A Whole New Ramen World

9 Dec


Finally after days of not seeing each other, my husband and I finally had time to have a meal together again.  This was about 6pm.  Dante, still exhausted from his more than 24-hour shoot the day before, woke up starving! 🙂

My friend, Isabel, recently told me about this new ramen place.  She mentioned that there was this cheese ramen thing.  I found it really weird but weird is good 🙂  I have learned to love ramen so I suggested we go to Mitsuyado Sei-Men for an early dinner.  Dante did not think twice 🙂


Mitsuyado Sei-Men is located at Jupiter Street, Makati 🙂


I really liked the interiors of the place.  It was like entering a little Japanese town or village.  I love it when people try to imitate real places.  Love fake worlds 🙂


Busing-busy ang date ko! 🙂


The place was quite big.



Time to choose my ramen 🙂


But first, some Chicken Karaage! YUUUUM! Nice and crispy! 🙂


Chicken Karaage (P190)

I kind of played it safe and ordered the Jumbo Char-Siu Tsukemen.  I’ve never tried Tsukemen before which apparently means dipping noodles.  I’m so used to the noodles and soup together. Hehe But I like this dipping idea 🙂


Jumbo Char-Siu Tsukemen (P320).  This is the regular serving. They also have the jumbo order (P360). I wonder how big that is! This was pretty filling already.

The noodles were thick and I like them not al dente.


The pork was really good! And the dipping soup was very tasty and rich, just the way I like it!  I enjoyed dipping the noodles in the soup.  Fun! Haha!


Dante was the more adventurous one and he ordered the Cheese Sauce Tsukemen, their specialty dish 🙂


Cheese Sauce Tsukemen (P310 for regular serving and P350 for the jumbo)

We really didn’t know what to do. Haha! So we asked the waitress for help 🙂


That’s a lot of cheese!


So we followed the waitress’ three simple steps (“That’s all you need” -Agent Oso)





The noodles with the cheese reminded me of the classic mac ‘n cheese.  Hehe!  Very interesting taste!  Never thought cheese would go with ramen.  But I did prefer my simpler Tsukemen with the Char-Siu 🙂

It was a whole new ramen experience for me! The “dipping-dipping” was enjoyable. Haha! When you do visit Mitsuyado, make sure to go a little early because I heard it gets really packed in the evening 🙂

Masaya siya! Enjoy!

Have a great Sunday everyone!  There’s still so much to do, so much to see and so much more to eat! 🙂


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