Folded and YUM

11 Jul

Yellow Cab is one of the most common choices when we have photo shoots.  Not complaining at all!  I love pizza.  And for pizza, it’s better for a big group to share so we can order several flavors.  When I’m craving for pizza, I make sure we’re at least a group of three.  That’s me, Dante and Crow.  But Dante and I on an empty stomach?  A large pizza? No problem 🙂

But two nights ago, we wanted to grab a cup of coffee before going home.  So we went to the Starbucks at the Fort, the area where the football field is.  I’ve already had my dinner but I was still a bit hungry.  Hehe… Right beside Starbucks was Yellow Cab. Normally, I wouldn’t suggest to eat in Yellow Cab if it was just me and Dante.  But this little poster changed everything…

Whoa??? A Pizza Sandwich??? What is that???  Enter, Dante and Cathy.

Not going solo tonight. Have my forever eating partner with me 🙂

I like the interiors of this branch and noticed how clean it was 🙂

So that thing was not a pizza sandwich… It’s called a My Size Folded Pizza 🙂  Interesting 🙂

So I asked the nice and accommodating girl at the counter if the Breakfast Pizza was still available.  Her reply was, “Yes, Ma’am, you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner!”  Long pause………..


ANYWAY, Dante ordered the Hungarian Sausage & Egg and I ordered the Bacon, Mango & Egg, which apparently was the bestseller.  Dante couldn’t believe I wanted the one with mango.  Haha!  Strange combination, he thinks.  He’s not a big fan of Hawaiian Pizzas either 🙂  But it was their bestseller, I had to see why! 🙂

After about ten to fifteen minutes, it was here… wrapped like a birthday present waiting to be opened.  Someone couldn’t wait!

For only P150, you get this freshly made folded pizza 🙂

This is how it looks folded.  I thought, may take home na naman tayo, Dants!

Here is Dante’s Hungarian Sausage & Egg Folded Pizza when opened 🙂

And here’s my Bacon, Mango & Egg Folded Pizza opened 🙂

OMG.  Walang nang take home, take home!  I’m finishing this.  It tasted like breakfast on a Sunday morning!  Eggs were so creamy!  And the mango and bacon were a perfect combination.  Felt like I was eating a California Maki Pizza but better.  Ergh!!! Ang saraaaaap! 🙂 I highly recommend these folded pizzas.

This is so dangerous.  I want one again tomorrow. OH. MY.


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