Table for Three at Shi Lin

17 Dec


Saturday nights are usually the Dizons’ night out.  For this particular Saturday evening, our little boy, when asked what he wanted to eat, requested for Chinese.  So off to a Chinese restaurant we go! 🙂

Powerplant Mall in Rockwell is like our second home.  We love hanging out there.  Super chill lang 🙂   And now here’s another reason why we will always keep coming back to Rockwell…

A new discovery: Shi Lin!  Super love!  Affordable pa 🙂


I liked their Organic Teas very much!!! A break from all the Nestea! Hehe I had the Tropical Plumberry.  Very refreshing.


Organic Iced Teas: Passion Berry (P60) and Tropical Plumberry (P60)

Another favorite dish of mine!  I had to order as soon as I saw it on the menu!  My Century Egg!!!


Century Egg with Bonito Flakes (P95)

While waiting for the rest of our food, I read the directions on how to eat Xia Long Bao.


Time to follow the instructions!


Xiao Long Bao 6pcs (P138)

Then the rest of our orders kept coming.  I love flavorful dishes and this pork chop needed a little bit of help 🙂  I poured some of the sauce of the Spicy Vegetables and Pork Wonton on the pork chop.  It was a good combination!


Fried Rice with Pork Chop and Egg (P195)

This spicy wonton was my favorite among all that we ordered.  Oh and of course the Xiao Long Bao and Century Egg…


Spicy Vegetables and Pork Wonton 6pcs (P118)

The fried rice was Damien’s favorite.


Fried Rice with Shredded Pork and Egg (P98)

This fluffy cheesecake naman was Dante’s favorite. Haha!


Shi Lin Cheese Cake (P105)

And I loved it, too!  Here’s the cake after thirty seconds… Haha! Just kidding.  May mamon factor siya.  But it’s richer and cheesier 🙂 YUM!!!


The “jahe” piece.  Always the last thing left on the table and then eventually disappears 🙂


And lastly, Hot Almond Cream with Sesame Balls!  SARAAAP.

I love almond jelly, almond lotion, almond anything.  And this dessert tops all the almond anything!!! This is my new favorite almond dessert.  And it came with a sesame ball.  I didn’t know what to expect when I sliced this sesame ball! LOL!


Hot Almond Cream with Sesame Balls (P105)

This dark and pasty liquid oozed out.  I know it doesn’t look that great and appetizing but believe me, this dark thing plus the white almond cream = 🙂


Sobra kaming natuwa!  It was a great meal and the price was so reasonable.  We’ll probably be here again during the Christmas break.  See you guys there, right, little Jedi? 🙂


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