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Stella and My Gals

28 Jan


Hooray!!!  Another reason to dine with friends 🙂  One of my bestfriends, Dom, is in town for a few days! And of course, an evening of food and chitchat is a must! Nani, Dom’s lovely cousin, visiting from Spain joined the gang! Did I just say gang?!?! LOL!


We wanted Dom and Nani to see this new side of Bonifacio High Street.  The chosen resto for the evening was Stella.

I heard that they were known for their wood fired pizzas.  We ordered the Fire Roasted Truffled Mushroom Pizza (P350). The pizza was stuffed with mushrooms.  Yum 🙂


For our pasta, we ordered the Roasted Seafood Firecracker Fusili.  It had spicy olive and sundried tomato cream, dried chilies, fire roasted seafood, fresh herbs and Malagos ricotta (P395).  I liked this dish very much 🙂


And now for the bellies… Beef Belly.


And Pork Belly.  My friends and I just LOVE meat bellies.  Hehe!


I ordered a Lemonade Sparkler (P110) and I chose the Berry flavored one.  I really liked this drink.  I wanted to order another one actually.  Hehe  But was saving my stomach for some coffee, of course.


There’s always room for dessert.   A slice of salted caramel chocolate cake…


A four layer red velvet cake…


And the highlight of the meal… Stella’s Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough (P195) with salted caramel, rosemary pistachios topped with Mantecado ice cream.  Wow.


It was warm and chewy… the perfect bite right there.


A great place to spend the evening with my best gals.  Til we meet and eat again, Dom and Nani!  I’m still saving up for that trip to China and Madrid, where Dom will be my translator in both places. LOL! 🙂

Although it was brief, hope you had a wonderful time, Dom and Nani! 🙂


Not Exactly IN the Mind Museum

23 Jun

Dante, Crow and I spent Independence Day at the Mind Museum, Taguig 🙂

But we weren’t exactly IN the Mind Museum, we spent more time outside at the park beside Jollibee. Haha!

It was the most awesome playground ever!  But to enter this park, you still needed to buy tickets from the Mind Museum.

There were huge drums that sounded like what they used in shows like Cirque Du Soleil.  We had a blast playing with these drums 🙂

But Damien’s favorite was these water blaster thingies…

It was the perfect park for Damien.  He stayed here without any complaints for almost an hour!

So many things to see and play with…

And lots of new things to learn…

A great educational park for kids and adults, too 🙂

Now it’s time to check out the Mind Museum.  But we decided to have a snack first before entering the museum.  There is a Jollibee beside the park.  Perfect! 🙂

Damien… so excited and still in a jolly mood until…

…he found out that we were going INSIDE the Mind Museum. I discovered something new about Damien that day… He told me, “Mama, I’m afraid of the dark.”  Poor little boy 😦  But I knew he would enjoy the Mind Museum.  So I begged him to give it a chance.

After our yummy spaghetti and fried chicken meal in Jollibee, Damien gave his parents a chance.  He was ready to enter the Mind Museum.

One of the oldest cars in the Philippines 🙂 Pretty cool!

Damien, still being very brave, beside the giant chocolate bar 🙂

And it just went downhill from here…  Damien couldn’t take the dark areas of the Museum 😦

 So here we are again…

He’s back!!! 🙂

Damien was busy with his water blasters while I tried playing a variety of songs on the drums for my audience 🙂

My co-drummer 🙂

Enjoying the view 🙂

Cool see-saws! 🙂

Dante and Damien, trying out the big bubble maker! 🙂

Soooo cool 🙂

They look like surfer dudes 🙂

That ends this blog entry but there will be a second part to this 🙂  Dante and I didn’t want to waste our tickets so we decided to let Damien go home first 😦  So yes, Dante and I were still able to go inside the Mind Museum but without our little Jedi 😦  Maybe next time when he’s gotten over his fear of the dark 🙂

To be continued… 🙂