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30 Jul


Another beautiful bride of mine who said “I Do” last March 31, 2013.  Her name is Eva 🙂


She wanted the simplest makeup on her big day, that “no makeup and barely there”  look 🙂 It truly did make her natural beauty shine through 🙂


Hairstyling by the talented, RJ Dela Cruz 🙂


Congratulations again to my dearest Eva! 🙂  It was a pleasure being a part of this memorable day! You looked radiant!!! 🙂


Mehn, I look so fat in this photo. Haha!


I Love Happy Weddings

24 May


One thing I love about weddings is the happiness and love I feel all around 🙂


Meet my beautiful bride, Eleonor 🙂



A lovely, braided updo. Super love this hairstyle for weddings 🙂 Hairstyling by the one and only, RJ Dela Cruz 🙂


Eleonor’s wedding day was just one of those days when I couldn’t stop laughing! I love happy weddings!

Today was all smiles, as you can see in the photo below captured by the talented Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto 🙂 Thanks for this awesome photo, Oly 🙂


 The atmosphere was just wonderful.  Everyone was just so excited for Eleonor’s big day! 🙂


Hair and makeup for the entourage was done by the fab stylists of Belle & Cat Studio 🙂



Final touch-up before Eleonor leaves for the Church.


Blooming bride, Eleonor 🙂


Congratulations, Eleonor and Steve!!!


A second look for the reception 🙂



Hanging out with the ladies at the couple’s holding room in Le Pavilion before the program starts 🙂

A million thanks, Eleonor and Steve!  It was really such a pleasure spending this special day with you guys!

You’re a perfect pair and I wish only all the best for you both!  Til we meet again 🙂


Cassie’s Big Day

30 Apr


One beautiful Sunday last March 3, 2013, I was so excited to head over to Intramuros, one of my favorite places in Manila, to do makeup on another lovely bride, Casini 🙂

She was checked in at The Bayleaf Intramuros, a new hotel that just opened late last year.  It was a really nice hotel and the staff was very helpful.  I bring around five bags whenever I do weddings and you can tell when the staff is more than willing to help you.  At Bayleaf, they were happy to help 🙂


Casini’s beautiful gown 🙂


Casini’s hair was done by my talented sistah, RJ Dela Cruz 🙂 Cas just wanted to have her down with loose waves 🙂


Fresh makeup done! 🙂


Almost done with hair 🙂


Beautiful Cas with her gorgeous bouquet.


Awwww, look who was waiting for Cas outside the hotel??? 🙂


Casini ready to ride her carriage to the Church! I love it 🙂 So perfect!


Congratulations again, Cas!  You looked stunning, just like a princess on her way to marry her prince!  Haha!

I had so much fun being a part of your wedding team 🙂  Thank you for that opportunity, Lovi! 🙂


Facial Cleansing Sponge by Nippon

18 Apr

photo 1

An amazing product of Nippon… the facial cleansing sponge.  This is now what I use to wash my face every morning and night 🙂

photo 4

What I would normally do every night is remove my makeup with Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil using Nippon’s facial patting cotton.

photo 1

Then afterwards, I wash my face with my favorite drug store brands, either Clean and Clear’s Deep Cleansing Facial Wash or Celeteque’s Hydrating Facial Wash 🙂  I would either wash my face using my hands or occasionally with a facial towel.  But I felt like I was tugging my skin too much with a facial towel.  Until I discovered the beauty of this facial cleansing sponge!

photo 2

At first I thought that it was going to be harsh on my skin because it was quite hard when I took it out from the package.  The texture was like a thin loofah for the body.  I thought to myself maybe I’ll be using this only once a week. I exfoliate my skin using an apricot facial scrub only once a week, not advisable to do everyday.  And I thought using this sponge would just be good for exfoliating.

photo 3

But when I opened it and soaked it in water, it softened and it became this super soft sponge that was gentle on the face.  I didn’t feel like it was harsh at all but it was enough to really clean my face.  It was the great tool to massage the facial cleanser all over my face without feeling like I was scratching or tugging my skin.

photo 5

Now I use this sponge with my facial cleanser every morning and evening 🙂  I can’t wash my face without this anymore!  Haha! My face feels squeaky clean after.  After every use, just squeeze out all the water and soap and rinse well.  Just leave it on a soap dish to dry.  Once it’s dry, you will notice that it will harden again.  Just soak in water before use to soften.


This is how the sponge looks like when it’s wet 🙂 Super soft!

Click here for more info on Nippon’s amazing and useful products and tools for personal use and also for professional beauticians like me! LOL! 🙂  Hope you’re all having a beauty-full week so far, my friends! 🙂

Uchiide in Manila

8 Apr

photo 1

I never thought this day would come when I would finally meet the Artistic Director of Shu Uemura, Kakuyasu Uchiide-San.  He was here for a few days last week to celebrate with us the 10th year of Shu Uemura, Philippines! 🙂

Here are some snapshots that I took with my Iphone.

photo 5

During our training/makeup check for the big night! 🙂

photo 2

photo 3

Uchiide-San demonstrates one of Shu Uemura’s most difficult mode makeup looks called “Peacock”. Amazing.  Amazing.  Amazing.

photo 4

Uchiide-San also showed us how to do the “Flaggy”. Wooooow. That’s all I can say.

photo 5

Special dinner with Uchiide-San and Team Shu Philippines at Bistro Filipino by Chef Laudico.

photo 4

Food was fantastic!!! My personal favorite… the Sinigang Martini 🙂 I did not expect that! 🙂

The next day, (the big day), our call time was 9am at Mango Tree, Bonifacio High Street.  And what is the first thing we all need???

photo 2

photo 1

Spot the artists.

photo 4

photo 3

With my good friend and super talented makeup artist, John Pagaduan 🙂

photo 1

This was my assigned mode makeup look for the big night… Masquerade 🙂 A million thanks to my beautiful model, Michelle Panemanglor 🙂

photo 2

All set 🙂

photo 3

Michelle, ready to rock n’ roll!

photo 4

Here are more of the mode makeup looks for the big night done by my amazing teammates and dearest friends 🙂 That’s Angelique Dinglasan doing her thang (top left), makeup by Omar Ermita (top middle), makeup up by Angelique (top right), makeup by Angie Cruz (bottom left), makeup by Sharon Soledad (bottom middle) and makeup by Patrick Alcober (bottom right). Amazing job, guys!!! I failed to take photos of the other models because it was crazy backstage but you should have seen the works of art that Claire Diokno, John Pagaduan and Hannah Pechon did!!! 🙂  Congratulations to all of us.  We survived.  LOL!


More backstage snapshots 🙂

photo 5

With my gorgeous gals, Claire and Angelique 🙂 The show will begin in 15 minutes 🙂

I didn’t get to take photos of the show itself.  Haha! But it was awesome!!! Trust me! 🙂

photo 5

Dinner is served.  YUM.

I really feel so blessed that I was given the chance to meet Uchiide-San.  He is an inspiration and a true artist.  And even though he was so tired from all his photo shoots and events, he would always have a smile on his face!  (And wouldn’t turn down a photo with his biggest fans! Hehe!)  This is definitely one of the highlights of my makeup career and I will never forget these two days!  It brought our team closer, it challenged us to do more than our best and most of all, made a fan girl like me sooooooo happy to be in the presence of one of the greatest makeup artists, Uchiide-San! Thank you 🙂

Special thanks to Nina, Nadia and Karen of Shu Uemura, Philippines!!! You girls made it all happen 🙂

photo 2

Fan girl mode!!! 🙂

Shu Uemura: Finally has a BB!

8 Apr


Introducing Shu Uemura’s BB Perfector Skin Smoothing Beauty Cream!

I tried this amazing product on myself yesterday.  I used it after my daily skincare.  I applied a thin layer of this beauty cream and set it with pressed powder.  It covered all my blemishes but maintaining a sheer and illuminating base.

What I love about this product is that it made my skin seem flawless (my skin is so bad right now.)  without having to pile on foundation and concealer.  It has SPF 30 which is perfect for summer in Manila.  It lasted the whole day without caking even if I was sweating from the extreme summer heat!

It’s tinted but quite sheer.  If you feel that it’s too light for your skin tone, just set it with the right shade of loose or pressed powder 🙂


I highly recommend this product to those who have been looking for the perfect BB cream.  Love love love.

Happy Monday, my friends! 🙂

The Backstage Pro Kit by Nippon

5 Apr

photo 1

I have always been a user of Nippon Esthetic Solution products 🙂  They are the only ones who have disposable cosmetic tools that I cannot live without.  I used to buy these items separately per pack.  But I was so happy that they now have kits with a complete set of tools you will be needing 🙂

One kit they have now is called, “The Backstage Pro Kit”.  If you’re a professional makeup artist who conducts a lot of makeup workshops or if you do a lot of events and fashion shows, you will find this kit very useful 🙂

photo 2

Inside this kit, there is an artist palette.  Before I used to mix foundations and concealers at the back of my hand, but I noticed I always stain my shirt or whatever the back of my hand accidentally hits.  Haha!  With this palette, all you have to do is place your foundations here and you can mix them with ease, without worrying about getting dirty and you get to mix your foundations and concealers properly.

photo 2

It also comes with a steel spatula.  This tool is very useful to scoop out products that are in tubs and little containers. You may also use to this to mix products such as foundations and concealers.  Even lipsticks, when you want to customize your own color.  Just use the spatula to scoop out the lipsticks you want to combine and mix them on the artist palette 🙂

photo 3

You may use the flat side… it reminds me of a butter knife…

photo 4

Or the more pointed edge to mix products in small bottles 🙂

photo 3

This kit also comes with all these disposable cosmetic tools!!!  I love these so much. For workshops, you may give your students a set of these tools.  They will love it.  Makeup is also very personal so you don’t just dip into another person’s palette or touch them with your fingers.  (A pet peeve of mine.)  It would be great to have these around during your workshops so that if sharing of different makeup products is necessary, they can use these tools 🙂

photo 5

photo 4

Some people have very sensitive eyes. Make sure to use these disposable wands to dip into your mascara.

photo 5

When I do weddings, events or fashion shows, sometimes we have to do makeup on a lot of clients or models and there is absolutely no time to wash those brushes. These will come in handy 🙂

photo 1

I love how fine these eyeliner brushes are 🙂

photo 2

When I do weddings, sometimes the bride doesn’t request me to stay for retouch anymore. So I always give her some lipstick and these disposable lip brushes so she can just retouch whenever she wants.  These are so tiny, they will fit in the smallest purse.

So this is what’s inside  “The Backstage Pro Kit”.  Definitely a must in every professional makeup artist’s kit.

Have a happy Friday, everyone! 🙂  More from Nippon to come! 🙂

photo 1