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Write Here Write Now By AA

26 Nov

I just wanted to congratulate one of my dearest friends, AA Patawaran, for finally launching his book,

“Write Here Write Now”.

The book launch was held in Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4.

I haven’t seen Arnel in such a long time and I couldn’t wait to see him! So when I was about to line up to greet him, the usher told me to get a number.  Gasp! I’m number 125! Was so excited pa naman to run up to Arnel! LOL! But I waited for my turn like a good girl 🙂

My one and only date this evening and all evenings 🙂 Naks.  Hehe…

While I was waiting to have my book signed by the rockstar author, I was enjoying their sweets and shots. Hehe!

And enjoying the company of dear old friends just like the good ol’ days, says Hector from Sense & Style Magazine 🙂

With the super talented photographer and friend, Mitch Mauricio 🙂

Was so excited to finally say hello to AA! 🙂 Arnel is actually our Ninong at our wedding and has remained the giver of the wisest advice especially when it comes to raising our son! Hehe 🙂 Yey!  It’s almost our turn! Couldn’t wait to give Arnel a big hug!

Arnel and I have been friends ever since I started out as a professional makeup artist.  Almost all of my favorite and most memorable photo shoots were done for Sense & Style Magazine, together with the awesome team, Hector, Guada, Krizette, Nicole, Jerry, etc! I miss those days!!! 🙂  And ever since then, we remained really good friends!

To our dearest Ninong and friend, CONGRATULATIONS on your book! Cannot wait to start reading it!  I know it will help me express myself better through words.  I am not a writer but I consider myself a storyteller.  (Sana lang tama lahat ng grammar ko sa post na to. LOL!)

AA, you have always been an inspiration to me like a big brother I look up to!  🙂  I am such a proud sister!!! Hehe…

Cheers, Arnel!  We will make things happen 🙂


Well Hello, Dolly!

20 Nov

Last Sunday afternoon, I made sure I was free to join a doll making workshop by Craft MNL 🙂  It was held in Bungalow 300 in Alabang from 2-5PM.  I was just so excited.  Couldn’t wait for this crafty afternoon!!!

This sign made me smile! I remembered one of my favorite films growing up, “Hello, Dolly!”, starring Barbra Streisand.

I love B 🙂

The workshop was held on the 2nd floor of Bungalow 300.  Loved their space so much!  I felt so at home the moment I entered.  Lots of goodies for the house like furniture, decorative items and handmade stuff.

We were all given our own little kits for the workshop.

We had a basket of yarn at the center of the table for everyone to use.  LOVELY.  I actually wanted to take out my crochet hook the moment I saw this. Haha! But oops, wrong workshop. Hehe!

Kits for everyone!

Meet our teacher for the doll making workshop… MOMMY JAC of I.Am.Handmade. Dolls & Dollhouses by Mom 🙂

Love her!  Look at the handmade dolls that she made recently??? SOOOO CUTE! 🙂

Mommy Jac giving a brief introduction about the cute dolls she makes 🙂

Now it’s time to check out what’s in our individual kits!

It’s everything we needed to make one doll each.  Cloth, pins, needles and thread.

Plus we all get some fiber fill to stuff the dolls with.

And here’s another type of stuffing that I really liked.  It’s soooo soft, like clouds. I forget what it’s called though.  Cotton fill?  Puffy fill? Haha! Ergh…

Now here was what we were making that day… Waldorf-inspired fabric dolls 🙂  I’ve never heard of these dolls ’til I heard about this workshop.  It’s a doll that is used in Waldorf education and is created with no facial expressions so that the child will use their imagination.  It is normally the size of a baby.  Mommy Jac also explained that it would be nice to match the hair, skin color, eye color of the doll to your child’s features.

Here are more of the Waldorf dolls that Mommy Jac has made.  The photo below was taken by Mommy Jac.

Aren’t they so adorable and huggable?!

Ok, time to begin with our own dolls.  First the head…

So happy that one of my good friends, Michelle, was there to take the workshop with me! 🙂

Michelle’s doll head on the left and my doll head on the right.  Michelle’s had the perfect shape!  Mine just looked… flat. Haha!

I am not a good sewer at all.  Thank God the stitches won’t be seen.

Time to sew the arms.

The basket of clouds 🙂

Using the clouds to stuff the doll’s body now.

Put them all together and yey!!!! It looks like a doll na! 🙂

Mommy Jac made these cute little dresses to give away to the students.  She raffled them off and I actually won one! Haha! But I gave up the dress sadly since I was making a little boy doll.

It’s hair time!

My doll badly needs a haircut. LOL!

Mommy Jac now doing a demo on how to sew the eyes.

Our dolls looking like dolls already!!! So proud 🙂

It’s Bella and Damien Crow. Hehehe!

It was such a great and inspiring workshop, Mommy Jac, and I had so much fun, let me tell you.

I was so inspired by your creativity, skills and patience to make these lovely handmade dolls.  I love being surrounded by people who are into arts and crafts, even if I suck at sewing. Haha!  This workshop, to me, wasn’t just about learning the steps to make these lovely dolls but the realization that anything handmade came with a lot of love and patience.

And that’s what it all about… Creating something extra special because you made it with your own two hands.  The flaws and imperfections are the ones that make them unique.  And to the one who will receive it, it means the whole world to them because you made it.

That is how I feel every time, I finish a toy for my son.  He doesn’t care about the imperfections 🙂  I can’t wait to give this to him.  I just need to sew the eyes, give him a little haircut and find him something to wear! LOL!

Thanks again, Teacher Jac, Yelle from Craft MNL and Vernice from Bungalow 300 for having us that wonderful Sunday afternoon.  I will definitely be joining one of your workshops again soon!!!

Let’s go, my crafty friends!!! Check out for the next Hello, Dolly Workshop 🙂

The Little Mermaid for Nikka

12 Nov

I got a request from someone thru Instagram to make an Ariel doll for her daughter.  She told me she would make sock dolls for her daughter and it just didn’t turn out the way she wanted.  So she asked me to make this for her daughter, Nikka.  The Little Mermaid, Nikka’s first love.

I’ve never met her.  I don’t know her.  But something told me that I must make this.  I must make this for Nikka.

Clang, I’m sorry if it took me so long to make this, I really wanted it to be perfect. But this doll will be in the hands of your daughter soon.

This is my gift to you… from one mother to another.

Beautiful Aiya

10 Nov

Yesterday, November 9, 2012, I was in the company of another beautiful bride, Aiya 🙂

At 9am, Manila Peninsula Hotel, the wedding preps for hair and makeup would begin 🙂

A glamorous pair of wedding shoes

Classic wedding bouquet.  I just love the simplicity of this bouquet. White on white, just looks breathless.

But the one who looked absolutely breathless in her equally stunning gown by the talented Sassa Jimenez was Aiya…

Aiya looked stunning.  It seemed like she was sitting on a bed of clouds 🙂

Beautiful Aiya!

She wanted her wedding makeup color palette to stick to warmer tones using gold and brown shades for the eyes 🙂

It was such a pleasure doing her mom and sister’s makeup, too.  Three beautiful ladies in one day!  This is why I love my job.  Doesn’t the mother of the bride look like a bride herself? 🙂

Many thanks to my partner, RJ Dela Cruz, who styled all their gorgeous hair that day 🙂

Aiya, congratulations to you and Bert! Didn’t get to meet your groom but he is definitely one lucky guy! 🙂

Thank YOU, Aiya 🙂  I really feel blessed to have been part of your wedding day! Best wishes to you both!

Training with Mister Kimura-San and Team Shu

8 Nov

Learning never ends.

  I was so looking forward to this day.  It was the day when we would finally get to try using Shu Uemura’s Holiday collection 2012! 🙂  Not only do we get to try the newest collection of Shu Uemura but we also had a talented guest makeup artist/trainer from Japan, Mr. Kimura-San! 🙂

I just couldn’t wait to see the collection!!! 🙂

My sister from another mother, Claire 🙂  We were both so giddy with excitement checking out all the goodies in the bag! 🙂  First thing we found… the two kinds Karl Lagerfeld False Eyelashes.

What a beauty! 🙂

With my sisters, Angelique, Omar and John! 🙂  Sayaaaaaa!  Parang blockmates lang!!! Where were you guys when I was in college?!?!

Checking out the stuff at the trainer’s table 🙂

And now I unveil Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Holiday Collection 🙂  I’m sure you guys have already seen or even tried the collection since our launch.  Mr. Kimura-San taught us how to use and maximize this collection! 🙂

Check this out!!! Limited edition Mon Shu eyelash curler!!! 🙂 soooo cute!!! I want to use this as a bag charm!  And also so I can curl my lashes anytime. LOL!

Yey! Snacks for the training 🙂  Hungry makeup artists… not a pretty sight. Hahaha!

And now, may I introduce to you, our awesome trainer and makeup artist, Mr. Kimura-San! 🙂 Such a rock star. Haha! 🙂

The first time I’ve ever seen the team so quiet and attentive 🙂 hehehehe

We each had our own models for hands-on training 🙂 Thanks for taking my photo, Claire!

My model for the day was Mercy.  Just finished doing her base 🙂

Mr. Kimura-San going around to check our work.  He was a great teacher, very helpful and was very patient to answer all of our questions 🙂 Of course, we can’t live without Nadia, our translator 🙂

After doing the base makeup, time to break for merienda first! Woohoo! 🙂 Break na kaagad?! Hehe

Definitely one way to make us makeup artists happy… FOOD 🙂

Okay, ready to move on with the training… Happy tummies!

Mr. Kimura-San will now start the demo using the first eye and cheek palette called the smoky velvet palette 🙂

He started with the socket line…

Then filled the whole lid with the olive green shade.

Also applied under the eyes and highlight on the browbone and inner corners of the eyes.

Blended beautifully.  He told us that we don’t have to use all the colors in the palette all at once or it’s just going to look messy.

Mr. Kimura-San used the blush on the apple of the cheeks.  That’s the one on the bottom right of the palette 🙂

Included in this collection are four gorgeous shades of lipsticks!

Luxe Burgundy and Parisienne Pink.

Celebrity Beige and Mon Shu Red.

Mr. Kimura-San is now applying Mon Shu Red 🙂

The Associates checking out the first look 🙂

And John… with his favorite brush! Hahahahaha! 🙂

And now using the prestigious bordeaux eye and cheek palette 🙂

Love the color of this painting liner 🙂

Mr. Kimura-San doing a demo on the other eye 🙂

Now it’s our turn 🙂

Mr. Kimura-San fine-tuning what I did to Mercy 🙂

The finished product of the eye makeup after it was Kimura-Sanified 🙂

So happy with the palettes!  Easy to use and the colors definitely suitable to most women! 🙂  Can’t wait to use these palettes on my clients! 🙂

Omar practicing on Angelique 🙂

Yeeeeey!  That was such a fun and very informative sesh!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to be trained by Mr. Kimura-San! 🙂 He was awesome!!!

John and Omar mingling with Mr. Uchiide-San and Mr. Karl. LOL! 🙂

Team Shu Uemura Philippines! 🙂 (not the complete team though)

It’s your turn to try this awesome collection!!! Will be available again in stores very soon! 🙂

Happy Thursday, friends!!! 🙂

Manna Korea Garden

5 Nov

Next to Japanese cuisine, my second favorite Asian cuisine would be Korean… I remember when I was preggers, my husband would always take me to Korean restaurants and it always made me happy! 🙂

Well, I’m not pregnant as of the moment, but once again, my husband takes me to this great Korean restaurant called Manna Korea Garden.

There he is, my dashing husband 🙂 hehe (Hello??)

Manna Korea Garden is located at 5650 Don Pedro Street, Poblacion, Makati City.  Don’t ask me how to get there or you’ll get lost. LOL! I am so bad with directions.  It’s kinda near P. Burgos 🙂 If you’re planning to go, I’ll ask Dante for directions. Haha!

I love this place!  I feel like I’m in someone’s house in their dining room 🙂

Traditional Korean starters 🙂

One of my favorite Korean dishes is the beef stew.  This dish is called Galbichim or Beef Rib Stew (P400).

OMG.  This would probably the best beef rib stew I’ve ever had in my life.  It was so soft and it literally melted in my mouth. Wow! Wow! Wow! 🙂

And this pretty octopus is Dante’s favorite 🙂  It’s called Olingoh which is stir fried squid/octopus in chili sauce (P400).  It’s not one of my favorite things in the world but Dante loved it so di ko na siya inagawan masyado 🙂 Hehe…

Steamed rice is perfect for the rich and tasty Korean dishes… Poured most of the sauce from the beef stew on my rice.  YUMMMMM!!! Kulang ang isang cup!

Finished na ako 🙂 Hehehehehe… I swallowed that beef stew!

Frozen goodies 🙂

Chose the cookies and cream ice cream sandwich!

Reminded me of the ice cream sandwiches sold on the street in Singapore 🙂

I am dying to go back to Manna Korea Garden to eat my favorite beef rib stew again!!! 🙂 Guys, if you love beef stew, you must try this one!!!

Have a happy week, guys!!! I know it was such a struggle to get up this morning after the long weekend.  But here’s something to look forward to… BEEF STEW!

Balik High School

4 Nov

About a month ago, my partner and one of my bestfriends, Isabel (The Belle of Belle & Cat, hehe!) asked me if I would be willing to do a workshop with her at Assumption, where we both went to High School! 🙂

“What exactly would we be talking about?”, I asked Isabel.  I couldn’t believe that we were invited to give like a career talk to these High School students.

I remember back in High School, I attended a Hotel and Restaurant Management talk conducted by Miss Liza Chan.  And I was so inspired by her!  That was the course I really wanted to take in college but my dad had other plans for me.  Which was a big fail, by the way. HAHAHA!

So I felt quite nervous thinking that I must, in a way, inspire these kids just the way Liza did when I was in High School.  So we decided to do it.  What the hell! Hehe! 🙂 It would be nice to go back to Assumption also.  I haven’t gone back since High School.  Batch ’96 YO! Proud to be part of this batch!

Once we got to AC, this was last October 24, 2012, I suddenly felt like I was transported back in time.  Seriously… There was a Back to the Future moment there…

We were led to the Speaker’s Lounge, which was actually my classroom, freshman year!

We moved on to the third floor where we will be conducting the workshop 🙂

Whoa??? May flat screen na sa classrooms???  At whiteboard na??? Excited pa naman ako to write notes on the blackboard using chalk. Hehe  Wala na bang ganun?!

… at aircon??? Lucky students!!!

Our energetic participants are ready 🙂

It was so much fun talking to the AC students.  Felt like I was in High School again… Same wavelength lang kami 🙂 Haha! I will always be a teen inside!

I had a blast doing the makeup demo because these girls loved doing makeup on themselves!  Love it!!! 🙂  They’re just as kikay as me! Hehe (But believe it or not, I wasn’t into makeup back in High School…)  So children, what you think you want to be when you grow up, may not be what you end up doing!

I see some makeup artists in the making…

The girls really wanted to learn how to do a black smokey eye makeup, one thing almost everyone wants to learn 🙂

That’s Mika below.  Future makeup artist? 🙂

And of course, we brought one of our nail technicians from Belle & Cat Nail and Wax Studio, to do a demo on nail art 🙂  Some of the girls were more excited about nail art! 🙂  So here is Jane, one of our most talented nail artist, doing some color blocking with bright colors for the students 🙂

Check out these cool nail designs!!! 🙂

My students were so happy with how their makeup turned out 🙂  They were all prom-ready! Hehe

Thanks to all the AC students who attended our Makeup and Nail Art Workshop! 🙂  I had so much fun teaching you all how to apply makeup 🙂  I’ve always wanted to have a little sister.  LOL!

And there’s Isabel on the far right, the reason why we were here.  Thanks, Isabel!!!  Glad we did this!

Thanks, AC!!! 🙂 I remembered how much fun High School was!  The friends I’ve made here in Assumption remained the truest of friends, like blood sisters.  One of the best years of my life!

We shall return, AC!  You were my home during my teenage years!  I surely missed you! Thanks for bringing us back!