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A Quiet Weekend in Tagaytay

29 Mar


One weekend, the Dizons decided to stay in Tagaytay for a night.  Thanks to my mother!  She gave us a gift certificate for an overnight stay in Discovery Country Suites in Tagaytay!


We were checked in at the Ceylon Room 🙂  The one who was most excited was Damien.  He loves to stay in hotels. Haha! (Magastos na bata!)


Our welcome drink! Pineapple juice with mint.  Refreshing 🙂


So happy to see my boy so at home.  First time to wear his Little Rebel sweater, a gift from a friend 🙂  The weather in Tagaytay was nice and cool.  One thing I love about Tagaytay.


When in Tagaytay, we would always go to our favorite place, Bag of Beans.  They have two branches now.  We went to the newer one 🙂  I like it here.


So happy to drink from a Bag of Beans Coffee Mug and we’re actually there 🙂 Bought a new mug to take home. Love their mugs.

I ordered their Mr. Beans Cheeseburger.  Winner.  And my new favorite burger 🙂


And a watermelon shake to pair with my burger! 🙂


The next day, sun was out.  And I had the perfect view while having my morning coffee in Verbena, the restaurant in Discovery Country Suites.


We had complimentary breakfast also together with the overnight stay gift certificate.  Super sulit!


There was table with all kinds of bread, pastries and juices.

Dante ordered the breakfast sampler.  Wow.


And I had bacon, longganisa, three eggs and garlic rice.  Hardcore 🙂


And the little boy had hotdogs, scrambled eggs and garlic rice 🙂


Precious! 🙂 🙂 🙂


After breakfast, we decided to take a dip in their whirlpool.


Checkout time… Huhuhu!  That was quick!  I am going to miss this bed!


Time to go home… 😦  But first, here’s a photo of Dante when he was four years old.  Hahaha!



The drive back home wouldn’t be complete without stopping in Dunkin Donuts for some coffee and donuts, right?


My favorite donut of all time, strawberry kreme filled!!! 🙂 Their coffee is also great!

I wish we could do this every weekend!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Good Friday wherever you are today 🙂


Oh Happy Day!

13 Mar


It was the 5th of January, 2013.  My very first wedding of the year.


In one of my favorite hotels, Manila Hotel.

I met Trisha exactly a year before her wedding and I couldn’t believe how a year can go by so quickly.  Trisha wanted something simple, very clean and natural for her bridal hair and makeup.  She was already beautiful without makeup and I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable by doing anything smoky or too dramatic that will change her features 🙂




Chicken Nuggets before leaving for the Church 🙂 hehe!


I also had the privilege of doing makeup on Trisha’s equally gorgeous sisters, Felicity and Valerie 🙂


My partner for the wedding was the talented RJ Dela Cruz 🙂  I super loved what he did to Felicity’s hair.  Check out the loose braids in an updo! Perfect hairstyle for the Maid of Honor 🙂



Such a pleasure meeting this wonderful family, the Tans.  They’re just like one big barkada, what a family should really be.  Congratulations again, Trisha!  This was truly a very happy day! 🙂


El Chupacabra by Mexicali

8 Mar


One random rainy evening, my husband took me and my son to this Mexican restaurant that’s somewhere in the streets of Makati 🙂  It’s called El Chupacabra by the same makers of Mexicali.  I’ve really learned to love Mexican food because of Dante.  But when I heard that they had sisig, I was even more excited! I love sisig… all kinds of sisig! 🙂


My son, so busy and cannot be distracted. LOL!

I am really so bad at directions and I can’t even explain to you guys how to get there. Haha! Here’s the address and I’m sure you’ll find your way.  It’s on the G/F of the JVR Building on 5782 Felipe Street, Bel-Air, Makati City.


He’s glued to the iPad! Hay! He’s playing his favorite game Angry Birds Star Wars and recently unlocked the levels… Intense.

El Chupacabra’s menu is simple. They are known for their street tacos which I have to try next time.


But we decided to get cheese and beef quesadillas hoping that Damien would think they are slices of pizza.  He’s a very picky eater.  The quesadillas were YUMMY!!! 🙂  love the cheese, love the beef, love the sidings/sauces, love everything!  Unfortunately, Damien went on with his games and realized that this wasn’t pizza at all. Haha!


Second thing we ordered was their sisig.  It wasn’t made of the usual parts like pig’s ears, etc.  I think they used pork back that’s why it was much leaner and less fatty 🙂  It was very, very good.  We actually ordered another one of these after swallowing the first one in minutes. Hehe…


We ordered some soft tortillas so that we could have sisig tacos 🙂  With a drizzle of some hot sauce, OMG.  That’s all I can say.



Finally, after a long discussion of what Damien wanted to eat, we finally found something that he liked.  Mexican Rice 🙂 Haha!


Thanks for taking me here, Dants! WHEN DO WE GO BACK?  I want my sisig tacos!!! 🙂


Recovery Food

6 Mar


Last Saturday, after Damien’s Parent-Teacher Conference at the Learning Jungle, my husband and I decided to have brunch before we head out to work that afternoon.  Yes, it was a working Saturday for both of us.

I’ve been hearing a lot about this new restaurant called Recovery Food, same makers of Mamou (one of our favorite restaurants ever).  Saw some pictures on Instagram as well.  We were both curious to try.  So that was our destination that morning! 🙂


So here we are at Recovery Food.  It’s location is at the G/F Crossroads, 32nd Street corner 8th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio.

I wasn’t in need of recovering from anything.  I was just plain hungry. Hehe 🙂


There were these trays with the condiments on each table. It made the place feel homey and very casual.  The great thing about this place is it’s open 24/7!



This was the ceiling. Really nice. Parang spa. LOL!



Our booth had the perfect view of the kitchen.


Here’s my freshly brewed coffee with my iPhone in its new case that I love so much. Hehe Got it in Greenhills for P200! Love Greenhills.

So I ordered Tapa De Morning or more commonly known as tapsilog.

It’s homemade tapa with scrambled or fried egg, ensalada, organic plain rice (brown or white).  The regular bowl costs P180 and P260 for the “Full Recovery”.  I got the FULL.  Don’t judge me 🙂


I chose brown rice.  The tapa was really good.  So flavorful, just the way I like it. It actually reminded me of a Gyudon bowl because of how the beef was cooked.


Dante ordered the S.S.T. or…

Spicy Sweet Tuyo, scrambled or fried egg, additional P35 for Talangka rice (brown or white).  It was P180 for the regular bowl or P280 for “Full Recovery”.  Dante chose FULL as well 🙂  Yes, the couple that eats a lot together stays together.


He chose Talangka rice… (which was sooooo yummy.  Patay!)


…and creamy scrambled eggs 🙂


I really enjoyed our brunch.  It kept me full ’til about 3pm in the afternoon!


We will definitely be back here!  The food we had was great and there’s still so much in the menu that I wanted to try.


Water was served in bottles instead of pitchers. Love it 🙂

One last relaxing moment with my husband before the start of a hectic weekend.  Great start, indeed.


Romulo Cafe

6 Mar


It was a beautiful Saturday in February and we had another visit from one of my favorite families in the world! 🙂


Mr. and Mrs. Co with the adorable Lil G 🙂

Isabel, my partner in crime, suggested this place called Romulo along 148 Jupiter Street, Makati.  I’ve never eaten there but I noticed their chic black and white interiors from the outside whenever I’d drive by.  She said it’s perfect for big groups and families.  And who doesn’t love Filipino food???


Love their lighting!


Checking out photos of this famous person. Hehe!


Having some dalandan juice.


Oh look who was able to join us!!! The busiest man I know. What an honor! LOL!

Here are the few dishes that we tried out that day.  The appetizers were so yummy!!!


Pinoy Nachos. Kamote and Taro Chips drizzled with melted kesong puti, keso de bola and tomato. (P100)


Cheese and Vigan Longganisa Dumplings. Vigan Longganisa and cheese in a lumpia wrapper. (P145)

Now for the main course.  The food was pretty much served the traditional way except maybe the adobo and tokwa’t baboy.


Chicken-Pork Adobo Romulo Style. Twice-cooked chicken and pork with adobo sauce on the side. (P290)

Bagnet Pakbet. Mixed vegetables sauteed in bagoong, topped with bagnet. (P200)


Tinolang Manok. Boiled chicken served in its broth and sayote. (P240)


Garlic Rice. (P55)


Tokwa’t Baboy. Crispy Fried Tofu with grilled kilawing liempo served with a special sauce. (P260)


Beef Kaldereta with keso de bola. Chunks of stewing beef sauteed in olive oil and garlic, onions, carrots, potatoes then slow-cooked in tomato sauce and sprinkled with keso de bola. (P330)

So glad Isabel, too, was able to join us.  Another busy person.  She just came from her morning fitness routine. Hehe 🙂


Coffee for everyone.


Of course, my little boy was with us.  Spacing out again.  But so happy to be with Georgina that day!


I forgot to get the details of these desserts.


This was their version of suman with chocolate.


Turon. Yummy!


It was a great place to catch up with friends and family.  Thanks so much for lunch, Charlie and Gerwin, and for the free installation! Hehe!  Nakakahiya na talaga… You guys are the best!  Can’t wait for your next visit.  Hope all is well 🙂

What’s New With Shu?

4 Mar


I just wanted to share with you all what’s new with my favorite cosmetics brand, Shu Uemura 🙂  It has always been my favorite brand and I’m so happy to be part of the Shu Team here in the Philippines.

Here are a few brand new products that are out now at stores. Check them out!

First is the Dual Fit Pressed Powder.


It comes with this awesome angled brush perfect for retouching throughout the day.


This pressed powder comes in three shades and each pressed powder refill comes with two different types of powder.  The powder on the right side is for anti-shine, ideal for the T-zone, and the powder on the left is for the dry areas of the skin, which is normally the cheek area.






Light Purple.

Shu Uemura also has three new shades for their Face Architect Smooth Fit Fluid Foundation.  Achieve a flawless, healthy glow and dewy finish with these foundations 🙂



New lippies and glosses from the Unmask Collection.





I am obsessed with the soft orange glow on right now 🙂  I have always been a blushing pink type of girl but when I tried using the glow on with orange hues on my clients, it just looks stunning.


New lip pencils and eye pencils.  These eye pencils can also be used as an eyeshadow when smudged and blended 🙂


Watch out for more.  I will always keep you guys and gals updated with what’s new with SHU! 🙂

Have a great and colorful week, everyone! Face the world with a smile and put on some lipstick.

Makes a whole lot of difference 🙂