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To A Wonder-Full and Crafty 2013

4 Jan


Say hello to my latest handmade creation 🙂


I had a request from two friends to make a Wonder Woman doll.  I really had fun making this!  Out of all the dolls I’ve made, Wonder Woman had the most embellishments and accessories.  Hehe Of course, she IS Wonder Woman!


I always make sure I have a “copy” of all the dolls I’ve made.  So I won’t feel so bad when I’d have to part with them. So here are the three unfinished Wonder Woman dolls, two for my dear friends and one for dear me 🙂


Getting ready to give them to their new owners.


Wonder Woman #1 is now the guardian of Sunny and Portia’s car 🙂 Wonder Woman #2 is waiting for you, Claire 🙂


I love this girl!  She is my favorite 🙂


This year is going to be the time I will concentrate on being a dollmaker 🙂 Watch out for more of my little super friends coming up!  To my friends who have pending requests and haven’t gotten their dolls yet, please do not worry.  I haven’t forgotten… They’re still in my little factory ready to come to life.  I wish I had more hands! 🙂

I am so excited for 2013.  This hooker is going to be busy! 🙂 Have a WONDER-FULL new year, everyone! 🙂