Sun Friend

5 Jul


One evening in Tokyo, our new Japanese friend invited us for drinks in Sol Amigo which means Sun Friend.


This was somewhere in Ueno 🙂


I noticed the Japanese loved Mexican stuff… Food, jewelry and other things 🙂


Meet our new friend, our Sol Amigo, Yoshinori or Rosh 🙂 He is also a silver jewelry designer.   We actually met him when we were at Ameyayokocho.  It’s a really cool place with a lot of silver jewelry, clothes, jeans, etc.  I was able to get me a skull beaded bracelet there and a tote bag 🙂 If you’re in Ameyayokocho, dont’ forget to look for Rosh’s shop! 🙂



Uuuuyyy… I didn’t have coffee that evening.  Para maiba naman… LOL!


Look at that… Dante and Rosh.  Soul Brothers???  Haha! They both have Crow tatto0s!  Isn’t that the coolest thing everrrrr???


Click on this link to check out Rosh’s awesome pieces 🙂


Thanks so much, Rosh, for taking us out that evening! 🙂  It was really great meeting you, our new Sol Amigo! Hehe 🙂


Til we meet again!  For now, see you on Instagram! Haha! 🙂  Follow Rosh at @rosh_silverjewelry 🙂



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