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A Wedding in Santorini, La Union

27 Oct

Roooooaaaaad trip to Santorini!!! Hehe 🙂

This glorious morning was on the 2oth of October, 2012, Sarah and Cayo’s wedding day!  A day I was really looking forward to! 🙂  Sarah and I would spend time chatting on FB Messenger just planning and talking about her wedding.  And I couldn’t believe that day has arrived 🙂

I have never been to Santorini, Greece, but being here at Thunderbird Resort Poro Point made me feel like I was!

We left Manila at 4am and arrived just in time to begin hair and makeup preps at 10am.

We were greeted by a friendly and helpful staff at the lobby 🙂

Love the white walls 🙂

The view from the balcony with some construction going on.

Look at these beautiful misalettes for Sarah and Cayo’s wedding.  They all came with heart shaped confetti in an envelope with the text written below it, “Shower us with love, dreams and prayers.”  Love it.

Beautiful flowers attached to fans for the Ninangs 🙂

I absolutely love Sarah’s bouquet.  Ang bango lang.

The gorgeous bride, Sarah 🙂  *tear-tear*

My partner-in-crime that day was the talented, Jerry Javier.  Here he is attaching the veil 🙂 Stunning wedding gown was from Rosa Clara.

Sarah ready to be photographed.

Such a natural in front of the camera! Gandaaaaaa 🙂

Pop of color!

I’m always grateful for being part of someone’s most memorable day.  Thank YOU, Sarah and Cayo.  And also thanks so much for the special gift and the wonderful message 🙂  How thoughtful of you guys!!! LOVE what’s in the bag, by the way 🙂

Maraming salamat, Goddess!!!

Sarah is all set to see her groom 🙂  Congratulations again, Sarah and Cayo!!!

Six hours to get to La Union and now we’re ready for the next six hours going back home… It was so worth the trip.  Definitely a wedding to remember.

Please check out the amazing photos of Sarah and Cayo’s wedding by the super talented, Nelwin Uy 🙂 Here are a few photos I grabbed from his website, 🙂





Fleur in Full Bloom

23 Oct

It was a beautiful Sunday morning!  Call time was 8AM at Villa Ibarra, Tagaytay, on the 14th of October, 2012.  Couldn’t wait to see Fleur!  The last time we saw each other was during her sister, Farrah’s wedding years ago.  Also in Tagaytay, I recall.  I love this family! And I was just so happy and excited that I will be able to see them all again for another beautiful wedding and that I will be doing Fleur’s makeup on her big day! 🙂

It’s Fleur’s turn.  We were ready to prettify many today 🙂  Two makeup stations for the makeup artists… Check!

These photos were taken using my iPhone. I forgot my digital camera at home. But I also love taking photos using my iPhone. They look vintage. Hehe 🙂

Here is the bottom part of Fleur’s gown 🙂

And here’s Fleur, radiant and blooming that day! 🙂  Effortless…

RJ doing last minute retouches on Fleur’s hair 🙂

Reception was at Antonio’s Tagaytay.  Took a shot of these cool bricks.

I was very happy to have spent this beautiful day with Fleur and her family 🙂 They always make me feel like I’m part of their family and I love that! 🙂

Congrats again, Fleur and RJ!!! You make a great couple!  Fleur, see you again for your little bro’s wedding??? Hehe

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! 🙂

Count Me In! A Halloween Special

21 Oct

Last Friday, October 19, 2012, was Damien Crow’s Halloween Party with the rest of The Learning Jungle School called “Count Me In!” 🙂  We, the parents, have been so excited preparing for this!

Each class had to come up with an activity or game for the kids.  We, at Nursery 1 Morning Class, decided to go with “Pumpkin Knockin’ and Booling!” 🙂  Fun, fun!!!

Check out the sign that Dante designed… Naks! 🙂

This was such a team effort!  Congrats to all the mommies who prepared for our awesome booth! 🙂

Welcome to Nursery 1 Morning Class’ Bowling Alley!  Used yoga mats for the bowling alley.  A must-have for all busy mommies 🙂

Decorated the bowling pins with ghost cut-outs.  Awesome 🙂

And for Pumpkin’ Knockin, we used small pumpkin buckets for the kids to knock down using bean bags.

Our booth was so beautifully decorated.  CAREER! HAHA!

Hamper for the bowling balls.

Of course, the bowling balls were decorated, too.  CAREER!

The booth ready for the kids!

Ironkid has arrived! 🙂

Ironkid with Doctor Josh 🙂

All the kids came in such cute costumes! I love it!!! It was munchkin land!

Ironkid trying out the Pumpkin Knockin’ game 🙂

Other booths were decorated beautifully as well 🙂

You’ve met your match, Ironkid!

Each family had three stubs for the food.  Reminded me of our school fairs back in grade school!  Saya!

Started off with snow cones…

Ironkid taking a break, drenched in sweat!  All for the love of his costume 🙂

Fries and pasta for snacks.

Ironkid with Captain Tyler and Dr. Josh, all taking a break 🙂

Crow couldn’t take the heat anymore so he changed to his more comfortable Ironman t-shirt, admiring Captain Enzo’s shield 🙂

Oh look who made a surprise visit!!! PAPS!!!

Chillin’ with Princess Lucy. Those two are inseparable! Awwww 🙂

Iron-Santi, Crow and Princess Lucy 🙂

Crow with Sean the Skeleton. Haha! Love the costume, Sean! 🙂

So hilarious… Kids were trying to solve the mystery of the fallen crown. LOL!

Class picture!!! Say cheese, little people!!! 🙂

There was also a special program of these acrobats and performers.  Crow was too tired to watch.  Pffff…

I remember last year, we weren’t able to make it to the Halloween Party because we were out of the country.  But I’m so glad we made it this year!  Halloween used to be such a big event for me when I was a kid so I knew that Crow would definitely would not want to miss this one!

Ironkid with his super wonderful Teacher Dez!  We had a blast, Teacher Dez!!! Til next year 🙂

What are you and your kids going to be this Halloween??? 🙂

Have a great Sunday, everyone! 🙂

Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura x Umu

12 Oct

Last October 9, 2012, it was time to unveil the Mon Shu Girl 🙂

Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura has done a collaboration for this holiday’s collection!  This was so exciting for all of us because a few weeks before this launch, we already knew what was in the collection and also were trained how to use the products.  (More of the training in my next post!)  Mon Shu Girl is the cute little girl that is on all of the packaging for this Karl Lagerfeld x Shu Uemura collection 🙂

This exclusive and intimate event was going to be held at Umu, the awesome Japanese restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel 🙂

Yey. Yey. Hooray.

Call time was 11am.  And as most of you know, a hungry makeup artist is not really the best person you’d want to deal with. Hahaha! Sooooo… LUNCH FIRST 🙂

A feast of Japanese food was waiting for us at UMU… Ok, time to dig in, people!!! 🙂

Meet cutie makeup artist, John Pagaduan 🙂  He’ll be doing a quick demo on how to use the KL Palettes to the bloggers’ event that afternoon.  Looking fresh and radiant, sis!!! 🙂

The Mon Shu models 🙂

The Mon Shu models with their very talented artists, Patrick Alcober and John Pagaduan 🙂

Look at how cute those dolls are! Tamang tama lang yung position ni Ate sa likod… Hehehe 🙂

Wonderful set-up for dinner!

Photo shoot muna with the team habang wala pang guests!!! 🙂

With my uber talented team mates: Sharon, Angelique, Patrick, Hanna and John 🙂

With the fabulous Omar and gorgeous Angie! 🙂

Our hot mother, Nina, presenting the KL x Shu Uemura Collection.

This event wouldn’t have been possible without Nina, Nadia and Karen! 🙂  Great job, ladies!!! And looking smokin’ hot that night 🙂

My Shu Uemura family picture 🙂

With the lovely, Karen, my model for the evening 🙂

With THE Ogie from Khiel’s! Thanks to you and George for fixing my thick, unruly hair! 🙂

Presenting the collection…  More on these products on my next post!  Watch out for it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, dinner is now served.  Was looking forward to this 7-course meal at UMU.  Wonderful!

Sparkling Sake.  Ang sarap pala nito!

Appetizer: EBI DEPOU YAKI or baked prawn with special sauce and THREE KINDS OF MAKI. 1.Dragon Maki: unagi, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese  2.Soft Shell Crab Maki: rolled deep fried crab on vinegared rice 3. Umu Maki: salmon, mango, cream cheese.

Clear Soup: Tori, shitake, shimeji, oyster mushroom, gobo, spring onion, shiro kosyo or in simpler terms, it’s clear soup with chicken, assorted Japanese mushrooms, spring onion and white pepper.

Yakimono: Suzuki Teriyaki, hajikami. (Grilled seabass with teriyaki sauce and marinated ginger)

Sarada: Kaisou Sarada which is seaweed salad with onion dressing and Chawan Mushi, lapu-lapu kani nameko.

Rice Dish: Edamame Fried Rice, green soy beans and fried rice, and Yakimono (Wafu Steak, tamanegi, asupara, which is US Rib Eye Steak with onion and asparagus).

Dessert: Shiro Miso Ice Cream and Pistachio (Home-made Japanese White Beans Ice Cream with Pistachio Powder).

Thanks to everyone who took time out from their very busy schedules to be here.  Thanks for all the support!  We hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did 🙂

Me and Mon Shu Girl would like to wish you all a very happy weekend!!! The collection will be out in stores October 20, 2012 🙂

Premio: LIKED.

4 Oct

After a very stressful and busy day, my husband sends me a text message saying he’ll take me to dinner!  And this was almost 10PM.  We both haven’t had dinner yet. Haha!  I was like… Thank God!  No liquid dinners tonight… (I’m currently drinking Slim Fast shakes for dinner lately.  It’s actually pretty good but sometimes a real dinner with real food sounds like a feast to me.)

Dante took me to this place called Premio at F1 Hotel in the Fort.  He has actually eaten there before with his friends and wanted me to try it.  I’m game to try new places any day! 🙂

When I first entered Premio, I thought to myself, “Oh no, fancy place.  I look like crap.”  Premio is located at the ground floor of F1 Hotel at the Fort.  Like a little gem 🙂

I don’t remember exactly why but I had a really stressful day (if I don’t remember then it means it wasn’t important.)  But I needed this… A Pina Colada (P140).  Virgin.  Hehe! (Corny.)

And Dante ordered his favorite drink, Ginger Ale 🙂

We started out with some freshly popped chicharon!  Wow!  Tasted like popcorn!  Thanks so much, Chesca! 🙂

Followed by some sliders… YUM!!!  This was their description of the Sliders: All-beef Patty, Caramelized Onions, Cheswick Cheddar, Cherry Tomatoes, Romaine Lettuce, Sweet Hawaiian Bread, California Dressing 🙂  Price is P150.  This was really good.  Next time, I’m ordering two servings. LOL!  If I’m not mistaken, they bake their own bread.  Love the bread!

Next thing we ordered was the Honey Mustard Grilled Bacon:  Grilled Thick-Cut Smoky Premio Bacon with Honey Mustard Glaze at P170.  This would have been perfect with a cup of white rice!  But it was just too late in the evening for rice. (Nuks! Control kunwari but  I had bread already with the Sliders).  This was AWESOME… It was like Christmas morning! Haha!

Dante ordered Pork and Beans for his main dish: Smoky Premio Bacon, BBQ red and white beans, with warm home-made bread at P190 for this dish.  I’m not a big fan of beans… But THIS, I enjoyed 🙂

And for dessert, we had the Goats Milk Panna Cotta: Leon Philippe Farms Dairy Fresh Goats Milk, Madagascar Vanilla Beans, Triple Berry Topping (P210).  This was the perfect ending to our wonderful, wonderful meal!

So yummy!!!

And of course, this dinner will not be complete without my cup of coffee.  This was already about 11pm but I couldn’t resist.  I had a good feeling that this place would serve really good coffee… And they did! 🙂

I had a really wonderful late dinner at Premio that evening.  Definitely took my stress away!  (I forgot na nga why I was stressed eh! LOL!)  Thanks for taking me here, Dants!!! I cannot wait to go back to try the other dishes.  And thank you, Chesca!!! You have a great restaurant, food was excellent and the staff was very pleasant.  Especially the girl who was our server (I didn’t get her name). But she was really nice and helpful.  Dining is always a pleasant experience with good service 🙂

Calling my girlfriends… New place to hang out!!! Let’s take the “balikbayans” here! Haha!

Premio is located at F1 Hotel at the Ground Floor, 32nd Street, Fort Bonifacion, Taguig, Manila 🙂

Jaclyn and Marco’s Wedding – A Highschool Reunion

1 Oct

Last September 22, 2012, Saturday, call time at the Manila Peninsula Hotel was 9am. It was the day when Marco and Jaclyn got married! 🙂

I was so psyched to see Jaclyn, one of my High School friends, get married that day. Never in a million years did we ever think, that I would be doing her makeup for her wedding!

 It was such an honor!  And I was so glad to be part of this very special day! 🙂

Jaclyn and I met up several times to discuss her wedding hair and makeup look and get “groomed” (parang pet lang. haha!) by our girls from Belle & Cat.  And each time I see her, I would get more and more excited for her wedding day!  Jaclyn would always joke that everyone else is excited but her.  She just had never ending errands to do, which is what all brides really do a few days before the wedding 🙂

Below is a photo with the talented Maureen Disini who designed Jaclyn’s wedding gown and her mom as well.  That’s beautiful Tita Snow in the middle wearing a gorgeous gown by Maureen.  She just wanted to look natural and glowing that day and indeed, she was radiant! Just like a bride herself 🙂

Couldn’t help it but I just had to capture this moment! Sorry, Pat… nanggugulo pa kami sa photo shoot niyo! Haha! We were all classmates in High School more than a decade ago (let’s not be too specific…haha!)  But it honestly felt like we were all still in High School, laughing and joking around the whole morning during Jaclyn’s wedding preps 🙂

And now it’s THE Pat Dy‘s turn to photograph Jaclyn! I cannot wait to see the photos that Pat took! Will post them soon! 🙂

Congratulations again, Jaclyn and Marco! I really had fun being part of your wedding and also gave us so much time to catch up! Best wishes to you both!!! I just realized I wasn’t able to take a photo of Jaclyn with Marco! 😦  But will wait for Pat’s photos. Hehe!  Here is a photo of Jaclyn before leaving the hotel room with Maureen.  Off to the Church! 🙂