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A Handmade Collection for Omar

11 Oct




Check out my latest collection of handmade toys custom made for Omar 🙂

He sent me these designs beforehand and I executed them following his patterns 🙂

Can you guess who these guys are? 🙂


photo 1


photo 3


photo 4


Have a great Friday, everyone! 🙂

Project: Counting Sheep

10 Jul

photo 1

PROJECT: COUNTING SHEEP.  A project I made especially for a friend’s baby 🙂

photo 2

These are the sheeps’ stuffed bodies and legs.  I love the clean, white yarn.

photo 5

These are the heads. Embroidered an X for their eyes.

photo 3

Perfect material to hang the sheep on the wooden ring. Found this twine in the Wrap Shop in Rockwell. Thanks, Dants, for helping me find this one! It’s perfect.

photo 4

Had to hang the bodies first before attaching the heads. Sounds so morbid. Haha!


Attached some extra yarn above their heads for some sheep bangs. Sheep bangs! Sheep bangs! 🙂


Top shot of my new friends 🙂


Sorry, some of my friends are camera shy 🙂


I was supposed to put a black sheep in the mix. There’s always a black sheep in the family. Haha! But my friend requested for a blue sheep instead 🙂 Hi Blue!


Finally, after weeks of crocheting and assembling, they’re finally ready to meet their new owner! 🙂


I was so bothered by what Dante said regarding the “X” eyes of the sheep. That in cartoons, it means they’re dead.  LOL. Bought some wooden buttons for the eyes right away! I don’t want to give dead sheep!


Now they’re wide-eyed and even cuter. Thanks, Dants! 🙂 (Dante, my fiercest judge. LOL!)

To Margaux, my friend, I hope your son enjoys the company of my little fluffy buddies and will help him sleep more soundly at night 🙂

Sweet dreams 🙂

I Miss My Tokyu Hands

26 Jun


One of the things I miss the most in Tokyo is TOKYU HANDS.  Their motto is so true….

“When you visit, you find what you want!”

And you can lose some calories, too, because Tokyu Hands has about 7-9 floors of stuff I love… from arts and crafts to clown makeup to little gadgets and cameras to leather swatches… Ugh… love love love Tokyu Hands.  My husband also loved the hardware and also the section that’s dedicated to shoe care 🙂

photo 3

I didn’t take that much photos of the store itself because I was just so overwhelmed with all the stuff you can find here.  It’s so convenient!  I mean, if you were to start a project, you can find everything you need in one place.  It’s just so amazing.

They even have on-going workshops within the store.  I can stay here all day, I tell you! 🙂

photo 1

I think they were making leather wallets 🙂

photo 2

This one, I wasn’t sure what they were making 🙂 So fun!!

Out of all the stuff I saw in Tokyu Hands, I was hooked on these Hooked Zpagetti crochet hooks!!! Got me some new hooks, 10mm and 12mm sizes to match…


…these Hooked Zpagetti yarn/cloth.  It’s like shredded cloth!  But the label says high quality recycled cotton 🙂 I had to jump for joy when I saw these… (deep inside. Haha!)


These were the chosen ones…


I’m planning to make tote bags out of these!  They might be too heavy/warm for a scarf unless it’s thin.  I’m so excited to start my Tote Project!  Haha! 🙂  Watch out for it!

Have a happy Wednesday to you all! 🙂

A Handmade Knight

20 Apr

photo 2


This is my latest amigurumi creation… The Dark Knight! 🙂  And I think he is my secret favorite.  Hehe…



First of all, his basic color scheme are my two favorite colors.  Black and grey.



It was also my first time to use suede cloth as a cape 🙂



I used to crochet the capes as well but I like the way the suede cloth flows.



I’m very happy with how Batman turned out 🙂



So who will win in this battle?!

photo 1


Happy Saturday, everyone! 🙂  Please visit and “like” my Facebook page, if you have one, for more updates on my current handmade projects! 🙂

photo 3

Crow’s Nest: Handcrafted Toys

16 Feb


I have finally started a FaceBook page for Crow’s Nest 🙂

And today, a dear friend, Tatin Yang, a contributing writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer wrote about my doll-making adventure!  A million thanks, Tatin!!! Click here to read the full article.  Please “Like” Crow’s Nest on FaceBook 🙂

Here’s to more crafty adventures!!!

To A Wonder-Full and Crafty 2013

4 Jan


Say hello to my latest handmade creation 🙂


I had a request from two friends to make a Wonder Woman doll.  I really had fun making this!  Out of all the dolls I’ve made, Wonder Woman had the most embellishments and accessories.  Hehe Of course, she IS Wonder Woman!


I always make sure I have a “copy” of all the dolls I’ve made.  So I won’t feel so bad when I’d have to part with them. So here are the three unfinished Wonder Woman dolls, two for my dear friends and one for dear me 🙂


Getting ready to give them to their new owners.


Wonder Woman #1 is now the guardian of Sunny and Portia’s car 🙂 Wonder Woman #2 is waiting for you, Claire 🙂


I love this girl!  She is my favorite 🙂


This year is going to be the time I will concentrate on being a dollmaker 🙂 Watch out for more of my little super friends coming up!  To my friends who have pending requests and haven’t gotten their dolls yet, please do not worry.  I haven’t forgotten… They’re still in my little factory ready to come to life.  I wish I had more hands! 🙂

I am so excited for 2013.  This hooker is going to be busy! 🙂 Have a WONDER-FULL new year, everyone! 🙂


Well Hello, Dolly!

20 Nov

Last Sunday afternoon, I made sure I was free to join a doll making workshop by Craft MNL 🙂  It was held in Bungalow 300 in Alabang from 2-5PM.  I was just so excited.  Couldn’t wait for this crafty afternoon!!!

This sign made me smile! I remembered one of my favorite films growing up, “Hello, Dolly!”, starring Barbra Streisand.

I love B 🙂

The workshop was held on the 2nd floor of Bungalow 300.  Loved their space so much!  I felt so at home the moment I entered.  Lots of goodies for the house like furniture, decorative items and handmade stuff.

We were all given our own little kits for the workshop.

We had a basket of yarn at the center of the table for everyone to use.  LOVELY.  I actually wanted to take out my crochet hook the moment I saw this. Haha! But oops, wrong workshop. Hehe!

Kits for everyone!

Meet our teacher for the doll making workshop… MOMMY JAC of I.Am.Handmade. Dolls & Dollhouses by Mom 🙂

Love her!  Look at the handmade dolls that she made recently??? SOOOO CUTE! 🙂

Mommy Jac giving a brief introduction about the cute dolls she makes 🙂

Now it’s time to check out what’s in our individual kits!

It’s everything we needed to make one doll each.  Cloth, pins, needles and thread.

Plus we all get some fiber fill to stuff the dolls with.

And here’s another type of stuffing that I really liked.  It’s soooo soft, like clouds. I forget what it’s called though.  Cotton fill?  Puffy fill? Haha! Ergh…

Now here was what we were making that day… Waldorf-inspired fabric dolls 🙂  I’ve never heard of these dolls ’til I heard about this workshop.  It’s a doll that is used in Waldorf education and is created with no facial expressions so that the child will use their imagination.  It is normally the size of a baby.  Mommy Jac also explained that it would be nice to match the hair, skin color, eye color of the doll to your child’s features.

Here are more of the Waldorf dolls that Mommy Jac has made.  The photo below was taken by Mommy Jac.

Aren’t they so adorable and huggable?!

Ok, time to begin with our own dolls.  First the head…

So happy that one of my good friends, Michelle, was there to take the workshop with me! 🙂

Michelle’s doll head on the left and my doll head on the right.  Michelle’s had the perfect shape!  Mine just looked… flat. Haha!

I am not a good sewer at all.  Thank God the stitches won’t be seen.

Time to sew the arms.

The basket of clouds 🙂

Using the clouds to stuff the doll’s body now.

Put them all together and yey!!!! It looks like a doll na! 🙂

Mommy Jac made these cute little dresses to give away to the students.  She raffled them off and I actually won one! Haha! But I gave up the dress sadly since I was making a little boy doll.

It’s hair time!

My doll badly needs a haircut. LOL!

Mommy Jac now doing a demo on how to sew the eyes.

Our dolls looking like dolls already!!! So proud 🙂

It’s Bella and Damien Crow. Hehehe!

It was such a great and inspiring workshop, Mommy Jac, and I had so much fun, let me tell you.

I was so inspired by your creativity, skills and patience to make these lovely handmade dolls.  I love being surrounded by people who are into arts and crafts, even if I suck at sewing. Haha!  This workshop, to me, wasn’t just about learning the steps to make these lovely dolls but the realization that anything handmade came with a lot of love and patience.

And that’s what it all about… Creating something extra special because you made it with your own two hands.  The flaws and imperfections are the ones that make them unique.  And to the one who will receive it, it means the whole world to them because you made it.

That is how I feel every time, I finish a toy for my son.  He doesn’t care about the imperfections 🙂  I can’t wait to give this to him.  I just need to sew the eyes, give him a little haircut and find him something to wear! LOL!

Thanks again, Teacher Jac, Yelle from Craft MNL and Vernice from Bungalow 300 for having us that wonderful Sunday afternoon.  I will definitely be joining one of your workshops again soon!!!

Let’s go, my crafty friends!!! Check out for the next Hello, Dolly Workshop 🙂

The Little Mermaid for Nikka

12 Nov

I got a request from someone thru Instagram to make an Ariel doll for her daughter.  She told me she would make sock dolls for her daughter and it just didn’t turn out the way she wanted.  So she asked me to make this for her daughter, Nikka.  The Little Mermaid, Nikka’s first love.

I’ve never met her.  I don’t know her.  But something told me that I must make this.  I must make this for Nikka.

Clang, I’m sorry if it took me so long to make this, I really wanted it to be perfect. But this doll will be in the hands of your daughter soon.

This is my gift to you… from one mother to another.

The Mighty Avengers Made of Yarn and Lots of LOVE

17 Sep

I have been so obsessed with making Amigurumi dolls for my son lately!

For those who don’t know, here is the definition of Amigurumi:  “It is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is derived from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.  Amigurumi are typically animals, but can include artistic renderings or inanimate objects endowed with anthropomorphic features, as is typical in Japanese culture.”

Now define “Anthropomorphic” for me, please… (talking to Wikipedia.)

Anthropomorphic:  Ascribing human characteristics to non-human things.

Ironman… definitely anthropomorphic!  Haha!  Ironman was actually the second doll I made for my son.  In my past post about me going back to crocheting, I chose to do the Incredible Hulk first because it seemed like the easiest one 🙂  I didn’t even have the right color of green yarn for it.  But when Damien saw the finished product of the Hulk doll I made for him,  he got so excited!  And his reaction just made me want to make Ironman next 🙂

And here he is with my son 🙂

After making the Ironman doll, my son immediately said, “Mama, Thor is next!  Please make Thor!”

“I’M ON IT, SON!” – Happy Mama

Thor is still missing his hammer! Coming soon! 🙂

This is the reason why I love to crochet… Seeing that big smile on my son’s face when I finish a doll 🙂

And lastly, Captain America… My personal favorite 🙂

Check out his mighty shield! 🙂

Ironkid vs. Captain America… Who will win??? 🙂

And here they all are… my very first collection of hand-made dolls:  The Mighty Avengers 🙂

These dolls are just made of yarn and they don’t have high tech-weapons or karate chop action features but my son loves them just as much as his high-tech toys 🙂

“Mama, you made me another treasure.”  That’s what he says every time I hand him the doll I just finished 🙂

It just inspires me to keep making these dolls for him, I mean “toys”.  My husband insists that we call them toys instead of dolls. LOL! 🙂

Expect more Amigurumis to come!  Finishing up another superhero right now 🙂

It doesn’t take a lot to create something you’re very proud of and to make your kids happy.  Just a little yarn, a little time and patience 🙂

Happy Monday to all! 🙂

Crochet Cat is Back!

17 Aug

Hi my dear friends, so sorry I haven’t been posting much lately.  I do have a lot of new restos and makeup products to share with you… But I’ve just been so busy with my new project right now. Haha!

I’ve always enjoyed crocheting 🙂  I used to make these flower pins and scarves.  These were taken years ago!  I think it was about 2008-2009, I think?  I recently re-opened my stash of yarn and hooks.  And what can I say??? I’m addicted to this craft again!

I used to sell these scarves at a friend’s shop and some I gave away as gifts 🙂

But this reincarnated addiction has changed a little bit.  Hehe I’m not into making fashion accessories anymore.  Now that I have a three year old son, I’ve started making Amigurumi toys for him.  Amigurumi are crocheted dolls 🙂  Here are my recent creations with the help of the book “Crobots: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make” By Nelly Pailloux 🙂

My son named this Crobot “WOP”.

This one he calls, “Baby Wop”.

And this one was for me. LOL! A hippie Matryoshka doll 🙂

And because my son absolutely loves the Avengers, I tried making him an Incredible Hulk doll.  Turned out better than I imagined. Haha!

I would like to thank the Hook Monster for providing a great pattern for a non-pro hooker like me 🙂  Check out her cute version of the Hulk 🙂  And also many thanks to EssHaych for providing a tutorial on how to attach the hair 🙂

I am so excited to move on to my next project.  I’ve brought out my red and yellow yard…  Guess who’s coming up next??? 🙂