A Valentine’s Date to Remember

15 Feb

Yesterday, it was Damien’s second field trip 🙂 It was also like a Valentine’s Day Date for the kids and parents.  The moment I got the letter from the teachers regarding this field trip, Dante and I immediately blocked off the morning of February 14 so we could be with Damien.  This was the first time we celebrated Valentine’s Day as a family 🙂

I came prepared with our Valentine's Day snacks.

Meeting time at The Learning Jungle was at 8am. Kids were all given their ID's.

Teacher Kit and Teacher Bianca quickly discussing the guidelines for our field trip.

Damien still sleepy.

Pre-Nursery Class is at Bus #1.

Excited to ride the bus!

One of the reasons why we were so excited for this field trip was because we were going to Museo Pambata, a Children’s Museum along Roxas Boulevard, Manila.

So happy that Dante was able to join us, too! 🙂

Waiting in line for our tour to begin.

First leg of the tour.

This was the entrance to the first section of our tour.  Damien got so freaked out with this huge head and refused to enter through its mouth or even go near it 😦  Museo Pambata staff said they will be changing this entrance soon because a lot of kids get scared. Haha! 🙂  It is kinda freaky.  The lipstick actually looks like blood. Haha!

Damien was so stressed out, he only wanted to sit with Papa on the floor.

I thought, oh no, he is not going to enjoy it here.  So I looked around and spotted this other room.  Looks like a happier place to be in.  So I tried to tell Damien that there was a really cool room in the other side.

Thankfully, he agreed to go with us to this empty play room 🙂

Damien playing with the plastic food toys 🙂 Whew! Now, he's enjoying 🙂

What Damien had for breakfast.

There are so many things that the kids can play with.  I love the fact that this Museum is so interactive.  Kids can touch and play with everything! 🙂

Damien playing with a plastic brain 🙂 He thinks these are spaceships. Haha!

I hear the other kids....

Miniature Bahay Kubo

This museum is so great to teach the children about Pinoy culture.

Entering the miniature market place 🙂

One order of ketchup, please?

Finally, we’re back with the rest of the group 🙂

Damien loving the miniature Church. Time to hear mass 🙂

Those are chopsticks, not lightsabers, Damien!

Damien wanted to have his picture taken with the Jeepney.

Map of Manila. Love Manila.

Old school computers

The kids got the chance to play with Filipino instruments.

Made me want to start crocheting again 🙂

My choice of rice 🙂

Someone enjoyed being an octopus! 🙂

Happy to be with Papa.

What an action-packed morning for the boys!

Waiting for Bus #1.

Was so tempted to take some green mangoes home! 🙂

To all my fellow parents, Museo Pambata is such a great place to take your kids.  It was so clean.  The kids are allowed to run around freely and they are able to learn more about Filipino culture and history.  What a great field trip! Thanks so much to The Learning Jungle teachers for taking us here to bond with our kids 🙂  And thank you also to our dearest Damien Crow for giving us this wonderful present for Valentine’s Day… Cereal pops! 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Hope you all had a great time with your loved ones! 🙂


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