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Crow and Greggy

11 Apr

Last Easter Sunday, Spiderman and Ironman reunite for lunch 🙂

Meet Greggy (left) and Crow (right).  And that’s Kuya Sabine in the middle 🙂  They are all cousins.

Greggy brought his action figures to Easter lunch and gladly lent Crow his Spiderman action figure 🙂  Thanks, Greggy, for putting Crow’s Star Wars spaceships to rest for an afternoon 🙂  Once they started playing, they immediately got into character.

Greggy getting ready to save the world! 🙂

Looking for the enemy.

These boys are bursting with energy.  All we can do is sit back and watch them run around freely hoping that they won’t bump into anything.

Game face on!

I am Ironman!

In memory of the great Whitney Houston, “I believe the children are our future”.  These two are superheroes in the making 🙂