Left Crow’s Heart in Tagay-Tagay

5 Jan

Damien Crow had to go back to school the other day after a very long holiday vacation.  Oh what a struggle it was to wake him up, get him to take a bath and go to school that day! When we arrived, I wasn’t expecting him to be crying because he loves going to school. All he can say to his teacher was, “Crow go to Tagay-Tagay! Tagay-Tagay!”.  He meant Tagaytay.  The funny thing was, we didn’t even go to Tagaytay during the holidays! Then I remembered our last trip to Tagaytay.  He did have so much fun when we stayed there overnight.  I thought he was still high from the holidays.  Apparently, this was the trip he remembered 🙂

First stop: a good lunch at one of our favorite Filipino restaurants in Tagaytay. Antonio’s Grill 🙂

Ginger slush, Fresh Calamansi and Fresh Dalandan Juices.

Tortang talong (Eggplant omelette).

Liempo (Belly).

Kadyos (Pork belly with black beans and langka).

Next day, I promised Dante that we’ll visit this vintage bike and car museum.  He has always wanted to go there so we decided to check it out! 🙂 The place is called Casa Corazon Resort, Aviary and Museum.  I was expecting to see just a few vintage bikes and cars but this museum had an awesome collection!

They had all kinds of interesting memorabilias and bikes from the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Dante was drooling. LOL! 🙂 Here are some of the old bikes that were very rare, Dante said. (I don’t know anything about bikes to be honest. But based on Dante’s love for bikes, the older the better?)

Damien found his favorite bike 🙂

Oh and what perfect timing! The crew of GMA News TV-11’s Motorcycle Diaries was there just waiting to interview a bike enthusiast.  Can’t think of a better person to interview! Haha! Look, Damien, Papi’s going to be on TV! 🙂

Amazing, amazing collection.  Even I had a good time. LOL! There was also an Aviary.  But we couldn’t go close at all because Damien was freaking out. Haha! Not yet ready for live birds.

As we were leaving, there were also a few aquariums. Super cool! 🙂

On our way back we spotted this castle, literally.  Damien thought it was the Disney castle. I was so surprised to see a castle in the middle of nowhere! Were there actual kings and queens who lived here??? LOL! We were so curious.  We asked the guard at the gates.  And it was a country club with a tennis court, pool and other amenities.  Sorry you needed to be a member to be able to go inside. Boo-hoo! I guess we didn’t look like the Royal Family! hehe

Hungry and tired from our little road trip, we decided to take a break and have lunch before heading back to Manila.

Damien thinking what he can take home among the handicrafts displayed.

He was already very happy with his P30 Mater toy that we got in 7-11 beside our hotel. Thank God they had toys in 7-11.  Damien loved our little overnight getaway in Tagaytay.  We’ll definitely plan another road trip soon, buddy! Where to next? 🙂


2 Responses to “Left Crow’s Heart in Tagay-Tagay”

  1. Vernice January 9, 2012 at 1:43 am #

    OMG! Love this post Cat! Little Crow is too funny! Where did you guys stay? You’ve inspired me to take the kiddos on a Tagay-tagay trip!

    • catcantada January 9, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

      Hi Vernice! haha! aww thanks for reading my post! 🙂 Naku, Crow super enjoyed Tagaytay talaga! So funny. I think it’s also because we were together, just the three of us. We stayed in One Tagaytay Place. We liked it there! Forgot nga lang to take pics. haha! Crow kasi nagwawala sa room! LOL! 🙂

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