The Backstage Pro Kit by Nippon

5 Apr

photo 1

I have always been a user of Nippon Esthetic Solution products 🙂  They are the only ones who have disposable cosmetic tools that I cannot live without.  I used to buy these items separately per pack.  But I was so happy that they now have kits with a complete set of tools you will be needing 🙂

One kit they have now is called, “The Backstage Pro Kit”.  If you’re a professional makeup artist who conducts a lot of makeup workshops or if you do a lot of events and fashion shows, you will find this kit very useful 🙂

photo 2

Inside this kit, there is an artist palette.  Before I used to mix foundations and concealers at the back of my hand, but I noticed I always stain my shirt or whatever the back of my hand accidentally hits.  Haha!  With this palette, all you have to do is place your foundations here and you can mix them with ease, without worrying about getting dirty and you get to mix your foundations and concealers properly.

photo 2

It also comes with a steel spatula.  This tool is very useful to scoop out products that are in tubs and little containers. You may also use to this to mix products such as foundations and concealers.  Even lipsticks, when you want to customize your own color.  Just use the spatula to scoop out the lipsticks you want to combine and mix them on the artist palette 🙂

photo 3

You may use the flat side… it reminds me of a butter knife…

photo 4

Or the more pointed edge to mix products in small bottles 🙂

photo 3

This kit also comes with all these disposable cosmetic tools!!!  I love these so much. For workshops, you may give your students a set of these tools.  They will love it.  Makeup is also very personal so you don’t just dip into another person’s palette or touch them with your fingers.  (A pet peeve of mine.)  It would be great to have these around during your workshops so that if sharing of different makeup products is necessary, they can use these tools 🙂

photo 5

photo 4

Some people have very sensitive eyes. Make sure to use these disposable wands to dip into your mascara.

photo 5

When I do weddings, events or fashion shows, sometimes we have to do makeup on a lot of clients or models and there is absolutely no time to wash those brushes. These will come in handy 🙂

photo 1

I love how fine these eyeliner brushes are 🙂

photo 2

When I do weddings, sometimes the bride doesn’t request me to stay for retouch anymore. So I always give her some lipstick and these disposable lip brushes so she can just retouch whenever she wants.  These are so tiny, they will fit in the smallest purse.

So this is what’s inside  “The Backstage Pro Kit”.  Definitely a must in every professional makeup artist’s kit.

Have a happy Friday, everyone! 🙂  More from Nippon to come! 🙂

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