The Cake Club

19 Feb

One Saturday evening after dinner, Dante and I decided to explore the new wing of Bonifacio High Street.  We were looking for a good place to have our after dinner cup of coffee 🙂

Then we came across this place called The Cake Club which is apparently by Diamond Hotel.  When we found that out, it was automatically the chosen place for the evening 🙂 We love the coffee at Diamond Hotel and we would sometimes drive all the way there from Makati just to enjoy a cup.  So happy they have opened this little version at Bonifacio High Street.

Now choosing what would go well with our coffee 🙂

And the chosen one was Cecilia… the Coconut Creme Pie 🙂

Since it was about 10PM already, I ordered the mildest coffee they had 🙂  Still refused decaf. hehe

Hediard Tea available for sale

They also have a wide selection of Royce Chocolates 🙂

My personal favorite… the Potato Chip Chocolate! But no, not tonight. hehe

Eating here would not be complete without some Diamond Hotel Ube Ensaymada!  After 9PM, if you’re going to take out some Ensaymada or pastries, it’s already 50% off.  To give room for freshly made pastries the next day 🙂

This was going to be my breakfast the next day 🙂 Tastes great if you put it in the microwave for a few seconds right before eating 🙂 hehe

Maybe the next time we drop by The Cake Club, it’ll be for lunch or dinner.  Excited to try their Truffle Fries! 🙂 That was good way to end the evening! 🙂


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