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Happy Holidays from My Stomach to Yours!

30 Dec


This post is a series of four different parties, four different family gatherings, four different set of meals within three days.  I just wanted to share with you all what I’ve been eating this holiday season.  I’ve been wearing all my stretchy pants lately to give room for all of this!

I’m sure you all have been running from one house to another to celebrate with different families, just like us!  I’m exhausted from all the eating, laughing and catching up.  And let me tell you, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! 🙂

First party was at Binan, Laguna.  Hometown of Dante’s Mom, December 23, 2012, 12PM.


What’s up with these hats?!?! 🙂 They used to hate putting stuff on their heads. Haha!

It’s always fiesta in Binan!  Whether it’s Christmas or not but this Christmas Party tops all the parties in Laguna! Check out this awesome spread of Filipino dishes especially prepared by my cousin-in-law, Chef Tori, and her family 🙂 GREAT JOB!!!  Pwede nang magtayo ng Filipino restaurant 🙂




Love the decor on the buffet table 🙂


Aside from the great home-cooked meal, another favorite part of mine during Christmas gatherings is giving of presents especially to the kids 🙂


Damien and cousin, Ryla.

One of Damien’s presents.  Some chicks! 🙂


Party Number Two is our annual Christmas dinner with the Cantadas 🙂


Yummy Sangria 🙂


My parents and Damien’s favorite friend, Greggy (Peter Parker) and cousin Yankee.

Sushi is a staple c/o my Tito Boy 🙂


Food was catered by Le Soto 🙂




Potluck desserts 🙂



It’s so hard to take a decent photo of kids! Haha! Look at this bunch! What a riot! Love these kids!

Party Number Three or Noche Buena was spent with my in-laws at the South.  After the 10PM Christmas Eve Mass we headed straight to Mama Uchie’s home.  Wake up, guys!!! 🙂


Ate Grace and Caleb 🙂

Another yummy home-cooked meal by Mama Uchie 🙂  Lumpia was neatly wrapped by Ate Grace! Hehe My favorite callos and lengua evaaaar!!




The boys watching Disney Junior with Papa Dante. Wow! Ang babait!

Party Number Four and the last of the Christmas Pig Out series, Christmas Day Lunch with my Mom’s family 🙂


With my cousins, Billy and Welt, and my goddaughter, Zoie 🙂

Potluck lunch!  Every year, each family brings a dish.



This is our dish every year! Baked Beef Lasagna, cooked by our very own, Elvira!  Ubos kaagad! 🙂


And this, I look forward to every year… Balut!!! I had two of these.  And for the first time in my life, I ate the sisiw! Sarap pala… Haha! I only just eat the yellow part.  Maybe it’s because I ate it with a teaspoon.  The way Dante eats it. *Wink*




After four hardcore meals, four reunions, na-low batt na rin si Damien. Hehe

This is our usual Christmas line-up every year for the past four years.  Some of you may have more gatherings or less.  It doesn’t really matter how many as long as we’re with our family.  I will always look forward to this chaotic season, my favorite part of the year! 🙂

Before the year ends, I would just like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from my family to yours! From my stomach to yours! 🙂



Table for Three at Shi Lin

17 Dec


Saturday nights are usually the Dizons’ night out.  For this particular Saturday evening, our little boy, when asked what he wanted to eat, requested for Chinese.  So off to a Chinese restaurant we go! 🙂

Powerplant Mall in Rockwell is like our second home.  We love hanging out there.  Super chill lang 🙂   And now here’s another reason why we will always keep coming back to Rockwell…

A new discovery: Shi Lin!  Super love!  Affordable pa 🙂


I liked their Organic Teas very much!!! A break from all the Nestea! Hehe I had the Tropical Plumberry.  Very refreshing.


Organic Iced Teas: Passion Berry (P60) and Tropical Plumberry (P60)

Another favorite dish of mine!  I had to order as soon as I saw it on the menu!  My Century Egg!!!


Century Egg with Bonito Flakes (P95)

While waiting for the rest of our food, I read the directions on how to eat Xia Long Bao.


Time to follow the instructions!


Xiao Long Bao 6pcs (P138)

Then the rest of our orders kept coming.  I love flavorful dishes and this pork chop needed a little bit of help 🙂  I poured some of the sauce of the Spicy Vegetables and Pork Wonton on the pork chop.  It was a good combination!


Fried Rice with Pork Chop and Egg (P195)

This spicy wonton was my favorite among all that we ordered.  Oh and of course the Xiao Long Bao and Century Egg…


Spicy Vegetables and Pork Wonton 6pcs (P118)

The fried rice was Damien’s favorite.


Fried Rice with Shredded Pork and Egg (P98)

This fluffy cheesecake naman was Dante’s favorite. Haha!


Shi Lin Cheese Cake (P105)

And I loved it, too!  Here’s the cake after thirty seconds… Haha! Just kidding.  May mamon factor siya.  But it’s richer and cheesier 🙂 YUM!!!


The “jahe” piece.  Always the last thing left on the table and then eventually disappears 🙂


And lastly, Hot Almond Cream with Sesame Balls!  SARAAAP.

I love almond jelly, almond lotion, almond anything.  And this dessert tops all the almond anything!!! This is my new favorite almond dessert.  And it came with a sesame ball.  I didn’t know what to expect when I sliced this sesame ball! LOL!


Hot Almond Cream with Sesame Balls (P105)

This dark and pasty liquid oozed out.  I know it doesn’t look that great and appetizing but believe me, this dark thing plus the white almond cream = 🙂


Sobra kaming natuwa!  It was a great meal and the price was so reasonable.  We’ll probably be here again during the Christmas break.  See you guys there, right, little Jedi? 🙂


A Whole New Ramen World

9 Dec


Finally after days of not seeing each other, my husband and I finally had time to have a meal together again.  This was about 6pm.  Dante, still exhausted from his more than 24-hour shoot the day before, woke up starving! 🙂

My friend, Isabel, recently told me about this new ramen place.  She mentioned that there was this cheese ramen thing.  I found it really weird but weird is good 🙂  I have learned to love ramen so I suggested we go to Mitsuyado Sei-Men for an early dinner.  Dante did not think twice 🙂


Mitsuyado Sei-Men is located at Jupiter Street, Makati 🙂


I really liked the interiors of the place.  It was like entering a little Japanese town or village.  I love it when people try to imitate real places.  Love fake worlds 🙂


Busing-busy ang date ko! 🙂


The place was quite big.



Time to choose my ramen 🙂


But first, some Chicken Karaage! YUUUUM! Nice and crispy! 🙂


Chicken Karaage (P190)

I kind of played it safe and ordered the Jumbo Char-Siu Tsukemen.  I’ve never tried Tsukemen before which apparently means dipping noodles.  I’m so used to the noodles and soup together. Hehe But I like this dipping idea 🙂


Jumbo Char-Siu Tsukemen (P320).  This is the regular serving. They also have the jumbo order (P360). I wonder how big that is! This was pretty filling already.

The noodles were thick and I like them not al dente.


The pork was really good! And the dipping soup was very tasty and rich, just the way I like it!  I enjoyed dipping the noodles in the soup.  Fun! Haha!


Dante was the more adventurous one and he ordered the Cheese Sauce Tsukemen, their specialty dish 🙂


Cheese Sauce Tsukemen (P310 for regular serving and P350 for the jumbo)

We really didn’t know what to do. Haha! So we asked the waitress for help 🙂


That’s a lot of cheese!


So we followed the waitress’ three simple steps (“That’s all you need” -Agent Oso)





The noodles with the cheese reminded me of the classic mac ‘n cheese.  Hehe!  Very interesting taste!  Never thought cheese would go with ramen.  But I did prefer my simpler Tsukemen with the Char-Siu 🙂

It was a whole new ramen experience for me! The “dipping-dipping” was enjoyable. Haha! When you do visit Mitsuyado, make sure to go a little early because I heard it gets really packed in the evening 🙂

Masaya siya! Enjoy!

Have a great Sunday everyone!  There’s still so much to do, so much to see and so much more to eat! 🙂

A Breath of Fresh Air

5 Dec


Stunning view from Woodlands, Tagaytay Highlands, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

With a view like that, who wouldn’t be inspired to work that day?! 🙂


The freshest air…


That beautiful Saturday was last November 24, 2012.  And another bride was going to say, I do.


Mai, you’re so thoughtful! Special gifts for being part of the Mai and Vince’s Wedding Team 🙂 Thank you so much for the goodies, Mai!

It was Mai’s BIG DAY! Weather was perfect, the day was perfect and the bride was perfect!


Gorgeous wedding gown by Kristel Yulo.

Mai was such a breath of fresh air!



Mai’s hair was styled by the talented, Bea Misa.


Mai’s whole family was so warm and welcoming!  Love them!

Here is Sophie and Mrs. Estrella, Mai’s sisters! “Where’s Mai’s mom???” (Hehehe…)


An effortless bride was Mai.  She looked AMAZING.


Thank you, Mai, for making us your glam team on your wedding day! 🙂


Congratulations to you and Vince and best wishes!

I really hope to bump into you guys soon so I can finally meet your groom, I mean husband!

Thank you, Mai and Vince 🙂


Thursday is the New Sunday

1 Dec

Ever since my brother started working at Academy of Rock as a drum teacher, we hardly see each other anymore.  He now works everyday except Thursdays.  So we now make sure to have lunch every Thursday with our parents 🙂

For two consecutive Thursdays, we have been eating at our favorite resto at the moment.  Lugang Cafe.  My mom says it’s pronounced as Lu-Kang.  We go to the nearer branch from us which is Greenhills.  And since my mom is a Metrobank Card Holder (Platinum, Gold or whatever that card color is… LOL!), we get a 50% discount from our total bill!!! 🙂  What a really great deal!

So these past two Thursdays have been Lugang Cafe Thursdays! 🙂

Check out what we ordered the first Thursday…

Aloe Jelly in Honey Lemon Juice (P130) and Iced Fruit Tea (P130)

Watermelon with Coconut Milk and Sago (P120)

Steamed Xiao Long Bao (P228).  A must.

Crispy Chicken 1/2.  Forgot the price of this one…

Eggplant with Minced Pork in Clay Pot (P280). This is my personal favorite! 🙂

Mayonnaise Prawns (P680).  And this is Chris’ favorite 🙂

Dong Bo Pork Belly with Steamed Buns (P420).  This was everyone’s favorite!!! 🙂

Stuff that pork in the bun!!! YUM…

Here’s my bro, Chris 🙂

And the coolest parents ever! 🙂

LUGANG CAFE LUNCH.  Week 2. Haha!  Check out the repeat orders…

Of course, Xiao Long Bao.  Never leave Lugang without it.

My turn to try the Aloe Jelly with Honey Lemon Juice.  Love it!  Refreshing beverage 🙂

Mom tried the Coffee Jelly.

Chris’ request was the Taro Spareribs Casserole.  Hmm.. I still prefer Taro only in Ice Blended Tea Drinks. Haha!

Taro Spareribs Casserole P380

Pineapple Fried Rice (P290)

We actually got to Lugang Cafe a bit late the second Thursday and there were lots of dishes that were unavailable already.  So we ended up getting a classic favorite:  Sweet and Sour Pork! Can’t go wrong with that 🙂

Sweet and Sour Pork (P290)

It was the Xiao Long Bao and the Mayonnaise Prawns that we just had to order again 🙂

Mayonnaise Prawns, the repeat! 🙂

These scallops were pretty good, too.

Steamed Scallop with Garlic Vermicelli (P480)

I would definitely go back and pay full price for a meal in Lugang Cafe! Probably wouldn’t order as much as we did though. Haha! 🙂 But the food and service were excellent.  Even if they were super packed, food came out fast and the staff were very efficient and non-stressful at all 🙂

Watch out where we will be next Thursday! 🙂

HOLY MAMA!  I just checked out Lugang Cafe’s Facebook Page and their Metrobank Promo has been extended guys!!! December 1-15, 2012 and January 2-16, 2013!!!! Paging Chris, Dora and Raul Cantada! PAGING! PAGING!!!

This post is especially dedicated to my older brother, Ochie! 🙂 We await your return! Haha!