring.  Maybe choose colors that can be worn on its own and/or blended with the rest of the palette to maximize the use of the colors 🙂

But most of all, have fun choosing your eye shadows! 🙂  There’s nothing more enjoyable than creating your own palettes! 🙂

Brows need a manicure, too!

6 Jul

I was so happy when I saw the new eyebrow manicure mascaras of Shu Uemura! 🙂  I always loved using these to keep the eyebrows well-groomed and also to lighten dark eyebrows for a more subtle look.

Now they have four lovely shades available! 🙂

These come in four shades: Ash Brown, Honey Glaze, Tawny Gold and Palm Beige 🙂

The eyebrow mascara wands are the perfect length and shape to groom those unruly brows.

Here is a closer look at a different angle.

Here you can see clearly the different shades of the eyebrow manicure 🙂
From left to right: Ash Brown, Honey Glaze, Tawny Gold and Palm Beige.

These shades will all go well with Filipina women 🙂  As for me, since my hair is jet black,  I like to create subtle brows by using a lighter shade.  I personally love Ash Brown and Honey Glaze.  Just the right hue for my brows. After filling in my brows with an eyebrow pencil with a similar shade of the eyebrow manicure mascara I’ll be using, I finish it off with this to keep it groomed the whole day 🙂

Try it out and see what a big difference it makes to your eyebrows! 🙂

Enjoy and happy Friday, everyone!!! 🙂

My Shu Uemura Travel Brush Case and Brushes

2 Mar

I am loving my new Shu Uemura Travel Brush Case!  So simple, so handy and it’s black.  It’s all I really need 🙂

Love that it's so compact and slim 🙂 It's just as big as a pocketbook.

Here are the brushes that are great with this case.  People always tell me that they purchase so many brushes but don’t know what to do with them.  With just these five brushes, you’re good to go.

Perfect marriage between case and brushes.

Every brush comes with a short description of its purpose.

Let me start with brush number 17.

I will keep this really simple so as not to discourage anyone from trying these amazing brushes 🙂 This brush is mainly used for the cheeks to apply blush on.  But I also use this brush to apply loose powder and bronzer 🙂

This brush is also great for contouring. Contouring, the secret to achieving a perfect oval face 🙂

Meet brush number 10.

This brush is perfect to apply eyeshadow all over the eyelid.

Another useful tool is brush number 10DF.

In the instructions, it says that you use this brush for the eyehole.  But I also use this to apply a highlighter or a lighter shade of eyeshadow right below the brows 🙂  Blend it well with the eyeshadow applied on the eyelid.  This is a great blending brush.

Brush number 6F.  No explanations needed 🙂

Brush number 17 and 14 are very similar.  They both function as blusher brushes.  But brush number 14 is slightly smaller.  You can use brush number 14 as your blusher brush and brush number 17 for your loose powder 🙂

Just smile and apply the blush on the apple of your cheeks. The apple of the cheeks are what you pinch when you find someone really really cute 🙂

If you’ve been forever wanting to buy your own set of brushes but don’t know where to start, these for me are the five brushes that will be very useful for everyday use 🙂  Don’t be afraid! These tools will be your bestfriends for life if you show them some tender loving care. My Shu Uemura brushes have been with me for years and still look brand new.  Just always make sure to clean them regularly.

The chosen five will definitely help you apply makeup better.  So much easier than those tiny applicators that come with makeup palettes.  And this brush case will fit in any purse! Touch-ups are so convenient any time of the day and anywhere! 🙂

Hope you love these brushes and brush case as much as I do!  Visit Shu Uemura today at Power Plant, Rockwell, or Rustan’s Glorietta, Makati 🙂