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Brush It Off

6 Nov

Cleaning and caring for your makeup brushes need not be a chore 🙂

 High quality makeup brushes can be very pricey.   For us makeup artists, it truly is an investment. These premium brushes are built to last a very long time. Some of the makeup brushes I’ve had for years still feel brand new. What is important is how to care for them.

An easy way to clean them is by using regular shampoo. You may even condition them if you want just like real hair. Since I use my brushes on different clients, I really have to clean them after every use. But for your personal brushes you may clean them twice a week to avoid bacteria build-up.

Another brush cleaner I love is Parian Spirit. This is the cleaner I use when I need my brushes clean and dry in between clients. You just have to swirl your brushes in a container with this cleaner and you’ll see the makeup and dirt come off instantly. Then using tissue or a paper towel, just wipe and squeeze off excess liquid and in five minutes, you may use your brushes again.


“Parian Spirit Professional Brush Cleaner is the go-to for top makeup artists and cosmetic brands because it does an overhaul on your brushes while conditioning the brush hair. It rids the brushes from oil, dirt and colors left by cosmetics. It is made with Florida oranges so it smells good on your next brush stroke.” -Sydney Go (COO, Nippon Esthetic Solutions).

Another wonderful discovery is this organic and eco-friendly water activated solid brush cleaner made at home by celebrity makeup artist, Xeng Zulueta. It is made from coconut and lavender extracts. “What’s great about this organic cleaner is that makeup brushes become safe for sensitive skin”, Xeng mentions. This is the more affordable and safer alternative from other high-end brands out in the market. One tub of 80 grams only costs P150.   I love this product because you can really see how much dirt and makeup are easily removed. It’s like giving them a bath with a bar of soap.


So now you’ve already washed your brushes. They’re wet and damp. What do you do next? For the longest time I would lay my brushes on a towel and let them dry overnight. But I noticed that the center of my brushes would still be damp in the morning. I also tried drying them upright and placing them in a pencil holder, but the bristles would end up drying in different directions. Until Xeng introduced the Makeup Junkie Drying Brush Stand to me!




“This awesome brush stand allows your brushes to dry upside down. You need to air all sides of the brush to ensure no moisture has trickled down the stem. Moisture causes bristles to break and bacteria to grow. Upside down drying preserves your makeup brushes. Flip it upside down and it becomes an instant makeup brush organizer and stand.” – Xeng Zulueta (@xengzulueta on IG and Twitter)

To be honest, washing my brushes became such a chore. But these products have made cleaning my brushes fun again! Seeing all the dirt come out of your brushes at the end of the day and seeing them organized in a cute stand makes me look forward to “cleaning time”.

For inquiries, you may email bellecat.studio@gmail.com 🙂