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30 Jul


Another beautiful bride of mine who said “I Do” last March 31, 2013.  Her name is Eva 🙂


She wanted the simplest makeup on her big day, that “no makeup and barely there”  look 🙂 It truly did make her natural beauty shine through 🙂


Hairstyling by the talented, RJ Dela Cruz 🙂


Congratulations again to my dearest Eva! 🙂  It was a pleasure being a part of this memorable day! You looked radiant!!! 🙂


Mehn, I look so fat in this photo. Haha!


My Love for Tote Bags

19 Jul

photo 1

One of our final stops in Tokyo was the Kinokuniya Bookstore.  Since most of the books here were in Japanese, I just walked around, just browsing, not looking for anything in particular.  Then suddenly, I saw this section.  OMG.  Full of super cute magazines WITH tote bags inside!!!  I started getting super excited!!!

And one by one, I checked out the magazines with their corresponding free tote bags.  These magazines, as I was looking through them, were actually different brands of mostly clothes and accessories.  The magazines were like their catalogs for the season. What a brilliant idea!!!  I wish they had these here… or start doing it for fashion brands here in the Philippines! 🙂

photo 2

Most of the ones that I bought were 1,500 Yen.  That’s more or less Php750 each.

The first one I chose was a brand called Malaika.  I love ethnic stuff! 🙂


This was the magazine or catalog for the brand with their 2013 collection.  Pretty cute stuff! 🙂




I love this one.  My favorite among the ones I purchased 🙂


Tried a selfie. LOL!

The second one is from a brand called Earth Music & Ecology.


Super duper cute, too 🙂


And last but not the least, Moomin.  I really liked the character because she looked like the Wicked Witch from Oz, Elphaba, and I love her 🙂


Love the color and design of this one 🙂


I love totes… This last one that I got was not from Kinokuniya but somewhere in Ameyayokocho 🙂 I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford a Chanel bag, so this tote bag will do for now 🙂 Haha! I got this also around the same price, 1500 Yen, I think 🙂


Love my new tote bags.  Love these because they’re shapeless, they’re light, it’s so easy to dump all my things in it! 🙂  I actually wanted to buy more but all I could hear was my husband whispering, “Don’t you have enough totes already?!”  Fine. These four will do… for now 🙂

Have a happy and tote-ful weekend, everyone! 🙂  Message me if you happen to find irresistible totes like these here, please! 🙂

Project: Counting Sheep

10 Jul

photo 1

PROJECT: COUNTING SHEEP.  A project I made especially for a friend’s baby 🙂

photo 2

These are the sheeps’ stuffed bodies and legs.  I love the clean, white yarn.

photo 5

These are the heads. Embroidered an X for their eyes.

photo 3

Perfect material to hang the sheep on the wooden ring. Found this twine in the Wrap Shop in Rockwell. Thanks, Dants, for helping me find this one! It’s perfect.

photo 4

Had to hang the bodies first before attaching the heads. Sounds so morbid. Haha!


Attached some extra yarn above their heads for some sheep bangs. Sheep bangs! Sheep bangs! 🙂


Top shot of my new friends 🙂


Sorry, some of my friends are camera shy 🙂


I was supposed to put a black sheep in the mix. There’s always a black sheep in the family. Haha! But my friend requested for a blue sheep instead 🙂 Hi Blue!


Finally, after weeks of crocheting and assembling, they’re finally ready to meet their new owner! 🙂


I was so bothered by what Dante said regarding the “X” eyes of the sheep. That in cartoons, it means they’re dead.  LOL. Bought some wooden buttons for the eyes right away! I don’t want to give dead sheep!


Now they’re wide-eyed and even cuter. Thanks, Dants! 🙂 (Dante, my fiercest judge. LOL!)

To Margaux, my friend, I hope your son enjoys the company of my little fluffy buddies and will help him sleep more soundly at night 🙂

Sweet dreams 🙂

Sun Friend

5 Jul


One evening in Tokyo, our new Japanese friend invited us for drinks in Sol Amigo which means Sun Friend.


This was somewhere in Ueno 🙂


I noticed the Japanese loved Mexican stuff… Food, jewelry and other things 🙂


Meet our new friend, our Sol Amigo, Yoshinori or Rosh 🙂 He is also a silver jewelry designer.   We actually met him when we were at Ameyayokocho.  It’s a really cool place with a lot of silver jewelry, clothes, jeans, etc.  I was able to get me a skull beaded bracelet there and a tote bag 🙂 If you’re in Ameyayokocho, dont’ forget to look for Rosh’s shop! 🙂



Uuuuyyy… I didn’t have coffee that evening.  Para maiba naman… LOL!


Look at that… Dante and Rosh.  Soul Brothers???  Haha! They both have Crow tatto0s!  Isn’t that the coolest thing everrrrr???


Click on this link to check out Rosh’s awesome pieces 🙂


Thanks so much, Rosh, for taking us out that evening! 🙂  It was really great meeting you, our new Sol Amigo! Hehe 🙂


Til we meet again!  For now, see you on Instagram! Haha! 🙂  Follow Rosh at @rosh_silverjewelry 🙂