Recovery Food

6 Mar


Last Saturday, after Damien’s Parent-Teacher Conference at the Learning Jungle, my husband and I decided to have brunch before we head out to work that afternoon.  Yes, it was a working Saturday for both of us.

I’ve been hearing a lot about this new restaurant called Recovery Food, same makers of Mamou (one of our favorite restaurants ever).  Saw some pictures on Instagram as well.  We were both curious to try.  So that was our destination that morning! 🙂


So here we are at Recovery Food.  It’s location is at the G/F Crossroads, 32nd Street corner 8th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio.

I wasn’t in need of recovering from anything.  I was just plain hungry. Hehe 🙂


There were these trays with the condiments on each table. It made the place feel homey and very casual.  The great thing about this place is it’s open 24/7!



This was the ceiling. Really nice. Parang spa. LOL!



Our booth had the perfect view of the kitchen.


Here’s my freshly brewed coffee with my iPhone in its new case that I love so much. Hehe Got it in Greenhills for P200! Love Greenhills.

So I ordered Tapa De Morning or more commonly known as tapsilog.

It’s homemade tapa with scrambled or fried egg, ensalada, organic plain rice (brown or white).  The regular bowl costs P180 and P260 for the “Full Recovery”.  I got the FULL.  Don’t judge me 🙂


I chose brown rice.  The tapa was really good.  So flavorful, just the way I like it. It actually reminded me of a Gyudon bowl because of how the beef was cooked.


Dante ordered the S.S.T. or…

Spicy Sweet Tuyo, scrambled or fried egg, additional P35 for Talangka rice (brown or white).  It was P180 for the regular bowl or P280 for “Full Recovery”.  Dante chose FULL as well 🙂  Yes, the couple that eats a lot together stays together.


He chose Talangka rice… (which was sooooo yummy.  Patay!)


…and creamy scrambled eggs 🙂


I really enjoyed our brunch.  It kept me full ’til about 3pm in the afternoon!


We will definitely be back here!  The food we had was great and there’s still so much in the menu that I wanted to try.


Water was served in bottles instead of pitchers. Love it 🙂

One last relaxing moment with my husband before the start of a hectic weekend.  Great start, indeed.



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