My Favorite Tonkatsu Place

15 May

One evening after work, Dante took me to this place called Tonkatsu-ya.  Our good friend, Sunny, told him that they have really good Tonkatsu.  And if Sunny says something is really good, we’re there! 🙂

Tonkatsu-ya is located in the basement of this condominium in Makati.

We discovered a gem! Haha!  Tonkatsu-ya’s interiors are very “homey”.  Our kind of place! 🙂

It’s a tiny place that can only seat up to twenty people 🙂

My date, Dante, hungry and excited! 🙂

Checking out their menu 🙂  Of course, we have to try what they’re known for… Tonkatsu.

I enjoyed their refreshing glass of cold tea 🙂

This bowl of Kani Salad is sooooo good 🙂  Made us want to buy the salad dressing in a Japanese grocery the other day. Hehe  We’ll try to replicate this at home.  Loved it.

I ordered the Miso Tonkatsu set 🙂  AN INSTANT FAVORITE, for me 🙂  It has this really rich, creamy sauce drizzled on top of the Tonkatsu.  I really enjoyed it.

I also had to try their Tonkatsu sauce.  There was a little pitcher of this sauce on every table.  Yum!!! 🙂

The Tonkatsu set comes with plain Japanese rice…

A cup of miso soup…

And some bean sprouts 🙂

Meanwhile, Dante got the Oroshi Tonkatsu set 🙂  And instead of having that rich, creamy sauce on the Tonkatsu, he had this radish dipping sauce on the side 🙂  Kind of reminds me of Tempura sauce 🙂

And of course, we ordered a plate of Gyoza.  Again, we ordered too much.  So we took the Gyoza home 🙂

Tonkatsu-ya became my instant favorite Tonkatsu place! Haha!  And I couldn’t believe that it has been there for almost six years!  Howcome we only discovered you now?!?!  So glad we did!  We took our family here for Mother’s Day dinner and they enjoyed it as well 🙂

They were also recently featured in Rogue Magazine.  They were so excited about it and the staff was asking us where to get a copy 🙂  Apparently, the group who ate there before us, found out about them through Rogue 🙂

I’m taking my friends here this week!  Can’t wait to eat my crunchy, saucy, Miso Tonkatsu Set again!!!

Tonkatsu-ya is located at LGF C Palm Tower, St. Paul Road, San Antonio Village, Makati City 🙂

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