Premio: LIKED.

4 Oct

After a very stressful and busy day, my husband sends me a text message saying he’ll take me to dinner!  And this was almost 10PM.  We both haven’t had dinner yet. Haha!  I was like… Thank God!  No liquid dinners tonight… (I’m currently drinking Slim Fast shakes for dinner lately.  It’s actually pretty good but sometimes a real dinner with real food sounds like a feast to me.)

Dante took me to this place called Premio at F1 Hotel in the Fort.  He has actually eaten there before with his friends and wanted me to try it.  I’m game to try new places any day! 🙂

When I first entered Premio, I thought to myself, “Oh no, fancy place.  I look like crap.”  Premio is located at the ground floor of F1 Hotel at the Fort.  Like a little gem 🙂

I don’t remember exactly why but I had a really stressful day (if I don’t remember then it means it wasn’t important.)  But I needed this… A Pina Colada (P140).  Virgin.  Hehe! (Corny.)

And Dante ordered his favorite drink, Ginger Ale 🙂

We started out with some freshly popped chicharon!  Wow!  Tasted like popcorn!  Thanks so much, Chesca! 🙂

Followed by some sliders… YUM!!!  This was their description of the Sliders: All-beef Patty, Caramelized Onions, Cheswick Cheddar, Cherry Tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Hawaiian Bread, California Dressing 🙂  Price is P150.  This was really good.  Next time, I’m ordering two servings. LOL!  If I’m not mistaken, they bake their own bread.  Love the bread!

Next thing we ordered was the Honey Mustard Grilled Bacon:  Grilled Thick-Cut Smoky Premio Bacon with Honey Mustard Glaze at P170.  This would have been perfect with a cup of white rice!  But it was just too late in the evening for rice. (Nuks! Control kunwari but  I had bread already with the Sliders).  This was AWESOME… It was like Christmas morning! Haha!

Dante ordered Pork and Beans for his main dish: Smoky Premio Bacon, BBQ red and white beans, with warm home-made bread at P190 for this dish.  I’m not a big fan of beans… But THIS, I enjoyed 🙂

And for dessert, we had the Goats Milk Panna Cotta: Leon Philippe Farms Dairy Fresh Goats Milk, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Triple Berry Topping (P210).  This was the perfect ending to our wonderful, wonderful meal!

So yummy!!!

And of course, this dinner will not be complete without my cup of coffee.  This was already about 11pm but I couldn’t resist.  I had a good feeling that this place would serve really good coffee… And they did! 🙂

I had a really wonderful late dinner at Premio that evening.  Definitely took my stress away!  (I forgot na nga why I was stressed eh! LOL!)  Thanks for taking me here, Dants!!! I cannot wait to go back to try the other dishes.  And thank you, Chesca!!! You have a great restaurant, food was excellent and the staff was very pleasant.  Especially the girl who was our server (I didn’t get her name). But she was really nice and helpful.  Dining is always a pleasant experience with good service 🙂

Calling my girlfriends… New place to hang out!!! Let’s take the “balikbayans” here! Haha!

Premio is located at F1 Hotel at the Ground Floor, 32nd Street, Fort Bonifacion, Taguig, Manila 🙂


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