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Stella and My Gals

28 Jan


Hooray!!!  Another reason to dine with friends 🙂  One of my bestfriends, Dom, is in town for a few days! And of course, an evening of food and chitchat is a must! Nani, Dom’s lovely cousin, visiting from Spain joined the gang! Did I just say gang?!?! LOL!


We wanted Dom and Nani to see this new side of Bonifacio High Street.  The chosen resto for the evening was Stella.

I heard that they were known for their wood fired pizzas.  We ordered the Fire Roasted Truffled Mushroom Pizza (P350). The pizza was stuffed with mushrooms.  Yum 🙂


For our pasta, we ordered the Roasted Seafood Firecracker Fusili.  It had spicy olive and sundried tomato cream, dried chilies, fire roasted seafood, fresh herbs and Malagos ricotta (P395).  I liked this dish very much 🙂


And now for the bellies… Beef Belly.


And Pork Belly.  My friends and I just LOVE meat bellies.  Hehe!


I ordered a Lemonade Sparkler (P110) and I chose the Berry flavored one.  I really liked this drink.  I wanted to order another one actually.  Hehe  But was saving my stomach for some coffee, of course.


There’s always room for dessert.   A slice of salted caramel chocolate cake…


A four layer red velvet cake…


And the highlight of the meal… Stella’s Wood Fired Chocolate Almond Cookie Dough (P195) with salted caramel, rosemary pistachios topped with Mantecado ice cream.  Wow.


It was warm and chewy… the perfect bite right there.


A great place to spend the evening with my best gals.  Til we meet and eat again, Dom and Nani!  I’m still saving up for that trip to China and Madrid, where Dom will be my translator in both places. LOL! 🙂

Although it was brief, hope you had a wonderful time, Dom and Nani! 🙂



Glazed in Maple and Song

25 Jan


One Saturday evening after my weekly Saturday mass “gigs” at the park, (yes, I still play the guitar and sing for the Dasma Youth Choir. Hehehe… About 14 years now!) some of my closest friends in the choir decided to have dinner together.  Especially since, Matthew, our talented violinist, was only here in Manila for a few days.  He is now based in Japan.  Boohoo!!! 😦

We decided to eat somewhere nearby.  We chose Maple located at the 2nd Floor of the San Antonio Plaza Arcade, across the San Antonio Church in Forbes Park, Makati 🙂


I literally grew up with these guys.  I knew them since they were young and innocent.  Well, they are still very young… Innocent?  A lot has changed, right, Matthew? HAHAHA! Just kidding 🙂  It was our very first time to share a bottle of wine together.  A very grown up dinner indeed! Haha! 🙂


Meet my friends, Chris and Marco 🙂  (You’re so “bagay”.  I always tell them. Hehe!)  Chris, has the most beautiful voice.  And every time she sings with us at the choir, it’s like God sending us an Angel 🙂


I was starving from our “performance”. LOL! So thank God for these starters!


Chili Fries (P225) “Natural-cut fries topped with chili con carne, cheese sauce, jalapeno peppers, scallions and grated cheddar cheese.”


New England Clam Chowder (P250). “A creamy and hearty soup with potatoes, clams and bacon, served with a toasted garlic baguette.”

According to the menu, this was one of their specialties… the Eggs Benedict 🙂


Eggs Benedict (P315) “A Maple Signature topped with Canadian Bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce served with crunchy country fries.”

Was very tempted to order the Eggs Benedict but I decided to go for the burger!  Oh yeah! 🙂 And I was so glad I did.


The Maple Burger (P475) “A juicy grilled beef patty, topped with American cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, deep fried onion rings and bacon with a side of Bistro fries.”


The beef patty was soft and juicy, just the way I like it! Winner dinner.  Loved the burger.  Definitely a must-try!  And if my taste buds were right, the bacon was glazed in maple syrup.  Even the bun was delicious.

Here’s a closer look at the Maple Burger:


So fun catching up with you guys again!  And not just discussing what songs to sing for offertory and communion.  LOL!  I still can’t believe that you guys are all grown up now! Haha!  But I’m so grateful that one thing has always been constant among us no matter what… 6PM Saturday Mass at the Dasma Park 🙂


Marco, Chris, Matthew, Chrissie and Me 🙂

O tanjō-bi omedetōgozaimasu, Isabel!

23 Jan


Isabel and I LOVE Japanese food 🙂 Isabel is one of my best friends from High School and she’s our head receptionist at our little nail salon. Haha!  She celebrated her birthday last month and I was so glad she picked Mangetsu for her birthday lunch! 🙂


Mangetsu is located at 38 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati.


Prepping my plate and chopsticks for the awesome lunch ahead.

First things first… The rolls.


Spicy Tuna Maki. My favorite sushi 🙂 (P250/150)


California Maki. (P250/150)


A tall glass of iced tea. That’s Mr. and Mrs. Manguiat in the background enjoying the food 🙂

Check out Isabel’s newly painted nails using Orly’s Naughty or Nice Collection.

(Available at Belle & Cat. LOL!  Shameless plug!)



Gyu-Sara. Simmered beef in soy sauce, mirin and dashi. (P295)


Mozzarella Cheese Risotto. An Italian-inspired rice dish (P260). This is Isabel’s favorite. I wouldn’t have ordered this normally. I found this combi to be a bit strange. But OMG. LOVED IT.


Japanese Fried Rice. My all-time favorite. But the cheese risotto won that day! 🙂


Prawn Tempura with salt and tempura dipping sauce. (P450)


Sauteed Eggplants and Beef. Red Miso Flavor. (P320) I love eggplant and beef together 🙂


Karaage Chicken Thighs with 3 Kinds of Salt. (P380). One of my favorite dishes in Mangetsu 🙂


Pork Tonkatsu. Gosh, I didn’t realize we ordered so much. Haha!

Meet my friends, Claudette, Angela and Bastie 🙂  Love these guys!

They don’t judge me by the amount of food that’s on my plate. LOL!



Every time I eat with these guys, we have a feast!  Always ordering too much but… the more the merrier! 🙂

 Thank you for an awesome lunch, Isabel! ‘Til the next banquet 🙂

A Bright Sunshine-y Day with Ces

9 Jan


It was a bright and sunny day on the 30th of November, 2012.  One of my beautiful brides was getting married that afternoon.    The wedding preps were held in Sofitel, Manila.  I really love the view of Manila Bay from this hotel.  And the warmth of the sun just made it more beautiful.


Her name was Ces 🙂


What a gorgeous bouquet!

Ces was such a pleasure to work with 🙂  Such a genuine person and her family was so warm and made the atmosphere a happy one.  And she’s an Assumptionista, just like me! Hehe…


She just wanted a very simple and elegant look for her hair and makeup  🙂  Here is Ces getting ready to leave for the Church.



It was so nice meeting Ces’ wonderful family especially her lovely sisters and mom 🙂


Hair and Makeup of Ces’ sisters were also done by Miss Helen and yours truly 🙂

Here is Ces being photographed by Wally Gonzales 🙂


Final touches by the very talented, Miss Helen Egan, from L’oreal Professionel 🙂


I apologize for this super late post but I will never forget Ces and her family. Thank you, Ces, for making us part of your big day!  I’m always grateful for that chance.

All the best to the newly weds! 🙂

To A Wonder-Full and Crafty 2013

4 Jan


Say hello to my latest handmade creation 🙂


I had a request from two friends to make a Wonder Woman doll.  I really had fun making this!  Out of all the dolls I’ve made, Wonder Woman had the most embellishments and accessories.  Hehe Of course, she IS Wonder Woman!


I always make sure I have a “copy” of all the dolls I’ve made.  So I won’t feel so bad when I’d have to part with them. So here are the three unfinished Wonder Woman dolls, two for my dear friends and one for dear me 🙂


Getting ready to give them to their new owners.


Wonder Woman #1 is now the guardian of Sunny and Portia’s car 🙂 Wonder Woman #2 is waiting for you, Claire 🙂


I love this girl!  She is my favorite 🙂


This year is going to be the time I will concentrate on being a dollmaker 🙂 Watch out for more of my little super friends coming up!  To my friends who have pending requests and haven’t gotten their dolls yet, please do not worry.  I haven’t forgotten… They’re still in my little factory ready to come to life.  I wish I had more hands! 🙂

I am so excited for 2013.  This hooker is going to be busy! 🙂 Have a WONDER-FULL new year, everyone! 🙂