Village Vanguard Diner

22 Jun


I am still going through a Tokyo hangover.  After being there for five days, it still wasn’t enough. Haha!

The first place I would like to share with you is Shimokitazawa.  I looooove Shimo!!!  Thanks so much for taking me there, Dante!  (My husband, the best tour guide ever!)

Shimokitazawa is such a charming place with cute stores that sell vintage items, used and unused and other kawaii things!!! 🙂  Will be posting the stores in a separate entry.  Hihi… It’s quite a lot.  But before exploring Shimo inside out, lunch muna!!!


Check out the sign that says: Vilids Varnga:d 🙂 Hehe love the direct translation! 🙂

What I love about travelling with Dante is, anything goes 🙂 We saw a “home made hamburgers” sign outside a resto called Village Vanguard Diner.  Done.  Lunch will be here at “Vilids Varnga!”  🙂


So excited for lunch!  I love these basement establishments.  It looks small from the outside…


But it actually is so spacious! 🙂  I love the diner vibe of this place.






All lunch meals come with a drink 🙂 We chose Iced Coffee.  I must say, they have really good coffee everywhere in Tokyo!


Their menu was inserted in a photo album 🙂


Lots of reading materials.


Dante ordered the Village Vanguard Special.  It had some special sauce inside.



And I had a cheeseburger.  I was tempted to try their specialty, burger with avocados.

But avocados are fattening right??? Haha! AS IF! 🙂  When I’m more adventurous next time 🙂


Even the buns were so good and buttery! I liked Dante’s order better because it was tastier but they were both really really good! 🙂


Time for my Iced Coffee to get me ready for exploring Shimokitazawa!!! That was a winner lunch! 🙂  You must try out their burgers if you’re in the area!  Village Vanguard is located in Setagaya-ku, Daita 6-3-1 B1.

To find out where it is exactly, click HERE for the map 🙂


More of Shimokitazawa to come! 🙂

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