Romulo Cafe

6 Mar


It was a beautiful Saturday in February and we had another visit from one of my favorite families in the world! 🙂


Mr. and Mrs. Co with the adorable Lil G 🙂

Isabel, my partner in crime, suggested this place called Romulo along 148 Jupiter Street, Makati.  I’ve never eaten there but I noticed their chic black and white interiors from the outside whenever I’d drive by.  She said it’s perfect for big groups and families.  And who doesn’t love Filipino food???


Love their lighting!


Checking out photos of this famous person. Hehe!


Having some dalandan juice.


Oh look who was able to join us!!! The busiest man I know. What an honor! LOL!

Here are the few dishes that we tried out that day.  The appetizers were so yummy!!!


Pinoy Nachos. Kamote and Taro Chips drizzled with melted kesong puti, keso de bola and tomato. (P100)


Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings. Vigan Longganisa and cheese in a lumpia wrapper. (P145)

Now for the main course.  The food was pretty much served the traditional way except maybe the adobo and tokwa’t baboy.


Chicken-Pork Adobo Romulo Style. Twice-cooked chicken and pork with adobo sauce on the side. (P290)

Bagnet Pakbet. Mixed vegetables sauteed in bagoong, topped with bagnet. (P200)


Tinolang Manok. Boiled chicken served in its broth and sayote. (P240)


Garlic Rice. (P55)


Tokwa’t Baboy. Crispy Fried Tofu with grilled kilawing liempo served with a special sauce. (P260)


Beef Kaldereta with keso de bola. Chunks of stewing beef sauteed in olive oil and garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes then slow-cooked in tomato sauce and sprinkled with keso de bola. (P330)

So glad Isabel, too, was able to join us.  Another busy person.  She just came from her morning fitness routine. Hehe 🙂


Coffee for everyone.


Of course, my little boy was with us.  Spacing out again.  But so happy to be with Georgina that day!


I forgot to get the details of these desserts.


This was their version of suman with chocolate.


Turon. Yummy!


It was a great place to catch up with friends and family.  Thanks so much for lunch, Charlie and Gerwin, and for the free installation! Hehe!  Nakakahiya na talaga… You guys are the best!  Can’t wait for your next visit.  Hope all is well 🙂


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