Kidzania: Where Kids Get A Glimpse of the Real World

9 Jun


This all began when Damien and I were invited to the H&M Conscious Event at Kidzania last April 15, 2016.  Thanks again for inviting us, Miss Cathy David! 🙂  It was a fun-filled event and the location was at Kidzania in BGC.

There were so many activities for the kids 🙂  Damien made a bracelet using old t-shirt cloth and also decorated pots for his very own plant.  I loved how H&M made the kids aware of recycling and green living.

After the activities, the kids could freely roam around Kidzania.  I was NOT expecting it to be like this at all.  I really thought it was just a huge playground where the kids can just play in different make believe shops, hospitals, etc.  Oh it was so much MORE than just that.

Before we entered Kidzania, Damien was already given a check from BPI for 50 Kidzos (the currency used in Kidzania).  He encashed it and now he has 50 Kidzos in his hands to be budgeted wisely.  Haha!


So apparently, the kids need to “work” to be given a salary! OMG. How fun is that??? For Damien’s first job, he chose to work at the Holiday Inn.  He was given a choice to be part of catering, housekeeping or reception.  Guess what he chose??? HOUSEKEEPING.  LOL!

He was given tasks like put two bottles of mineral water on the table, fold blankets and fix pillows, place slippers by the closet, etc.  Look at him clean up the hotel room so nicely!!!  That’s my boy!!! Oh and parents aren’t allowed inside so I couldn’t coach him much.  Haha!

And so he got his first “sweldo” here.  Hahaha!!! ALIW.

His next job was making burgers in Mcdonald’s.  For some jobs, instead of earning a salary, they have to pay a fee in Kidzos.  I guess it’s because they get to take home the burgers they make.  Look at the kids making their own burgers! So cute!!!

He wanted to be a construction worker next.  I love how the Kidzania staff are so helpful and patient teaching the kids what to do.  They must love kids.

Damien also worked in a Shell Gas Station.

And that ends our first visit to Kidzania… Damien was like “I’ll be back.”


A week after, we came back with his best bud and cousin, Caleb 🙂


Time to go to the bank and encash those precious checks!


For their first job, they decided to work in a pharmaceutical.  Caleb was so excited! 🙂 He told me that this was his favorite!


Then they wanted to be firefighters 🙂  They started off with a brief discussion on what to do when there was a fire.

Suddenly there was a loud alarm!  There was an emergency!!!  So they rode the firetruck and had to extinguish the fire in a hotel! OMG, how exciting!!!  Pati ako nataranta sa fire!!!

CSI was up next.


They were trained to part of KZPD.  Hehe 🙂  It was so cool because while another batch of firefighters were busy with saving the hotel from burning down, they were the cops who kept everyone safe and away from the fire 🙂

This is probably Damien’s favorite establishment… LOL!  The Coca-Cola Bottling Plant. Haha!  They get to bottle their very own Coke bottle 🙂


They also had the chance to work in a hospital…

…and Cebu Pacific as a pilot and flight attendant.  They had a good flight.

Another favorite establishment was LBC.

They had to pick some packages and push a trolley around Kidzania.


The kids also worked in a gym.  And while Damien was on his stationary bicycle, he kept saying, “look at me, Mama, I’m in Electric Studio!” Bwahahahaha!

And finally their shift was almost done.  In Kidzania, there are two shifts.  One is 9am to 2pm and the second shift is 3pm to 8pm 🙂  We did the first shift and when it almost time, they decided that their last activity was going to be dancing in the Kidzania Parade 🙂  Could the costumes be any more colorful??? LOL!


They had to rehearse for the parade and they danced around Kidzania.  I could hear Damien saying before the parade, “This is like the parade in Disneyland!!! This is gonna be EPIC!”  HAHAHA!!! A dream come true… for me 🙂 Haha! My closest friends know that working in Disneyland is my dream job.

And that ends our trip down Kidzania lane. This was probably one of the highlights of the boys’ summer vacation, even mine.  They already go back to school but I’m really so happy I was able to take them to Kidzania together.  Not only did they learn how to be firefighters and pilots but they also learned how to work together, how to accomplish tasks given to them and the value of earning and saving their Kidzos.

How I wish we had something like this when I was a kid.  Although my cousins and I had our own version of Kidzania back then.  Shout out to my cousins, Billie, Crissy and Valerie for playing with me when we were kids.  We also had our own restaurants, bazaars with play money, airplanes, schools, even churches (LOL! Remember the Haw Flakes as “props”???).  So I guess this is the same thing only much much fancier.  Haha!


So grateful for this friendship… More adventures to come, boys.  So much more to come! 🙂





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