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Damien’s “Future Home”… Manila Hotel

29 Jun

Last weekend was our chance to take a little break 🙂  Dante, Damien and I haven’t been able to go on a real vacation last summer.  So this was a real treat when my brother, Chris, gave us this gift certificate that he got from Manila Hotel.  It was going to expire June 30, 2012 so we had to use it right away.  We decided to stay there last weekend 🙂

Damien always loved staying in hotels 🙂  He enjoyed so much when we were in Hongkong last year.  He was happy just being inside the hotel room 🙂  He’d also love it when we would check in at the hotels in Tagaytay.  So he was soooo excited when we arrived in Manila Hotel.  He immediately called it his “future home” because he really wants to live in a hotel. Hahaha! Oh my!

I still love the feel of this place.  Even if they renovated, I can still feel that it has been here for a very long time.  A truly historical place built in 1912 🙂  Can you believe it’s a hundred years old???

Damien running so fast to our hotel room 🙂

Here’s our room! It’s quite big! We got a superior deluxe room! 🙂

Look at that bed full of pillows!!! Heaven! Damien kept playing with the hotel phone. There was a time when he was actually talking to the hotel staff! Haha! Oops.

Damien admiring the view of his “future home”. And Dante… wifi-ing. Hehe 🙂 There’s free wifi in the rooms and almost all areas of the hotel. Nice.

This was our view 🙂 It was a beautiful, sunny day outside 🙂

Artwork on the wall. It was meant to be that we stayed in the Mabolo room! LOL!

The plan was to just hang around the hotel… and order ROOM SERVICE!!! 🙂

Damien so excited to eat what he ordered! 🙂

We ordered something from the kiddie menu for Damien. We got the Zuma, which is spaghetti with sweet-style tomato sauce 🙂 This dish was P240.  Very yummy.  Damien enjoyed it very much.

And for me and Dants, we got the Pizza Manila Hotel 🙂 It had tomatoes, mozzarella, Laguna cheese, chorizo and olives. It was P510. Loved it! 🙂

After eating in the room, we just rested a bit and wanted to have some coffee 🙂  So here we are at Cafe Ilang-Ilang for some coffee and ice cream for the kiddo.

Damien and his spaced-out face 🙂

Freshly brewed black coffee for me 🙂

And three scoops of ice cream for Damien 🙂 He only liked the vanilla flavored ice cream. Great!!! 🙂 More chocolate ice cream for me and Dants. Hahaha!

The IPhone. Best babysitter, ever.

Dante’s shot of me in a glass of water 🙂

The grand lobby!

Musicians preparing to play 🙂

Lots of goodies at the lobby!

I was supposed to take some of these home. I forgot. Boohoo. Need to try these one day.

Walking back to the room 🙂

Using “the force” on the elevator 🙂

Back in the room, just chillin’.  I love “vacations” like these.  Just doing absolutely nothing!

Part of the gift certificate was breakfast for two.  Unfortunately, Dante had to work that Sunday 😦 He left at 5am that morning to go to work.  So I asked my family to join me and Damien for breakfast at Cafe Ilang-Ilang! 🙂

Meeting time was 9am at the coffee shop 🙂  The breakfast buffet is open til 10am.  There were so many choices for breakfast!!! There was dimsum, different kinds of bread, cereal, pancakes, taho, Korean, Filipino, American breakfast dishes and a whole lot more!  I couldn’t try everything so I just got my favorite breakfast food.  Croissant, some dimsum, corned beef, bacon and hash brown with ketchup!  Oh yeah!  You missed this, Dante Dizon.  As I would always tell my friends, “I love breakfast!!!”.

Meanwhile, Damien only wanted marshmallows. *Sigh*

Look at their awesome coffee machine?!?!

Yey! So happy my parents and brothers came. They didn’t want to take the buffet so they just ordered ala carte. Looked pretty good, too!!!

Chris’ American breakfast 🙂 Also came with cereal 🙂

The Leaning Tower of Pasta!

The Chef preparing for the brunch buffet 🙂

Someone enjoyed his stay at Manila Hotel so much!!! 🙂  Look at how big his smile was 🙂

We promise we’ll take you here again, little boy! 🙂  And who knows, maybe our “future home” can look like this! Haha! 🙂

Thanks to all the staff of Manila Hotel who treated us well 🙂  We’ll be back!!! Here’s to another hundred years! 🙂

Not Exactly IN the Mind Museum

23 Jun

Dante, Crow and I spent Independence Day at the Mind Museum, Taguig 🙂

But we weren’t exactly IN the Mind Museum, we spent more time outside at the park beside Jollibee. Haha!

It was the most awesome playground ever!  But to enter this park, you still needed to buy tickets from the Mind Museum.

There were huge drums that sounded like what they used in shows like Cirque Du Soleil.  We had a blast playing with these drums 🙂

But Damien’s favorite was these water blaster thingies…

It was the perfect park for Damien.  He stayed here without any complaints for almost an hour!

So many things to see and play with…

And lots of new things to learn…

A great educational park for kids and adults, too 🙂

Now it’s time to check out the Mind Museum.  But we decided to have a snack first before entering the museum.  There is a Jollibee beside the park.  Perfect! 🙂

Damien… so excited and still in a jolly mood until…

…he found out that we were going INSIDE the Mind Museum. I discovered something new about Damien that day… He told me, “Mama, I’m afraid of the dark.”  Poor little boy 😦  But I knew he would enjoy the Mind Museum.  So I begged him to give it a chance.

After our yummy spaghetti and fried chicken meal in Jollibee, Damien gave his parents a chance.  He was ready to enter the Mind Museum.

One of the oldest cars in the Philippines 🙂 Pretty cool!

Damien, still being very brave, beside the giant chocolate bar 🙂

And it just went downhill from here…  Damien couldn’t take the dark areas of the Museum 😦

 So here we are again…

He’s back!!! 🙂

Damien was busy with his water blasters while I tried playing a variety of songs on the drums for my audience 🙂

My co-drummer 🙂

Enjoying the view 🙂

Cool see-saws! 🙂

Dante and Damien, trying out the big bubble maker! 🙂

Soooo cool 🙂

They look like surfer dudes 🙂

That ends this blog entry but there will be a second part to this 🙂  Dante and I didn’t want to waste our tickets so we decided to let Damien go home first 😦  So yes, Dante and I were still able to go inside the Mind Museum but without our little Jedi 😦  Maybe next time when he’s gotten over his fear of the dark 🙂

To be continued… 🙂

A Makeup Workshop Like No Other

4 Jun

People have always been asking me if I do makeup workshops or seminars, etc.  And I always turn them down and recommend them to my other friends who are better teachers.  I just never had the gift of teaching.  My mind is just one unorganized closet and I can jump from one topic to another, rambling on and on.  I end up being the only one who understands myself. Haha! And I’m a very shy person.  I freak out when asked to speak in front of people.  Singing in front of people, I can handle.  Speaking, I just can’t.

And then, one day, I got a text message from Teacher Dez, one of Damien’s teachers in his summer classes at The Learning Jungle.  She asked me if I could be one of their guests for show and tell 🙂 Since it was Mother’s Day Week, they wanted mothers to share with the kids about what we do 🙂  Teacher Dez also invited two other mothers to speak in Damien’s class.  Took me a while before I could reply…  I was thinking, speaking in front of a group of three year olds???  Where do I even start??? Should I start with the basics like skin care?  Or the right foundation for their skin tone? LOL.  I ended up saying YES.  I also wanted to see how Damien was in class. Hehe

Here I am in school, waiting for the kids to finish their lunch 🙂  My only thought was… I hope they like me.

Setting up for my “presentation”. Damien was such a great assistant! Helped me set up my kit 🙂

My audience, about 10-15, three to four year old kids… 🙂

I really didn’t know how to begin my talk with these kids.  Thank God for the Teachers who guided me all through out 🙂  So we began with… “Let us make Teacher Raissa a Princess!”

I was so glad I brought my colorful false eyelashes!!! The kids loved them… It was like MAGIC.

Here is Teacher Raissa wearing rainbow lashes 🙂 Turned her into Rainbow Brite. (SO SORRY ABOUT THAT, TEACHER RAISSA!) Was just following the kids’ instructions. Haha! 🙂

I was so happy that the kids were so interested!!! 🙂  Even the boys were telling me what color I should put on Teacher’s eyes.  “Put blue!”, “We like purple!”,  “Wow, it’s like painting!”.

Again, the lashes were a big hit with the kids!!! Thank God I brought my Shu Uemura feather lashes. We transformed Teacher Raissa into an enchanted bird! 🙂

For the final look, the kids wanted me to put orange lipstick on Teacher Raissa 🙂  It actually looked pretty 🙂

Thank you so much, Teacher Dez, Teacher Raissa and Teacher James for inviting me to speak in front of Damien’s class 🙂  It was the most fun makeup workshop I’ve ever conducted!!! 🙂  Hmmm… maybe I should start doing makeup workshops for kids.  How fun is that! 🙂

See you all again in a few weeks when Nursery 1 begins… 🙂

Coin Bearer For Hire

25 May

Damien Crow has been a ring bearer or coin bearer several times before for our relatives’ weddings 🙂  But it was either Dante or I escorting him down the aisle because he was still too young to walk.  And when he was a little bit older, he just didn’t want to walk alone.  So when I found out that he was going to be a coin bearer for one of Dante’s bestfriend’s wedding, I already started prepping him for his big day! Haha! 🙂

Must put him in a good mood today… Mcdo Spaghetti and french fries are the secret to happiness 🙂 First pit stop.

Second pit stop. Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay 🙂 Magnificent view! 🙂

Pretty shoes! 🙂

Oh no… tears… He just wanted to stay here 😦 Good thing it only lasted about two minutes.

Disaster. We forgot Damien’s black pants! 😦 OMG. Panic only lasted for five minutes. When I saw how cute he looked with his shorts standing next to an equally handsome Best Man, I knew it’ll be okay! 🙂

A little drop of rain for good luck.

The Groom and Best Man 🙂

Time to rock ‘n roll, boys!!! 🙂

Damien, meet the pillow 🙂

Looking very relaxed before the wedding 🙂

Quick rehearsal with Yaya Sandra.

Preparing to walk with the other kids.

And it’s time!!! 🙂

Here’s the link to the video of “The Walk”.  And the exclusive interview with the Coin Bearer himself after “The Walk”.  I know that this walk probably only took about a minute, but I could see in Damien’s face that he was so proud of himself! 🙂  Happy he made his parents so proud.  And of course, he gets a surprise for walking… a new toy.  Haha!

Congratulations to the wonderful couple, Paolo and Maita!!! 🙂 Here they are saying their I Do’s.

The Best Man and Coin Bearer. Good job, boys!!! 🙂

A very rare family picture by the vintage bridal car! 🙂 Yes, yes, I carry a tote bag to weddings, don’t judge me. My evening purse is inside. LOL!

Congrats again to one of Dante’s bestfriends, Paolo and Maita!  It was a beautiful wedding!  Great Best Man speech, Dants!  The Titos on the next table agreed with every word you said. Haha! 🙂 Thank you for making our little Crow your Coin Bearer! 🙂  He still talks about it today!  I know he was very happy to do it that for you guys! 🙂

 ‘Til the next wedding, Crow 🙂

Crow and Greggy

11 Apr

Last Easter Sunday, Spiderman and Ironman reunite for lunch 🙂

Meet Greggy (left) and Crow (right).  And that’s Kuya Sabine in the middle 🙂  They are all cousins.

Greggy brought his action figures to Easter lunch and gladly lent Crow his Spiderman action figure 🙂  Thanks, Greggy, for putting Crow’s Star Wars spaceships to rest for an afternoon 🙂  Once they started playing, they immediately got into character.

Greggy getting ready to save the world! 🙂

Looking for the enemy.

These boys are bursting with energy.  All we can do is sit back and watch them run around freely hoping that they won’t bump into anything.

Game face on!

I am Ironman!

In memory of the great Whitney Houston, “I believe the children are our future”.  These two are superheroes in the making 🙂

Like Father Like Son

25 Jan

What is it with boys and motorcycles?! 🙂

Here is little Damien adoring his Papa’s bikes.  As promised, these will all be yours someday, son! That’s what your Papa told me 🙂

But for now, all you can do is look.  You’ll be able to ride one of these in eighteen years… or maybe more. We’ll see 🙂 That would be for ME to decide. hehe

Four Years Ago…

11 Jan

Four years ago… I got married to my bestfriend, Dante! 🙂

Our Wedding Rings. Photographed by Chito Cleofas

Four years ago, we loved to drink coffee together and take photos of our little adventures.

At Starbucks, Intramuros. Again photographed by the amazing Chito Cleofas

Nothing has changed 🙂

There are just two minor changes: One, Dante now has a crow on his arm.

And second, we have a Crow in our lives 🙂

I thank God each day for giving me these two men in my life.

Happy Anniversary to my soulmate, Dante Dizon! 🙂