Ion. Ippudo. I Like.

27 Mar

I love food courts, especially when you’re with a group and can’t decide where everyone wants to eat.  We heard about this good food court inside ION, a mall in Singapore.  So Andy took us there for dinner after we saw the very long waiting line in Ippudo.

I really liked it here 🙂 There were so many choices but I wanted to eat something Singaporean.  So after surveying the food court, I ended up trying this Singaporean noodle dish that looked very similar to Thailand’s Pad Thai.

Just a few simple ingredients.

I noticed Singaporean chefs like to smile for the camera 🙂

Ordered the Fried Kway Teow which is stir-fried ricecake strips. Yummy 🙂

Chris chose barbeque chicken from the Indonesian stall.

Dante chose this "sinigang"-like dish called "bak kut teh" which means meat bone tea. It consists of pork ribs in a broth of herbs and spices.

And Andy had some good ol' chicken rice.

The next day, Peewee had finally arrived in Singapore from a work trip! 🙂  My first agenda for the day  (I think the guys had breakfast somewhere while I was asleep?!) was lunch in Ippudo for some ramen! Woohoo!  I finally get to try the famous Ippudo Ramen! 🙂

Kissing not allowed, Peewee and Andy!!! hehehe 🙂

There is always a waiting line at Ippudo.  Thank God, it wasn’t as long as the night before.  We didn’t have to wait that long for a table.  Maybe a fifteen to twenty minute wait?  I didn’t really notice since we were busy catching up with Peewee 🙂

While waiting at the bar for a table.

Don't we look like a band?! LOL!

Love this photo taken by Peewee 🙂

Come on, people! Eat faster! Hehe

Finally at our table.

Tofu for starters.

Gyoza! My favorite 🙂

Yummy pork buns 🙂

And here's my Ippudo Ramen 🙂

That was one yummy bowl of Ramen! 🙂

Oh look who we bumped into?! Lyan and his cute daughter, Dharma 🙂

Two good meals in two good places 🙂  You haven’t disappointed me yet, Singapoh! 🙂

2 Responses to “Ion. Ippudo. I Like.”

  1. Dom March 28, 2012 at 7:56 am #

    Really enjoyed this post Cats! 🙂 Hope to see Singapore too someday!! As usual, your pictures are making me hungry…OMG!! hahaha. This place looks awesome! And I love love the photo you took of Peewee and Andy!! kissing in the foodcourt. that’s just priceless! love it. hahaha!

    • catcantada March 28, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

      Hi Dom! 🙂 Naku, you and Marc will surely enjoy Singapore! 🙂 It was a food trip! I really didn’t expect to love it that much! But I really did enjoy just as much as HK 🙂 hehe Yah, Peewee and Andy are such a cute couple! 🙂 They were definitely one of the reasons why our SG trip was very memorable 🙂

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