The Dizons’ Fried Chicken of Choice

9 Jan

Happy to be in Pancake House, Bonifacio High Street

It’s time again for some family bonding time 🙂

Fresh box of crayons for Crow

As parents, I realized that not all restaurants are kid friendly.  So we would always ask restaurants, first – if they have a high chair and second – if they have crayons. LOL! 🙂 Oh and third – if they french fries.

Mama Crow having fun coloring by number

Crow having fun playing peek-a-boo

Not only do we love Pancake House because it’s kid friendly but also because they have our favorite PAN FRIED CHICKEN 🙂

3-pc Pan-fried Chicken with gravy and rice. Dante and I had one order each 🙂 hehe NO SHARING!

It took about 15-20 minutes before they served our food but definitely worth the wait! 🙂

And there it is.... freshly cooked fried chicken!!! 🙂

A close-up of this crispy, flavorful fried chicken.

Tired from jumping up and down.

 Pancake House has always been one of our favorites ever since we were kids 🙂 We will never get tired of eating here! 🙂


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