Wicked Emerald Garden

5 Jun


Another random Sunday evening, my husband picked me up from work in Manila, and took me to this place called Emerald Garden for dinner.  Classic, good ol’ Chinese food!


Reminded me of “Wicked”… Emerald City!  Everything was green.  Made me want to sing… “Something has changed within me…” LOL!


They’re apparently known for their siopao but unfortunately, they had none left at that time.  The waiter said the siopao gets sold out in the morning.  So if ever we wanted siopao, we had to come in the morning 🙂  Lesgooooow.  So in the meantime, we just ordered our all-time favorites!  They were all delicious!!!


Emerald Veggies 🙂


Century Egg (P50)


It’s a Coke Zero kind of night.


Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts (P190)


Sweet and Sour Pork (P190)


Yang Chow! 🙂


Winter Melon Soup with Dried Scallops and Black Mushrooms P240


Everything we ordered were the smallest sizes.  But I didn’t expect the servings to be so big! Sulit.  Again, we ordered food good for four people.  Haha! And this is what we always say after over ordering:  “We can always take it home.” which always eventually translates to: “We might as well finish it because this won’t be good anymore when re-heated.” LOL!


This is the perfect Chinese resto for families and big groups.  The restaurant is two floors and the place was packed.  I would definitely want to go back to try their siopao!!! One of these days, I will get up early to eat breakfast in Emerald 🙂 (I can already hear Dante saying… “Yeah, right… wake up early???” Hehe…

Check out their contact details below 🙂



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