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A Walk in Mongkok :)

13 Dec

When in HK, Mongkok is a must especially for these two.  It’s just about three to four stops via MTR from Tsimshatsui Station 🙂 It’s where all the toys and shoe stores are.  Toys for the big boys.

Before anything else, Gong Cha stop first, for a tall glass of cold milk tea 🙂

Planning our agenda for the afternoon.

Oh but wait….second stop: fried tentacles in curry powder seasoning!  THIS IS CRISPY, CHEWY, SALTY GOODNESS in a brown paper bag 🙂 ahhh, I want one now! There is something similar to this though in Serenitea. Try their chicken chops 🙂 I will have some today!

Not too adventurous to try these delicacies.

But this we cannot miss.  Third stop: Cold noodles.  (We just actually had lunch.)

We chose Octopus.  Spicy.

Cold noodles in spicy sauce with octopus.  Winner!!! 🙂

My brother Chris cannot decide. Red or blue?! 🙂

Blue.  Ready to rock his gigs 🙂

Time to head back to the hotel now to meet the folks and Damien for dinner 🙂 Yes, eat again! 🙂

There is also a ladies’ market in Mongkok.  But be careful.  Since it’s a tourist spot, a lot of the sales people start at a really high price 😦 Be firm.  Just pretend to walk away while you haggle 🙂 Prices get lower as you walk away 🙂