Coffee Breaks in Tokyo

29 Jun


For me and my husband, coffee breaks are like pressing the pause button on your DVD player.  Hehe! Time to space out yo! 🙂

I was so glad we were able to drink lots of coffee in Japan this trip.  The last time I was in Japan, I was six months preggers and I couldn’t find any coffee shop that served decaf.  Haha!  I don’t think the Japanese like decaf.  Starbucks had to brew a special cup for me at that time.  I remember having a major breakdown when we couldn’t find a coffee shop that had decaf.  LOL!

But this time around, we drank the strongest, blackest coffee Tokyo could give.  Haha!  Here are some of the cafes we came across during our wandering walks in Tokyo 🙂

Here’s a cafe somewhere in Harajuku…



Enjoying an iced cafe latte and watching the people passing by… 🙂




Was seated beside a cactus.

photo 4

Somewhere in Shimokitazawa… Iced coffee with gum syrup and some milk.

photo 2

Somewhere in Harajuku…  This was a tight one 🙂  We were so close to the people seated at the tables beside us.  Kulang na lang, mainom ko kape nila.  LOL!

photo 5


Somewhere in Shimokitazawa.




Somewhere in Shibuya.

photo 3

This was a cafe called Cafe Moco.  Somewhere near Akihabara.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 3

photo 5

This was my favorite 🙂

photo 2

Happy weekend to you all from us, coffee addicts 🙂

Spend more time in cafes,  space out more,  smile more!  🙂

photo 1


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