Fleur in Full Bloom

23 Oct

It was a beautiful Sunday morning!  Call time was 8AM at Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay, on the 14th of October, 2012.  Couldn’t wait to see Fleur!  The last time we saw each other was during her sister, Farrah’s wedding years ago.  Also in Tagaytay, I recall.  I love this family! And I was just so happy and excited that I will be able to see them all again for another beautiful wedding and that I will be doing Fleur’s makeup on her big day! 🙂

It’s Fleur’s turn.  We were ready to prettify many today 🙂  Two makeup stations for the makeup artists… Check!

These photos were taken using my iPhone. I forgot my digital camera at home. But I also love taking photos using my iPhone. They look vintage. Hehe 🙂

Here is the bottom part of Fleur’s gown 🙂

And here’s Fleur, radiant and blooming that day! 🙂  Effortless…

RJ doing last minute retouches on Fleur’s hair 🙂

Reception was at Antonio’s Tagaytay.  Took a shot of these cool bricks.

I was very happy to have spent this beautiful day with Fleur and her family 🙂 They always make me feel like I’m part of their family and I love that! 🙂

Congrats again, Fleur and RJ!!! You make a great couple!  Fleur, see you again for your little bro’s wedding??? Hehe

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! 🙂


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