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Lau Chan Shabu Shabu: Boil, Dip and Dunk!

23 Aug

It’s another one of those nights, another “let’s try something new” night with my favorite eating partner, my husband, Dante.  The destination? Along Mabini Street, Malate, Manila, Ermita, to a place called Lau Chan Shabu Shabu & Fast Foods 🙂

Woot woot! Manila, here we come! 🙂

And here we go again, picking random things in the menu.  Not realizing we’ve probably ordered food for four people again. Haha!

In Lau Chan, the menu is like a checklist.  Just check what you want to order! 🙂  It’s like answering a multiple choice food exam! Can we just check all of the above??? 🙂

And there you have it in the photo below, the hotpot being prepped and the dipping sauces that will magically turn everything into… SATE.

I couldn’t understand the lighting of Lau Chan.  We had white florescent lights above us that turned everything purplish 🙂

And now presenting, the dishes ready to be cooked in the hot pot…


Squid Balls.



Fresh vegetables. These are for Dante.

Lobster balls.

Beef. (Kenchi)


Thanks, Dante, for dumping everything in the hotpot. Haha!  You know I’m afraid of boiling water.  You the best!

Food is good for 4pax, again!!! Haha!  We always over order.  Never learn.  But somehow, we always manage to finish everything.  LOL!

We chose the hotpot with two types of soup.  Check out our hotpot below.  The one on the left is sate and the one on the right is plain.  The one on the left was definitely more interesting! 🙂

After boiling all the dumplings, squid balls, etc., the next step would be to to dip the food in the sate sauce.

The sate dipping sauce… will change everything 🙂 Haha!

This beef was my favorite. Kenchi. Slightly chewy. Loved it!

I cannot live without this sate sauce.

Another awesome meal in Manila. I don’t feel guilty for eating that much food.  Anyway, it’s supposedly healthy, right??? Haha!

Happy HotPot Night!!! 🙂