A Trip to Korea, Malate

13 Jun

Dante and I love random dinners in random places 🙂  The evening before Independence Day, we decided to head towards Malate, not knowing where to go… and ended up choosing a random Korean restaurant for a late supper 🙂

Found a litte Korean restaurant along Bocobo Street, Manila 🙂  I started getting flashbacks when I was still pregnant with Damien.  We would always visit this Korean restaurant called Success.  They closed already and we haven’t found a substitution for it yet.

The place was called Je Je Bang. Hahahaha! 🙂 Love the name 🙂

A very unusual grill sits in the middle of our table. Dante and I thought that this was a cover for a grill underneath. Haha! Good thing he didn’t hold what we thought was the handle. LOL! 🙂

Tradition in all Korean restaurants… the little plates of all these, well, ummm… veggies and kimchi were served 🙂

The Kimchi here was excellent 🙂 Kept asking for more 🙂  Not a fan of the other little dishes though… Hehe

The guard outside gave us a flyer of the Golden Mango Inn beside Je Je Bang… How perfect! Haha!

The place was empty at this time. Perfect time to go 10:30pm 🙂 They’re open ’til 4am.

Wall decor 🙂 That better not be pirated. Hehe Used to be a fan of Heroes. But stopped watching when it all just became too weird.  Lost would always be my all-time favorite weird, sci-fi series.

Pacman on the placemats 🙂 The chili paste and sesame oil with salt were perfect for dipping sauces!

We ordered the pork belly or Sam Gyep Sal. One strip for P300. It came with all these vegetables, soup and sidings but rice wasn’t included.

Let the cooking begin.

Also ordered Bulgogi Donburi at P250. Do not judge… Two very hungry tummies 🙂

Plus my favorite… Bibimbap (Rice mixed with vegetables). It’s like Korean Paella! Excellent. This dish was P250. Here it is unmixed.

And here it is, mixed. I can’t cook. But I can mix a mean Bibimbap. Haha!

Salad with Asian dressing 🙂

Crab soup. Strange but yummy!

Ok, it seemed like we ordered a ton for just two people.  But we only really ordered three dishes 🙂  The rest just came with everything else! Haha! 🙂  We would definitely come back and visit Je Je Bang.  (Love the name!)  Right now, they don’t really have a signage yet because they just opened.  Just look for this tiny resto along Bocobo Street.  Look out for the flat screen TV inside playing Korean concerts 🙂  Woot woot! 🙂 It was an excellent random dinner, we may have found the replacement for Success here in Je Je Bang!  But the search continues! More random dinners ahead 🙂


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