Here We Come, 2016! 

2 Jan

       Happy New Year, my dear friends!!! Let us start the year with some of Elvira’s Chicken and Potato Salad. Elvira has been our family cook since I was in grade school. We love her dearly and she makes dishes that always reminds us of HOME.

       Every January 1, we bring this chicken and potato salad to our family reunion. Always a big hit! 😀 Thank you to our dearest Elvira. She is truly family and we’ll always be thankful for her bringing delicious meals to our table and into our hungry tummies every single day 😀🙏


One Response to “Here We Come, 2016! ”

  1. daniellajoe January 3, 2016 at 2:53 am #

    It looks delicious 👌🏼

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